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  1. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    I get what you are saying. But a win as a rookie is pretty big. Rarely does it happen.
  2. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Nathan, the issue of wether Kyle got a free ride or not will always be up for debate. I personally don’t believe there should ever be a waiver for races missed. They all know the risk going in that it is a dangerous sport and they are at risk. And further more, he got injured during an xfiniti race. He didn’t have to be in that one. He knowingly jeopardized his cup season by being in that race.
  3. I don’t have that bookface deal, so it won’t open for me. What are the dates?
  4. Arob, what’s this November event you mention? Don’t see it in there schedule?
  5. Texas Trucks $10,000 to Win TSTRS/HMP

    What date is this race?
  6. TSTRS/HMP Winners August 15th

    You may want to look on the Race on Texas website. They may have it.
  7. Texas Trucks $10,000 to Win TSTRS/HMP

    That’ll draw em out. Hope I’m in town for it.
  8. HMP Results.

    Thanks Nick, anyone know what the Luza DQ was for?
  9. Well put, they did step aside and let their fan base get steamrolled. And I am and have always been a nascar fan, I spend a considerable amount of money chasing that circus. They never should have injected themselves into any of it and stuck to the racing. You would think they have enough issues to deal with trying to race in a pandemic.
  10. Do you really believe that this is all “ending in a positive fashion”. There was a narrative pushed on this deal that couldn’t have ended and been any further from what they were pushing. It started out as a hate crime and someone was going to get banned for life and be prosecuted. Now nascar has so much egg on there face they are probably having trouble breathing, they should get some I can’t breath tshirts made. And if you don’t see that aspect of it you may need to do some repositioning yourself.
  11. TSTRS/HMP RaceDay Schedule June 20

    Wonder what time the gates open for fans?
  12. well is

    HT, I went to the RV storage lot and fired up the generator in the motorhome and let it run for a little bit. That’s the heart beat of the motorhome when I go to races. Need it to run.