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  1. Factory stock tires at Cotton Bowl

    Will someone at the track be able to mount them on my rims for me? Thanks
  2. Any new info?

    Tell me about it. Been going to CTS/Thunderhill since I moved to Buda in 2009. Pit crewed for my friend's dad's bomber at Rio Grande Speedway as a kid. Finally got funds together last year, got me a Grand Stock out of Corpus that HiTech built, got out on the track for my 1st times, raced all year and had some of the most fun of my life. I don't have a tailor or truck and kept my car at CTS. I have it in storage now, don't wanna sell it. Still praying and crossing fingers something will happen this year or at least the next.
  3. cts

    Yup, got out of work late and with this growing Austin traffic I made it just in time to miss the 2nd practice. I did go Friday night and got some laps in. I'm definitely feeling more confident in the car. If I come into the turn to hot I feel like I can save it pretty consistently. And I was settling in after a couple laps and was starting to surge and hoping for a yellow to real the 3 at the front back in. To bad that yellow was at my expense. lol
  4. cts

    I went to your spot to see if you were there. The spot on the left the guy's name was Josh, in a Dwarf. Nice guy,sounded like he knew you.
  5. Sport compacts

    Here you go Jay. The link to the Registered drivers at CTS. Looks like #2 is already taken for this season. If you already have a #2 on your car you can paint or tape an "X" right by it. http://www.centraltexasspeedway.com/2016-drivers-test/
  6. top_shelf_12 Ivan is going to let me borrow all his gear for tomorrows race. But I would still like to buy that underwear from ya and try on that suit if your coming up. Its beautiful in Austin/Kyle today and the rain should hold off the rest of the weekend.
  7. Thanks for all you help guys! Looks like I'll be driving the green 46 tomorrow.
  8. That's awesome JMcCain8, thanks! Hope I can snag it from him. top_shelf_12 if I can get on the track and your going to CTS this weekend I will definitely buy that suit and undies from ya. If I don't get a car and you're there I would like to at least try them on. Now I just need a helmet, gloves, do they really look at shoes, and maybe a neck brace.
  9. I saw Daniel's black 55 Sideways40 and he told me it is still available. I saw it run middle of the pack a couple years ago. I didn't want to ask him why I don't see any points for him last season, do you know why? With all this fast talk on the green 46 out of Corpus I really want him to get back to me.
  10. Thanks miniholmes! I saw you were trying to buy it for some bubblegum and crackerjacks. lol. Ya i sent him a reply to his post on here but he hasn't responded yet. I need help getting it to the track and I'll keep it there. Also need all my race/safety gear and transponder so I asked if he would help me out on the price.
  11. Thanks top_shelf! I saw your good review of the car. But do you think it will pass the CTS inspection for Grand Stock? http://www.centraltexasspeedway.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/2016-Grand-Stock-Rules.pdf My race knowledge starts with racing dirt bikes and being my friend's dad's "pit crew" when he use to race his Thunder Class car at Rio Grande Speedway as a kid and ends with me watching NASCAR on TV or at CTS. lol. I own some tools and know how to use them just no welder, car set up, or technical answers.
  12. Thanks Aggie! I saw that green one in the classifieds, I'm going to ask the guy about it. I also asked Daniel if he still has the black one.
  13. Hi I'm Ross. I'm tired of being a spectator and I want to get out on the track! I work in the auto sales industry so I constantly have my eye out for cheap trade ins that would fit the Sport Compact or Grand Stock class at CTS. Right now I have my eye on a 2002 Grand Marquis w/ only 109,000 miles. What are yall's thoughts on this being a good (competitive) car for the Grand Stock Class? I have a little money to invest. Would consider buying an entry level car that's already built. I also need everything else for the build (or should I say strip down) so if anyone has anything second hand for sale from the driver seat to safety gear I'm all ears. Would you guys recommend me buying a roll cage kit from Summit of JEGS or can I get one made cheaper around here? (I live in Buda work in Austin) I'm mainly looking to meet some new friends, get some help, and get on the track. Maybe join a team? Thank you for any inside lines and suggestions. -Ross