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  1. REPLAY Clint Bowyer RUSS exclusive

    Good intervene Guys
  2. Thank You

    To all involved at L87 and STX events thank You for all the work you put into the Kart races. It is so much fun and and awesome group of people that includes the racers and their families Looking forward to many more fun days at L87
  3. Getting page not found.
  4. Kart Racing This Saturday 12/29/18

    Great fun and like 59 Karts on a cold (by South Texas standards) and windy afternoon all the L87 staff well done. Oh and even though we had to pay for them good burgers.
  5. RUSS Monday 12/17

    Good show guys Dillon was awesome.
  6. From Facebook Rained out

    STX Events 1 hr ยท We are rained out for this weekend December 8th!
  7. L87 Speedway Winter Series schedule

    It's this Saturday Dec 1st
  8. Longhorn Speedway

    I don't know if anyone else had posted this but not knowing anything about Longhorn I found this not a bad read. https://jalopnik.com/the-tale-of-longhorn-speedway-the-forgotten-ghost-trac-1793925563
  9. Pit stall ?

    I agree the pit swap is BS and I think Fedx needs to look for a new team.
  10. Well they called it

    Mother Nature has won again. Unfortunately we are rained out for this weekend. We will race next Friday and Saturday November 16th and 17th. Gates open at 6pm both nights with racing at 7:30.
  11. Well they called it

    There is no way they could have saved this weekend. Lets just hope the weather holds next week.
  12. Well they called it

    Canceled for this weekend moved to next
  13. Just saw this on Facebook
  14. Talladega

    race back to the checker flag awesome
  15. Slick Yoemans RUSS Interview

    Great show guys. Rodney hope to see you at TMS.
  16. Budnik wins I-37

    Congratulations to Budnik well deserved win.
  17. Nascar "Ro-val" race at Charlotte

    It was better than the tri-oval.
  18. STS rained out 9/29

    We got a ton of rain last night on top of what we got last week. It's going to take some time to dry out. Besides the mosquitoes are bad.
  19. Ok so now all 3 South Texas tracks are racing on the same weekend.
  20. Track is reporting more rain this morning, pits are to wet, rained out.
  21. Just saw on face book he is on his way home. Get well Kenny.
  22. Races this Saturday are canceled. I was looking forward to getting back to Texana.
  23. friday night madness

    New clutch installed today looking forward to Friday should be fun.