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  1. kids helmets

    Thats about as a quality of a promotion as you can get. Very well done by that organization.
  2. WOW sore losser

    Kyle was probably half way home by time Kurt even made it to the media center for the mandatory post race interview. Thats what they do now. The race to get out of the track and to there private planes is as big as the race they run on the track. I camp in the infield for the fall race at Talladega. They shut down all traffic for the driver and team carts to get to the airfield next to the track.
  3. Thanks to all the people that sponsor this site.
  4. Sure hope these folks are going to be alright.
  5. impending Management Change with T-STARS

    That would blow your cover. You would have to come out of the closet.
  6. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Yes it does help, and i appreciate it, i am out of the country working and a bit limited on functionality over here. But any positive news is great. It’s a great facility and a fun place to go catch some racing and have a cold one. Not only hoping it survives, but prospers as well.
  7. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Are they going to go back to running twice a month or just the once a month?
  8. HMP Racing Announcement Tonight!

    Can anyone or someone post on what was the overall basics of this announcement.
  9. Building my shop

    That blue truck is fast.
  10. He may have, I know he has been racing for a long time. Seems to me that he may have drove that xfinity car with the DC Solar sponsorship on it a few years ago as well. I think it may have been for Gannasi
  11. I think Poole lives in the woodlands.
  12. Marion Update?

    Tim, i am not sure this is a good definition of weather or not it can work. But i understand what you are saying. I would like to bring up the point that many organizations have a team put in place that looks out for that type of stuff, meaning sponsorships. Local racers most likely need to do there own leg work. I am not sure if John mandabach had anyone helping him secure sponsorship for HMP or not. But i don’t think he was the owner of the track. Gene Hass is probably not out beating the bushes for sponsorship for his race team. They employ a team of folks to do that for them. I suspect they may help close a deal if needed. But any owner would do that. So to make the blanket statement that the fella doesn’t have the confidence needed going into the deal is accurate.
  13. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    Arob, i haven’t been able to make it back down there since i met you at that 2 day show around Father’s Day a year or 2 ago. But it is in my plans.