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  1. well is

    HT, I went to the RV storage lot and fired up the generator in the motorhome and let it run for a little bit. That’s the heart beat of the motorhome when I go to races. Need it to run.
  2. 2020 racecars

    Very nice
  3. WOO cancels

    This is disappointing for sure. I was getting ready to head that way.
  4. 2020 racecars

    Nice looking car, and I’m sure if it is anything like that truck was then it’s fast also.
  5. My tickets showed up in the mail today.
  6. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    You can say that there is new people running nascar, but there’s really not. It’s still being run by the same family. Who just also happen to own over half the tracks on the circuit. Not likely they are giving up any of those dates.
  7. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    I would be surprised if that ever happened Nathan. With 2 dates a year in Ft. Worth, I just don’t see a 3rd date in the Texas market.
  8. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    That is good news.
  9. Very nice article, I drive by the place on 306 everytime I go to the lake house.
  10. Snowball Derby Unofficial Results

    I have always had trouble understanding this deal. This race is teched as close as any race you will ever go to. People have to understand that if they get anywhere near the front of this deal what ever they have on the car is going to be looked at.
  11. Interesting

    I’m with ya josh42. What a great job by the folks that have taken over out there at HMP to land that series on the race schedule. Not sure where i will be that October day, but if i am anywhere near home i will be there. I think Paul White that is the series champion is the guy that won that enduro race at cotton bowl and got dq’d for a wheel cover. And he had them covered up that day. It was a cold one in the stands that day as well.
  12. Interesting

    A schedule comes out and so do the boo birds. Incredible.
  13. It is on for tonight!!!!

    Thanks Arob. Fun night at the dirt track up here in Ft. Worth tonight.
  14. It is on for tonight!!!!

    Anybody have any results from this past weekend?