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  1. I have a right front 27.5 / 8-15 Hoosier R-750 with a pinhole in the tread area that only has 20 laps on it. The wheel is a economy Aero wheel. Has anyone been successful running an inner tube in these tires? I'm not worried about the tube causing a slight pressure change in the tire. Right now I am just getting seat time. I would like to get one more 20 lap race out of it if possible. I am worried about getting the right size tube and the wheel not ripping off the valve stem. From the little bit of research I have done I don't see a tube size that fits exactly. If anyone has ran a tube in these tires please let me know. Thank you in advance, Travis
  2. I didn't figure the transponder I had would work, but when I looked up the X-260 it shows to be obsolete and the one I have (MYLAPS X2) is the replacement. Does anyone know if the MYLAPS X2 will work on the older system?
  3. I think I saw a post last year that stated Super Stocks were to have Spotter/Driver communication last year. Is this true? I hope so If Super Stocks are allowed to have spotter communication; does anyone know of a used setup for sale? I would also need information on what transponder is needed. I would need to get a transponder as well.
  4. Ford 27, this is awesome I am glad I posted this on here. The feed back I have received is amazing. A lot of though went into deciding to run a car on asphalt this year; knowing I would be getting help like I have would have made that decision much easier. I'm looking forward to it
  5. What is the difference between the Hoosier H10595R750 vs H10590R750 ? They both appear to be 27.5/ 8.0-15 R750 I understand the H10584R750; it is a shorter tire at 27" but the other two are the same size. Is there a difference in compound? Seems to be they all fit the "Hoosier R-750 Tire Only" rule Also, being a newbie I would be open to making a deal with someone for their pull offs if interested. I will be looking for laps and seat time for a while; not setting the fastest lap.
  6. New to asphalt I have a dirt "factory stock" metric Monte Carlo car I plan on running with the super stocks at HMP this year. The car is 100% set up to run on dirt. I put it on the scales last night to check where it's at; now I need someone who knows their way around an asphalt car suspension to point me in the right direction if possible. I am looking for where I should start on spring rates, ride heights, and blast mounting locations to start. Any chance anyone has a contact I can work with?