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  1. Spider gears

    I have 7.5 that I am running in my sport mod, I have been having problems with the mini spools. I would like to run the spider gears in it, was told that was the better way to go. But was also told that you have to know what you are doing in order to weld them up. Just need to know the trick to how to weld them up.
  2. SOS and TRP rules no good at CBS?

    You can not drive a pure stock and a limited in the same year at this track, like the 32 car was doing last night.
  3. 487,487x heads

    Do you know it they both have hardened seats?
  4. upper control arm

    Thanks for all the help.
  5. 487,487x heads

    What is the difference between the 487 and 487x? I have been told that the only difference is that the 487 don't have hardened seats and the 487x dose. And I have also been told that both have hardened seats and the x will flow a little bit better then the 487.
  6. upper control arm

    IMCA upper control, what is the difference between aluminum and steel? What advantage dose one have over the other?
  7. Season Opens with 2nd Annual Showdown

    The schedule is on the web page when I looked at it today. It showed the points starting the weekend after the 2nd annual show.
  8. limited modified gear?

    What final gear should you run at this track in a limited modified?
  9. Tires

    Yes you can run the H500
  10. results from saturday

    Need transponders for next year. The scoring was not right. When you Place better then you got paid for it will keep ppl from coming back.
  11. Imca Hobby stocks

    pure stock motor is suppose to be in stock location. Quick steer has nothing to do with running faster bec some ppl like me don't like to run with a quick steer. And engine has the same cam rule. They are allowed to run 202 valves we are not. And the headers is no gain since you have to add the 100 pounds. So how do you think they have less motor? With the valves they have a lot better flow.
  12. Imca Hobby stocks

    if the track got the race results right the same guy won the pure and the limited. That is right. What happen to not being able to run any other class I'f you are in pure stock. And yes I know it was the only hobby stock that showed up. He still should not have got the win or the pay.
  13. what class of cars are going to run in the powder puff race? will it only be pure stocks or is it going to be a mixture of classes?
  14. Over heating

    I went to the triple pass after I was having the same problems with the singal pass but it did not do much for me. I do have a shroud on it and the fan sticks out about half way. The fan is about four inchs away. And I pulled plugs and was running lean at first with 74 size jets, I tried a few others and now I get a dark plug with a 79 in it. That did help some but not much, maybe 5 or so degrees. I will try pulling the thermostat out and see what that will do for me.
  15. Over heating

    I have a sport mod with a new pro-tek triple pass radiator, engine bored 60 over. I have ran a four blade metal fan and also a seven blade plastic fan and still have over heating problems. With the metal fan it would stay cooler when running full speed but soon as the caution would come out it would over heat real bad. And with the plastic fan it would stay cool under caution but would over heat while running under green. I have tried the restrictors and now have a 190 thermostat in and that did not help. when I say over heating I mean it is getting over 230. What kind of fan do you think I should be running?