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  1. There's a month in advance to prepare. If you change it to Sunday there will be others affected also. This or that that or this it all has the same outcome. If ken says we race on Friday come hell or high water I'll be there. I can't speak for everyone but I can say this. Had ken scheduled a race on my wedding day to make up for one of the ones we missed. I would not be married right now just ask my wife.

  2. But I did talk to Kenny and I did say the car got loose and that I was going to hit jaime and because of that i hit the brakes. I do not however get to talk to you as I distinctively remember. Which is why I am wondering why your even on here talking about it. I was raised to be honest and treat everyone as I would want to be treated and I live by that. To say that I took him out on purpose is totally wrong. Took him out yes on purpose by no means. As jaime said it is what it is. Further more it's racing and I'm sure the front running cars will get into each other again. That's just part of it.

  3. Why is it that every time some body gets mad everything gets posted on here. I came to tech and said that my car got loose and I hit the brakes. This took me straight up the track. Mark you did not even talk to me remember cause I was the dirty ass driver so how do you know what was said between me and Kenny cause I recall nether you nor jaime wanted to hear what I had to say. Nobody knows what exactly happened in my car but me and every one can believe what they want to cause everyone is entitled to an opinion. I knew I was going to hit jaime once we came into turn one and slammed the brakes the car went straight up the track I slowed down and waited for him to straighten out then when he hit the gas so did I. Don't get me wrong when I say this but I'm glad I finally got my first win. Just not the way it happened. Coming into contact with my car after the race is completely Uncalled for. Not once have I drove dirty and I'm not about to start either. Show me the video where jaime did not have a flat on the front straight away and I'll buy him a tire. There is no need for all this talk anymore guys it's childish and unsportsmanlike. This is racing and I might not have been doing it as long as you but I can sure attest to the fact that cars come into contact with each other all the time it's nothing new.