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  1. well

    Glad you got it back HiTech...👍👍👍 now its lottery time...
  2. Something to think about

    Awesome thanks for sharing
  3. any news?

    And still more coming must be racing season
  4. Banquet Tomorrow (Saturday, January 23)

    The track is getting a retractable roof installed so no more rainouts
  5. Banquet

    George Strait.....
  6. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    I like the idea of points to the rear and definitely the flag man would come into play and spotters would to if someone is driving recklessly to the front then one warning with the flag and if it continues black flag. I believe with the quality of drivers at sts that wrecking to get to the front wouldn't be an issue.
  7. e-mod toppless

    Topless sport compacts cool I'd race one
  8. STXSSS Race #6 and E Mod Challenge

    TJ that's awesome that's what it's all about
  9. whos ready for some racing

    Call next Ivan lol
  10. Emod driver

    Was not able to see the emod wreck that happened in the feature race but prayers for the driver that was involved. Any update thanks
  11. Emod driver

    Yes kelly you were a man on a mission good hustle and the crew of that car wasted no time no hesitation
  12. Emod driver

    You probably heard what I did but as you said hope it's not true. Glad she came out all right. God was alive and well watching her. Great response from track crew and city and everyone involved.
  13. Race # 3 Results from Shady Oaks Speedway

    Doty9 I do rember seeing you pass both good eye
  14. Rain out May 30 - Make up June 6

    My opinion would be a complete restart of the day. If more cars show up the better. Let the time trials and all take place as if the May race never existed except who all has paid is not having to repay. JMO
  15. South Texas Shootout December 4th 5th and 6th

    Lets get it on boys.... Dont be scared
  16. Awesome great job danny...
  17. Updated Schedule 2014 and 2015

  18. Updated Schedule 2014 and 2015

    2damnslow i will ask 4 u...,lol u scared jump behind me....
  19. Championship Weekend

    Think the track means well by this just dont know if every view was thought out. Hope it is not set in stone and the track takes a step back and thinks a little longer with everyones input. Jmo
  20. South Texas Shootout December

    Jmo anyone who has a car with in the rules should be able to race.
  21. Kenny still waiting on my money...lol
  22. Ice Bucket Challenge Aug 23

    Whos nick...lol
  23. Ice Bucket Challenge Aug 23

    Ya feel a fever...lol ivan will Dr o thanks and kelly i will check on that....
  24. Ice Bucket Challenge Aug 23

    Should be as long as i dont have to work