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  1. Finally! We are racing again...

    take that back, not going to be able to make it. Work before play as they say : (
  2. Finally! We are racing again...

    I second that, I'll be making my debut on a dirt track with DCRST. Keep your eyes on the green #7, can't wait! Thanks for having us I-37.
  3. Pictures

    Hey, thanks Nick, it's all good. And thank you too lavenderracing3. Y'all keep your eye on the ole green #7 dwarf...Take care.
  4. Pictures

    What do you have to do to be able to view pictures on THR web site? It wants me to log in? How do you log in and make a password if there is no prompt to do so? AND, the adds that pop up on the side are killing me, they block the whole screen when you zoom in. This is all from an I-phone btw.
  5. Ole favorite driver

    Cool, thx txtom. Hope he's doing well. I always said when I grow up I'm going to drive a black #3 car. Well I'm starting off with a green #7 for now. One day I'll be in a black 3 though!
  6. Ole favorite driver

    What ever happened to Bobby Joe New?
  7. Track Pic's

    I just want to say to everyone that put in all the hard work for us to race, a huge thanks! Y'all have a cool track. It reminds me of the old longhorn speedway track that I grew up watching Saturday night stock car racing. I'm also very greatful being I hauled my dwarf all the way from Smithville to make the race. We just happened to be vacationing this weekend and said what the heck!! Thursday night had me a little worries, but it all worked out great! Heck, I even got my First race win Ever!!! C.C. Speedway will always be extra special to me now. Thanks again from the #7 Dwarf. Shadow Man
  8. hope I can race there!

    Yep, I'll kep my finger crossed but if not, guess I'll have to wait for a play day also. I grew up racing my "yard kart" around my dads 1/8 mile dirt track so I love the dirt. I've decided to go ahead and travel to goliad and I-37 to race dirt. Man I can't wait to see how it's gonna be. Come on Cotton Bowl, give us a track to race at, you won't be sorry!
  9. hope I can race there!

    I sure hope I get a chance to race at your track. It really looks like it is turning out real nice. The catch is I race with DCRST and I do believe that if you talk to the head guys with our racing series, we would love to race out there. We put on a heck of a show and race dirt and asphault. Arden Vikre would be the guy to contact probably. Look us up at www.dcrst.com. I have a street stock/super stock car I want to take out there too. One way or another, hopefully both, Im getting on that track some how some way. Looking good fellas, keep it up! Danny Davis
  10. How many drivers are less than a hour away?

    May be a couple cars from Smithville, not sure yet.

    I've been hearing rumors about this track and when I read this I got goose bumps! Woo hoo that's awesome, a dirt track in my back yard! "smithville" I am currently building a dwarf car for 2012 season but still have my 76 nova sitting at my dads, ready for a heart and a little makeup. "engine, paint" think it's gonna find a home at the dirt track considering I spent my younger years blasting dirt into the atmosphere every chance I had at my dads 1/8 mile dirt track. Think I'm gonna go for a little drive down 290 and see what I can see, man hope it goes well! I will help spread the news.
  12. Dwarf car rules

    One more question, and thanks for the help, where do u buy parts for these things?
  13. Dwarf car rules

    Where can I find rules and regs for Texas dwarf car racing?
  14. Thunder Stock Car Count

    Well thanks there fast18 I'm trying. I was pretty impressed by last weeks race. The big hurdle I guess is getting a trans. I have all the stuff to get the engine together and I need to find out from somebody what gear ratio to run I've heard different storys. And I'll have to look back on the rules on if u can have c-clip eliminators in this class or not, I think not so might have to get a whole rear end. Any way will probably be next year. Hey maybe I could help u and u could help me, that is if Ur racing next year.
  15. Thunder Stock Car Count

    Ya well I've made up my mind and I'm going to build my car for the thunderstock class. I wasn't going to at first because this car I have was an old street stock car from longhorn, and it came with a three speed saginaw, so since u have to run an automatic I was going to build the motor to superstock specks. Guess I can try to sell it to help buy an automatic. I hate automatics, I've had bad luck with them in my drag car I had. All I know is new is usually better than rebuilds. Any way back to the main point I'm trying hard and talking to guys without being an annoying spectator just running his mouth about wanting to race. I'm serious about racing and am trying to get my ducks in a row. At this point I don't have anyone I can rely on because my brothers leaving for 2 years at uti and he's the only one that would be there for me every sat. I needed him. So I'm trying been trying since I was 6 yrs old out at longhorn but having someone to help get u started means alot, family, friends, anything so I'll be there soon just hard on ur own. Car looks good so far if anyone remembers Garland Moffett it's his old car. Hope I didn't give too much away now I wanted it to be a suprize.