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  1. camaro rear end

    correction is 8.5 ring gear. available in Portland texas. Positive traction unit.
  2. Camaro rear end. 7.5 gear Set up for leaf springs. 4.10 gear and axles included.100.00 firm. many more parts to come clare 603-913-9076

    have some in Portland texas 603-913-9076 Clare
  4. race trailer thefts

    So someone attempted to take my race trailer and dually during the power outage after Harvey. It was in a locked storage yard with cameras. The only locks touched in whole lot was my truck door and ignition locks and my son's ignition locks on his truck. Battery was dead in truck so the only thing they got was my helmet. Black G-Force helmet with the flames on it SA rated. It looks like they targeted that truck and trailer. All have been repaired and video is being reviewed. Review your security measures for your equipment. I have removed my car from the trailer now and it is just an empty trailer now. Clare
  5. HMP race for street stocks

    45 CTS rules Clare
  6. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    super street 45 Randell Racing driver to be named later
  7. I haven't seen any results from that night yet. thanks Clare
  8. you can borrow mine also if needed clare super street 45
  9. get well soon master chief Clare and family
  10. have 3 empty seats in my dually going to cts on Saturday morning leaving around 11. our car is not ready but we are hauling up late model suspension parts. Do you want to ride along we can pick you up in corpus if that helps you. Clare 603-913-9076
  11. man cave

    Poor boy I am coming in for maintenance on Tuesday. No fire extinguisher required Ha ha Clare
  12. question on super street.

    Sorry was planning on letting son run but car is heavily damaged
  13. thanks to all

    Thanks bobby that might work but kind of looking for a ex tsrs to kind of move upon supers at least a little
  14. thanks to all

    Everyone needs to check their belts and safety equipment. Mine held up great. Lots of roll bar padding helps