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  1. 26th, 27th

    Looking for some answers and can't seem to find them. 1) Is this two separate shows with points for heats and points plus pay for features or is it just heats on Friday? If it is only heats/qualifiers or whatever, what will the format be? 2) Start time on Friday ? Start time on Saturday? If these answers are out there, excuse me, but this is the place, some of us look for info. Thanks in advance.
  2. July 4th in Review

    Ken, I am not going to bash this topic, the drivers, the flagman or the track, but I have seen many things on social media dealing with the calls made this weekend. As a car owner and a sponsor of 5 cars in that class, I feel like I have a vested interest in this class. This track and most of these drivers and the officials have been around long time and I know every scenario can't be thought of, but this one has happened many of times over the years and I have never seen a 25 lap feature be based on a 24 lap finish. Congrats and thumbs up to EJ, he drove the shit outta that car for sure. [NOTE: Portions of this post were edited out before it was approved for posting. Nick]
  3. E Mod Spoiler Option for 2016

    8" wide????? Need clarification, hope this is a typo.
  4. Getcha$ome video

  5. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Hey BJ34, aren't you going to ask TexasAggie 13 for some pics?
  6. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    Doesn't STS take the chips after the feature? If this is the case, I believe there are cars with no chips right now. So who is bringing them to SOS? Are they going to be collected after the SOS race and returned later or the following race at STS?
  7. Attn: E-Mod drivers

    22 will be there also
  8. CC Speedway Hall of Fame

    Alex, " The Babe Gaza", now that guy is legendary. If there ever is a Hall of Fame, he was the man!!!!
  9. South Texas Getcha$ome

    Well, that sucks. It falls same weekend as the NASCAR race in Fort Worth. Decisions, decisions.
  10. A little over a week

    Blame Hunter

    WOW!!!! 160psi? Are we now going to run worn out 305 dish top piston engines? This rule seems to be making most of these cars illegal. I would think with a max lift rule, compression should be a non issue. I don't know an engine builder who will build a motor to meet the lift rule and have 160 max psi. I might be wrong, but what I am reading means these guys are going to be running some wore out stuff to meet the new rules package.
  12. Race Procedures at STS

    Nick, point well taken. Then they need TO MAKE A CALL and the drivers will have to deal with it. ALL INVOLVED is not a call but a rule.
  13. Race Procedures at STS

    Why should a driver who has no control over 95% of the things happening behind him be penalized for somebody else's "mistake"? I think an official needs to make calls, as Top Shelf states, instead of penalizing an innocent driver . I don't think the problem is the whinny girls, but good drivers who want rules clarified. Ken, the comment to " blame the one who spun you out" , Really? I don't know a driver out there who wouldn't blame another driver who spun him out, so that comment has no basis in my opinion. I agree, let's go racing, make the calls, and keep the show going.
  14. Race Procedures at STS

    Well I still think clarification is needed on # 7 ......See below This means even if you do nothing wrong and someone spins you, you will go to the back. ???????????????????????????
  15. questionable calls

    Agreed. I think the big issue here is judgement calls. I cannot see where a driver who is driving his line, his race, and regardless of where they are in the field can or will be sent to the rear of field because some squirrel either runs out of talent, never had talent, or intentionally takes out the car in front of them. Look folks, baseball has umpires, football has refs, etc, etc. If this track is going to survive, decisions and judgement calls HAVE to be made. An all involved rule sounds good but it also needs to have some leniency and the officials NEED TO make a call. You might win some, you might lose some, but if every week you are getting run over and have to restart in back, drivers, crews, and fans will start to stay home or go elsewhere, in my opinion. Maybe to solve this problem, 6 people, 1 in each turn, 1 on each straightaway, watch ONLY their designated spots, that's it. I see many folks standing down there on social hour. Give them a job, let them make a call to the race dictator and end of discussion. Maybe have an official in the grandstands watching only the leaders. Next point is the black flag issue. I know many don't count points and are there just to race. But some are points racing. To black flag a car, just because it appears they intentionally spun out the guy in front of him, bad idea.That rule could cost a driver a chance at a track championship. Look, we are not in these cars, we see they are racing bumper to bumper, and some cars in classes are 3400lbs with drum brakes. They don't stop on a dime folks.To black flag instead of sending to the rear of field, and have that driver lose the chance of regaining some of those positions back if he was sent to the back instead just don't seem fair. We all agree dirty driving shouldn't be tolerated and I have personally seen the black flag rolled up and pointed at drivers for years. Where did that go? I can tell you, if the all involved rule is set in place to save time, that has failed, if the black flag is being used to stop aggressive driving, that also has failed. I have seen both fail on the go-cart track as well. Bottom line is, car count is down, cart count is way down, and most important, fan count is down. Time to solve some of the problems. MY NAME IS G.B CARTER AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!!!! Just kidding. Let's go Racing!!!!