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  1. Snowball Derby & Snowflake 100 entries

    Thanks for this list Rodney, pretty impressive. Its on the bucket list to get over there for sure. Is there plenty of RV camping over there?
  2. Longhorn Speedway

    This is an interesting post.
  3. Arob, I am going to come down again this year for the shootout.
  4. Nascar Martinsville

    I am heading up to Ft. Worth on Thursday. But I don't think the 78 will do anything about it until Homestead.
  5. Thank you racers and fans!!!!

    Good job by the track folks for staying with it and working through the weather issues for sure. For those of us fans that do not venture into the pits, can anyone shed any light on how the 5 modified went from being to the leader and being spun, to the rear of the field?
  6. Talladega

    Thumper, I have had this conversation with Nick on the side. And unfortunately he allows, and apparently condones it, not that I agree with it, but it is his sand box. I am of the opinion that bashing any form of racing isn't good for any form of racing. No matter which platform it takes place on.
  7. Talladega

    They sure did race back to the flag. But from the grandstands when that last wreck happened I thought the field would have been frozen since the white had already come out. Guess I will head on up to Ft. Worth and see what happens up there in a couple of weeks. 3 race weekend anyway.
  8. Talladega

    I have been going there for quite a few years now for the fall race. And it was different for sure. There was a lot of racing going on behind the front 4, and it did make a difference.
  9. Yes it is, saw some great racing at that race track.
  10. Nascar

    No, not a lot of cautions, especially at a short track. Lot of green flag stops.
  11. Look who I ran into!

    Awesome post
  12. Arob, send me your phone number.
  13. This is disappointing news to say the least. Especially for those like me that don't do the bookface or any of that other social media.
  14. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    I have been fortunate enough to have been able to make all 3 shows so far this year sitting in the grandstands as a fan. The racing has been very good. And they have made some significant improvements to the facility that have pretty much gone unmentioned. Like fixing the score board and lap counter. And replacing a lot of the lights in the light poles. The consessions are good. The gals that work the beer counter are really good, friendly, and accomodating. The place is always mowed and clean for race weekend. It brings me great joy to hear that they are coming back with a full season. I think the radio advertising has helped the track fill the stands these last 3 races, and last year as well. Thanks to Advanced Auto Parts also. I don't need many parts, but I am now buying my DEF for my truck and getting my generator oil there now. I had been buying from NAPA due to there sponsorship of NASCAR, so thank you to Advanced Auto Parts. It would be nice to know if the series has already secured a title sponsor for next year. So thanks T-STARS and all the folks that put this together.