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  1. Nascar Atlanta

    We'll know after Texas how it is going to be with this new deal.
  2. Fox video recap

    Nice video
  3. And a nice bar for when the races are over.
  4. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    Here is there web site. Not sure if this is legal posting it. But I see there name a lot. http://allindesignsa.com/
  5. Vinyl Wrap Companies

    I am just a fan, but I see a name of a company called All in Design on quite a few cars on the dirt tracks.
  6. That was a gut wrenching loss for Kyle Larson, and me.
  7. Enduro

    Hey Nathan, do have the results from the race?
  8. Enduro

    I’m all in, sitting at the beer joint in Paige right now.
  9. Enduro

    Good deal, heading that way tomorrow afternoon. Will stay at the track, tomorrow night Thanks for the update Nathan.
  10. Enduro

    Thanks Nathan, forecast sure looks grim. Maybe they will be able to pull it off though. Will head that way on Friday in the motorhome unless I hear otherwise.
  11. Enduro

    Any word on the Enduro this coming weekend with all the rain in the forecast?
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.
  13. Snowball Derby & Snowflake 100 entries

    Thanks for this list Rodney, pretty impressive. Its on the bucket list to get over there for sure. Is there plenty of RV camping over there?
  14. Longhorn Speedway

    This is an interesting post.