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  1. Seasons Greetings

    I to hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. And also grateful for this site. My social media presence is very limited. I get the majority of racing info from right here.
  2. Five Flags

    Thanks, I think maybe the last 20 laps or so he dropped of pretty good. Or maybe he was in that last lap mele.
  3. Five Flags

    The scoring tower won last night, we'll see if the tech shed wins today. I didn't see where Ryan finished, he ran around the 5th or 6th spot for most of the race but I think he may have faded at the end.
  4. Five Flags

    They just sent Nasse to the rear for turning Pollard
  5. Ryan Luza Wins @ New Smyrna

    That would be awesome, he lives a couple of blocks from me.
  6. Five Flags

    Thanks Rodney
  7. Five Flags

    What about the modifieds tomorrow night, any of the HMP Texas guys going to be in that race?
  8. Five Flags

    Yes, he was awful strong for sure. I think there was a 12 year old kid in the field as well.
  9. Five Flags

    I watched it on ppv speed 51 out here offshore. I also followed it on Race Monitor timing. It shows Heil 2nd, Monroe 9th a lap down, and Wright 12th a lap down.
  10. Five Flags

    Good stuff, pretty good showing for the Texas guys. The kid that won is 14, incredible.
  11. Five Flags

    I am watching on speed 51, the 96 is looking good so far.
  12. Five Flags

    Are any of the Texas guys over at Five Flags for the truck race tonight?
  13. Amen, nascar cup series is the highest form of stock car racing there is, on asphalt, like it or not. And that is where it needs to stay, is on asphalt.
  14. Bummer, I'm not due to get in from offshore until around the 15th. And my truck is in Mobile AL. I did renew my World of Outlaw tickets for Cotton Bowl today. Now just hope I can make that.
  15. 2021 Cotton Bowl Speedway schedule

    This is good stuff here. I had a credit on the World of Outlaws from last year. And went ahead and picked up tickets for the 2nd night as well.