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  1. Seemed like a pretty decent crowd again. Fun night
  2. I am ready, hopefully the feature lap counts will not change this time around. Not sure what drives those changes, but I am sure there is a reason for it.
  3. We were able to book another night at the RV park and stay for the Thursday show. Great fun night of racing. The 5 car of Gravel was just completely running lights out. Sweet was the only one that even got close to him, in any of the races. Also nice to see Kasey Kahn come back after the rain out and run on Thursday night. Good show with the sport mods as well. Nice to see them show up with a good car count after all of the weather issues.
  4. They are watering the track now. Going to be a good night.
  5. We are up here with our fingers crossed.
  6. I see, should be a great night. Weather is looking good.
  7. In the original post it says the sport mods are on a limited time frame?
  8. Nathan, what is the limited time frame for the sport mods next week?
  9. HMP TARS Highlight Video. Opening Night.

    Nice video, I am in it somewhere.
  10. Thanks Nathan, I did hear back from Mrs. Naumann last evening.
  11. Can anyone from the track or does anyone know what the adult beverage policy is going to be for this show? I think I saw something that said no coolers were allowed for this show. Do they have someone coming in to sell beer or are coolers allowed?
  12. Thank you as well. It was a really good night of racing, and it was a nice size crowd out there. Weather was great and the beer was cold.
  13. Opening Night #2

    It was a good night as well at HMP arob. And a pretty decent crowd as well.
  14. Opening Night #2

    I'm ready to go arob, HMP this evening.
  15. Opening Night #2

    I'll be at HMP Arob, looking forward to it.