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  1. Limited Mod For Sale

    Price reduced $8,500.
  2. Thanks for stepping up Owen, you made a lot of racers very happy and we are here to support you in anyway we can!
  3. sheet metal cost?

    Reach out to All-In Designs, Anthony Gordon.
  4. Awesome people in the racing community

    Racers helping racers, that’s so awesome!
  5. Closed????

    That’s the world as of today!
  6. Thx Nick, it’s a good car.
  7. Limited Mod For Sale

    Well I wish you were, thx for the compliment on the place.
  8. Selling my Wild Child sport mod as a race ready car, I would be willing to sell it as a roller. I’m not sure what year model it is but I’ve had the car since it was put together. The car has less than 20 nights on it, never been bent and the car is fast with the right driver. The engine is a CNC Motorsports stage two and is strong, transmission is a Gentry built power-glide. I’m asking $9,500 race ready or will entertain selling in other stages. I will be posting more pics soon, I can be reached at (361) 894-3090 or message me here.
  9. I have a new car on the way so I’m selling my current Modified Skyrocket Chassis #232. I will sell it in any stage, from a roller to a bare chassis. I’ve had the car for four years and have taken very good care of it. I had the car put on a frame machine last year to have the frame checked and it was straight as can be. The car is very easy to setup and a very easy car to drive, the cockpit is big and very comfortable, I’m 6’5” and fit easily. The only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve never owned a new car and want a new car , so if you are interested please let me know I need to do something soon. I will take $5,500 as a roller minus seat and shocks, the car has a QC rearend and I’ll go down from there , you can message or call me at 361-894-3090
  10. lol - Harvick

    It was so awesome!
  11. I-37 Speedway updates 4/27/19

    Thx for the updates sir.
  12. This is all great news, LSSZ is great for the race community and I’m glad to see it continue, thx everyone.