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  1. I'm thankful today

    Checking in to give a tap on an imaginary "Like" button for the posts above. Best wishes to all, especially those of us in the elder category, or who are the support.
  2. SCCA at TIS

    Same here, Nick. My interest is from being in the A&M sports car club in the seventies, as was Oldtimer (the new Oldtimer). I don't remember the club knowing much about track ownership matters, all we knew was whether or not they were "in business", so to speak. The club had put on at least one AggieCross in the early seventies (which I believe Oldtimer was involved with) but for most of us that was folklore handed down from our elders. But about my third year we heard the track, which had been inactive, would let us hold club days if we would contribute labor for facility cleanup and staffing their events again, so of course we jumped on that. I found it interesting in retrospect to see how the break in activity we saw was explained by and correlated directly with the behind the scenes factors (the death of Dan Jr., and the subsequent opening with new management).
  3. SCCA at TIS

    Tale of the Holloway track ownership, late '71 through 73. As you might guess they had a lien for unpaid work so they took it over to try to recoup - https://www.leagle.com/decision/1986975152michapp8231883
  4. SCCA at TIS

    Apparently the name change happened between late '70 and late '71. - http://racersreunion.com/community/forum/stock-car-racing-history/29426/december-12-1971-the-king-claims-texas
  5. SCCA at TIS

  6. Very much so, on both points.
  7. Austin Street Races

    I've heard it said that Greg Davidson had the same problem at one of those type events. Track officials came around asking if he was having problems. He said "No. Why do you ask"? They said "Well, you were pretty loose out there". He said "Well, I'll admit I don't have it completely dialed in yet". They said "OK, we'll give you another chance". Only problem was, they didn't feel anymore comfortable as the day went on. They told him to not come back until "he could get his car under control"...... Pretty funny - dilettante racers upset with a serious racer.....
  8. "Run what Ya Brung" to a new level

    Why does it seem like we've had this conversation before.......?
  9. Supers are *required* to have spotters, as with all of the Pro classes. As far as transponders, the track has had them available for rental in the past, so contact Gina (Gina@txarp.com) to see what is happening this year.
  10. https://4t4racingphotos.com/hmp-2019
  11. Safety first

    I think the amazing part is seeing the driver crawl out before the safety crew arrives. Keep in mind that he's coming out the passenger side because the driver's side is against the wall and burning. Fire suits weren't a thing back then, I can only recall one person who wore one (I think.....). Safety crews didn't wear them either (and usually still don't, at tracks I've attended).
  12. New track in Livingston

    Yes. Slightly south, in Goodrich. If you are on Facebook, follow either Battleground Racers or Marlon Mcgown.
  13. Interesting