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  1. Shorty & Dub

    You are correct about Shorty. During the time Shorty raced at CCSpeedway - his brother Johnny also raced. Johnny drove a 1955 Chev -the mechanic on the car was Dub Rollins. After Shorty left -a couple of years later is when Dub started racing. He started in a 1950 Ford. Shorty and Johnny raced numerous times in Houston and Shreveport , LA. Shreveport was a dirt track. Shorty,Johnny and Dub were good friends of AJ Foyt. AJ raced a few times at CC Speedway. Shorty and Johnny also told me how good a driver Billy Wade from Houston was. Billy Wade was killed testing tires at Daytona Speedway. When Shorty went to Nascar -he was the rookie of the year in 1958-finishing 4th in points in 1958.I know all of this because Shorty,Johnny,and Dub are my uncles.
  2. Shorty & Dub

    I was at that race. The person that led 99 laps was Johnny Rollins -not Dub. Shorty,Johnny and Dub are my uncles. Jarrett Rollins is my cousin. Billy Hardcastle is married to my cousin (Jarrett's sister). Shorty left Texas in 1958 to go Nascar racing. Was the Nascar rookie of the year in 1958. Shorty also won the very first race ran at Daytona Speedway. A 100 mile qualifying race. As a result started on the outside pole. Was running 5th halfway through the race when his engine blew. Shorty basically retired after that -moving to Pensacola,FL. He told me many times about Jr Johnson,Lee Petty,Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly just to name a few of the drivers he raced against. In 1958 he ranked 4th in driver points. Mike Flanagan went to Nascar with Shorty to help as the pit crew. I believe so did Billy Ruszika. though not sure. I have many memories of the early days of CC Speedway. All good. Obviously I feel Shorty, John,Dub, Jarret and Billy Hardcastle should be in the Hall of Fame.