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  1. New track in Livingston

    Yes. Slightly south, in Goodrich. If you are on Facebook, follow either Battleground Racers or Marlon Mcgown.
  2. Interesting

  3. Interesting

    I've heard rumors there might be some dirt on the track at some point....
  4. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    I liked the one-thousandth endplay in the piston pins causing nasty harmonics.
  5. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    Very interesting. Excellent article!
  6. TSTRS Question

    Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, Devil's Bowl in Dallas, would be two of the mainstays. Heart of Texas in the Waco area clearly has a very successful program. This website may help, although it is not kept current - https://www.racingin.com/track/texas.aspx
  7. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    Frank Torres has passed on. His son Johnny is on this forum and has been actively running dirt for quite a few years now.
  8. TSTRS - Car Counts

    But that one was there. Paid car entry, pit passes, etc. A last minute technical difficulty shouldn't be interpreted as lack of cars, or. interest.
  9. TSTRS - Car Counts

    Maybe revisit that June 8 Super Stock count? https://www.race-monitor.com/Results/Session/6685933
  10. TSTRS - Input needed

    Low to mid 17 second - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1463927
  11. TSTRS - Input needed

    I think if you allowed Novas, eight or ten inch tires, any non-quick change rear end, and headers, and reduced the allowable cam to what is in the Factories, the classes would combine.
  12. TSTRS - Input needed

    I've been curious (and skeptical) on how the life of 10" pulloffs would compare to new 8" tires so I queried a team that's run Factory Stocks and other metric cars on dirt and at HMP. The initial response was positive, that the pulloffs would definitely be a cost savings. I invited them to this thread, so I'll not say any more for the moment, but I thought it relevant to this point in the conversation.
  13. TSTRS - Input needed

    I think Texas Tom and Nick will attest that it used to be used at Pan American every night.
  14. TSTRS - Input needed

    Exactly! And if you are willing to do that to attract classes from other forms of racing, why not for the ones already established? The governing and economic factors are no different. If you keep bringing the same logic to bear, you will get the same results. And in addition to the suspension changes, there are probably gearing issues too...