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  1. Official 2014 TALMS Schedule

    Looks good Cody. Looking forward to the 2014 season. I kind of like running 3 in a row at CCS, less set-up changes.
  2. TALMS @ CTS November 16th

    The 17 of Don Krahn will be there! Add me to the list.
  3. Double Points Race

    Sounds good to me!
  4. What NASCAR has done this week is more detrimental to stock car racing than anything MWR, FRM or Penske Racing did at Richmond!! And I am a Gordon fan!!
  5. Racing this Saturday night

    I am another out of town driver that will be at CCS for the October race. Jumping to the conclusion that it is a one way street is wrong. Seeing the CCS drivers supporting other tracks is a big reason why I am running the October race there. I plan on running more races at CCS next year as the schedules for CTS and TALMS allow.
  6. Over heating

    Don not run any restrictor or thermostat with a triple pass radiator. The radiator already slows down the flow. If you have anything in front of the radiator to block dirt, you may want to remove it. I had a outerware pre filter in front of mine. When I removed it, the temp dropped 10 degrees!.
  7. First races you attended?

    My dad started taking me to the races in the late 60's / early 70's at Wilmot Speedway in Wilmot, Wisconsin. I was 4 or 5 and was hooked instantly. It became a regular family event on Saturday nights in the summer. Wilmot is a 3/8 mile simi banked cay oval, and is still in operation today. They ran the old style modifieds and stock cars. In the late 70' / early 80's, the modifieds where replaced by sprint cars. I went back there when I was visiting family in July. Many of the drivers last names where the same as when I was younger, but it was thier kids or grand kids racing now. There was one sprint car driver, who was one of the best back in the 80's, still going at it at 65 years old. That was cool to see.
  8. TALMS Results 7/27/13

    Thanks Cody, that was the most fun I have had racing in a while! You can count me in for the rest of the TALMS season. Everyone I talked to said we put on one hell of a show!
  9. July 27th TALMS Race #2 @ CTS

    my son has one we are not using at this time .if you will take very good care of it and send it back i am sure you will . you can ask cheez it 7. if he will lone it too you ........... up date---- just talked to him he said send him a pm .... Thanks, but I already ordered one.
  10. July 27th TALMS Race #2 @ CTS

    I ran CTS on 6/29. I arrived at the track at 1:30 on Saturday and they did not have any transponders left to rent out. I had to scrounge around and find one to borrow for the race. Has any one checked with CTS to see if they have received more transponders? With this many TALMS cars, they are going to need them. Maybe they can barrow some from HMP or other tracks that are not racing that night.
  11. Long horn speedway

    With I-37 closed and now TTS closing, we really could use a Saturday night IMCA sanctioned dirt track in this area.
  12. Offer across the nation equal rules, insurance, end of year point fund, contingency money and parts. I have gotten checks from imca from every track I have raced at in the last five years. On top of that o can and have raced across the country and know what I'm against. Joe Joe is exactly right. Last year was my first full year running IMCA SportMods. I ran at 6 different tracks last year and did not have to worry about if my car met the rules or not because the tracks all had the same IMCA rulles. At the end of the year I recived a set of spring, a set of EQ heads and a check for my points finish at TTS. IMCA sactioning is a big reason that TTS and HOT get 20+ mods and sportmods on a regular basis.
  13. For cotton bowl we do not require the IMCA stickers right now, but if we get IMCA next year you will need to have stickers or if run at a another IMCA track. So then you are not running IMCA rules!?
  14. Spectacular SportMods

    I will be driving the #17.
  15. Sport Mod Gear

    I agree. I have only run Thunderhill once and it was with a 6.22 final ratio. I was turning 6800 RPM at the end of the straights.