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  1. I have a right front 27.5 / 8-15 Hoosier R-750 with a pinhole in the tread area that only has 20 laps on it. The wheel is a economy Aero wheel. Has anyone been successful running an inner tube in these tires? I'm not worried about the tube causing a slight pressure change in the tire. Right now I am just getting seat time. I would like to get one more 20 lap race out of it if possible. I am worried about getting the right size tube and the wheel not ripping off the valve stem. From the little bit of research I have done I don't see a tube size that fits exactly. If anyone has ran a tube in these tires please let me know. Thank you in advance, Travis
  2. It would be nice to be able to mock this up before spending $500 on a new set and finding out I won't be able to make it work with my car.
  3. I posted a "In Search Of" post for anyone that has molded nose, fender, hood assemblies for sale (new or used). If someone has any of the aforementioned pieces they don't have use for right now (but don't want to sell), or a set that are so beat up they don't think are sell-able hit me up. I currently have a dirt set up front end on the car. If someone has pieces I can use to verify the fit or modification needed to my car to install the asphalt style I would appreciate it. I am thinking I will need to modify my front bumper at least if not reconfigure the entire mounting structure. Thank you all in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am located in the Houston area
  4. I am looking for a new front end for my car. New or Okay condition. I need nose, front fenders, and hood setup. Picture is for attention. Will consider most anything. Doesn't have the be the latest style as pictured below. If I don't get any responses I plan to order all new by the end of the week.
  5. Thank you for the information TexasAggie13. Your write up is phenomenal. I just started looking yesterday and watching a bunch of YouTube videos. Metro, thank you as always. I never thought of looking for this stuff on FB. I just checked out some of the sites and they open up a whole new world. Thank you all and thank you LSSZ Hope to be racing again soon.....
  6. I need to get one of these iRacing setups so I can join but have no idea what I am doing. Does anyone have a setup they are looking to get rid of, have any recommendations I should be looking for, or have something I can try out so I can see what it is like?
  7. I didn't figure the transponder I had would work, but when I looked up the X-260 it shows to be obsolete and the one I have (MYLAPS X2) is the replacement. Does anyone know if the MYLAPS X2 will work on the older system?
  8. I think I saw a post last year that stated Super Stocks were to have Spotter/Driver communication last year. Is this true? I hope so If Super Stocks are allowed to have spotter communication; does anyone know of a used setup for sale? I would also need information on what transponder is needed. I would need to get a transponder as well.
  9. Ford 27, this is awesome I am glad I posted this on here. The feed back I have received is amazing. A lot of though went into deciding to run a car on asphalt this year; knowing I would be getting help like I have would have made that decision much easier. I'm looking forward to it
  10. What is the difference between the Hoosier H10595R750 vs H10590R750 ? They both appear to be 27.5/ 8.0-15 R750 I understand the H10584R750; it is a shorter tire at 27" but the other two are the same size. Is there a difference in compound? Seems to be they all fit the "Hoosier R-750 Tire Only" rule Also, being a newbie I would be open to making a deal with someone for their pull offs if interested. I will be looking for laps and seat time for a while; not setting the fastest lap.
  11. New to asphalt I have a dirt "factory stock" metric Monte Carlo car I plan on running with the super stocks at HMP this year. The car is 100% set up to run on dirt. I put it on the scales last night to check where it's at; now I need someone who knows their way around an asphalt car suspension to point me in the right direction if possible. I am looking for where I should start on spring rates, ride heights, and blast mounting locations to start. Any chance anyone has a contact I can work with?
  12. TTT I have been out of town for the last month. For those of you that called while I was gone; if you are still interested hit me up - Yes I still have them both
  13. TTT I have come down -$500 on the older kart - I'm asking $3,000 now The prices are OBO
  14. I have a couple of CRG X30 karts for sale. One is a KT2 with a Woltjer Racing Engines IAME x30 125. The entire kart has 4 hours run time. The other kart is a Road Rebel (minus the front brakes) with a IAME Parilla Leopard 125. $6,000 for the KT2 and $3,500 for the Road Rebel. PM any time with any questions (832) 205-2059. I would be open for trades for ether a LO206 kart or a Shifter kart.