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  1. well is

    Fixed an oil leak on one car and started them both up. We can only hope to get back to some form of normal.
  2. Thank You

    Thanks go out to the crew at Texana Raceway park for a fast track for practice last night.The place looked amazing Owen Pittman said the help has come from everywhere and he was working on more improvements last night. Looking forward to the season.
  3. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    Well are at least your good at one thing Rodney
  4. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    Agree that sign been up for years.
  5. Friday the 13

    Yea Me and GB. The good thing about GB showing up is I'm not the oldest river anymore.
  6. The Texas 2 Step starts this weekend

    I want to Thank the gang at Cotton Bowl Speedway for having us last night. Awesome facility hope to make it back some time.
  7. Come on out when we take your little cars for a drive on the big track. Heck it looks like I am going to make the trip and just seeing me is worth the price of admission. http://dcrst.net/schedule.html
  8. Friday 8/16 come on out

    STX Events Yesterday at 6:03 AM ยท Back to school Blowout this weekend with some great Kart Racing Friday Night! Come out and enjoy a night of Kart racing and pick up some additional School supplies for the kids! Gates will open at 6pm and the racing kicks off at 8pm! Hope to see everyone out and anyone willing to support our South Texas Youth with School Supply donations please feel free to drop them at the back gate when you are coming in, we appreciate you all!
  9. TSTRS - Input needed

    OK It's gone
  10. Friday 8/16 come on out

    As always it went good 50 something Karts. Good clean racing in all classes. Lawrence and Owen have put together a truly awesome deal here. I will say the track got a little ruff but still race-able. Two more races at L87 then we move over to Rockport and 3C speedway with everyone race for the Dual track championship. I still can't say enough about the driving talent in all the youth divisions. We have some real race car drivers coming along.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/events/881329718909743/ We bring our little Hot Rods to South Texas Speedway the 24th. Come on out a check out the show and be sure and stop by the pits afterwards and say Hi. Let the kids get a pic in the cars.
  12. TSTRS - Input needed

    Just don't start messing with the rules to fit your track or your "guys" car.
  13. TSTRS - Input needed

    Factory stock as they are already running pull offs. Run the same rules and tires that way they don't have change a thing except location.
  14. L87 New Kart Track

    Well Thumper how did you like your little go in a go kart?
  15. L87 New Kart Track

    I never followed up on this the new track is just incredible fast and fun to drive That first night there was over 70 karts and awesome racing. I can't say enough about what an amazing job Lawrence did on this track great lighting heck it even has a water house in the infield if he needs to add a little water.