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  1. Building my shop

    That blue truck is fast.
  2. He may have, I know he has been racing for a long time. Seems to me that he may have drove that xfinity car with the DC Solar sponsorship on it a few years ago as well. I think it may have been for Gannasi
  3. I think Poole lives in the woodlands.
  4. Marion Update?

    Tim, i am not sure this is a good definition of weather or not it can work. But i understand what you are saying. I would like to bring up the point that many organizations have a team put in place that looks out for that type of stuff, meaning sponsorships. Local racers most likely need to do there own leg work. I am not sure if John mandabach had anyone helping him secure sponsorship for HMP or not. But i don’t think he was the owner of the track. Gene Hass is probably not out beating the bushes for sponsorship for his race team. They employ a team of folks to do that for them. I suspect they may help close a deal if needed. But any owner would do that. So to make the blanket statement that the fella doesn’t have the confidence needed going into the deal is accurate.
  5. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    Arob, i haven’t been able to make it back down there since i met you at that 2 day show around Father’s Day a year or 2 ago. But it is in my plans.
  6. New Texana Raceway Partnership!

    Radio works, good job Texana.
  7. Dega Baby

    Tim, just stop, please just stop. They have been putting on races for 50 years now. Fifty, did you catch that? Fifty, do you seriously think they are merely existing from race to race. In fact they are also part of a large publicly traded corporation. And also, don’t ever kid yourself, millions of dollars invested generates interest. Even if it is just for 6 months. And further more, the only thing they are losing on rain outs is consessions, because i can promise you one thing, they are not refunding ticket or RV space money. And in the event you do get refunded for some unforeseen reason, you would have had to purchase insurance on your ticket purchase. So please just stop with that nonsense. I share your passion for NASCAR, and i personally have an equal passion for dirt racing as well. And i really don’t have any problem with your keyboard cowboy game in your quest to stir the pot. I’m fine with that, but i expect better intelligence from you than what you have displayed in this last post.
  8. Dega Baby

    I’m not worried about the money. I have plenty. I was merely pointing out that over the years they wanted there money earlier and earlier. I suspect once they get everyone’s money 6 months in advance, they probably make a fair bit of interest on it.
  9. Dega Baby

    I already got the email this morning that my race package renewal for the fall race is in the mail. They used to not send it out until late May. Then would do the upgrade period in late June. So now they get to use my money for 6 months. But oh well.
  10. Dega Baby

    And his crew never missed a beat.
  11. results for 4-20-19

    Nathan, Thanks for posting all of these results from the various tracks. I enjoy and appreciate being able to read them and know who had good weekends running and finishing up front. Thanks
  12. I go to many races in my motorhome during the season. Both asphalt and dirt. It’s just a matter of where they are when i am in town.
  13. I have seen them on the road course here in Houston. And i usually make the fall nascar race at ft worth. But this year they moved the truck race to the spring. So i hope i can make it. I work offshore so it’s a difficult process for me.
  14. I would like to finally be able to make that June show. I have never been to an Indy car race on an oval. And of course the trucks are always good, for me anyway.
  15. results for 3-29-19

    They sure do draw some cars up there. Impressive