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  1. Looking forward to the new season, let us know what we can do to help. Count on our (2) pure stocks
  2. Racing Resumes Sept. 23rd.

    Cooter is ready and so is my car LOL
  3. No Racing This Weekend (Sept 9)

    Been awful quite, has there been any decision made about racing on the 23rd?
  4. Adam Perks and Shawn Kline

    Watched the race on R.O.T. wish I could've been there in person what a race. great job to all the classes they all put on a great show.
  5. Just a question

    says exactly what Closer said!
  6. Pure Stock In Car Footage

    A little cold weather would not hurt my feelings at all, car's run better anyway (hard to keep the old hot rod running cool in 100 plus heat.) I know it is a challenge trying to learn how to prep a track, Mark and Justice do a great job with the maintainer, hopefully the guys will figure out watering in this HOT Texas climate, good luck see ya at the next race.
  7. Pure Stock In Car Footage

    I want to know how Aimee can hold that phone still to take video and not get car sick staring through little window? lol
  8. Pure Stock In Car Footage

    Looks like I missed all the fun
  9. 6/16-17 results?

  10. 6/16-17 results?

    know yall are busy and probably still tried from the weekend
  11. final results on 6/17

    Just wondering if we might get the weekend result's posted

    I agree with ya! Thought all in all a great weekend. Would have loved to win myself, but I am happy with the performance of my car, sorry we had to rub there Mike. Tried to stop had both feet on the square pedal, but had a pack pushing me. You ran a hell of a race.
  13. June 3rd Rained Out

    I know ya'll are as disappointed as the rest of us, Oh well gives me time to put paint on my car, from the repair job.
  14. Need to say a huge thank you to 2 of my fellow racers and their dads for helping fix my car that was damaged in my heat race. These guys didn't give me a chance to get out of my car before they were prying, hammering whatever it took to straighten my frontend out to race again (thought I was watching nascar crew) I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you Terry and Travis Copeland, Greg and Josh Goodner, that's what racing is all about!
  15. Great job to track crew

    I would like to say what a great job Mark and Justice did the past week preparing the track, it was super smooth and fast, I can't see a reason for anyone to complain. Great job to the whole track crew.