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  1. The Southern Texas Late Model Series will open the 2018 season at the 3/8 mile Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, TX on Saturday, April 14, 2018. There are several new drivers to add to the group for 2018. The racing will be great, and the points championship and rookie of the year battles both have that makings for excitement throughout the season. Don’t miss us in our one and only stop for 2018 at the beautiful Cotton Bowl Speedway.
  2. Final pre-season schedule changes updated
  3. I'm gonna say it's pretty close to 1/4 around the very top, but I think it races better than a lot of bigger tracks. It has at least two distinct grooves that can be very easily raced side by side.
  4. Schedule updates posted. Possibly more to come!
  5. Thank you Nick! This is still a work in progress. Stay tuned for updates.
  6. The Southern Texas Late Model Series operates on a rules package very close to that of the national touring series. The differences are: hard tires, a provision for legal crate cars, and we ask for dry-slick tracks. It took about 3-4 years to get those pieces worked out on making an even rule book, but once we got it there, it has continued to grow.
  7. Write up by Jay Hallas here: http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/73063-stlms-cotton-bowl-speedway-3-18-17/
  8. Official 2017 Southern Texas Late Model Series Schedule. March 18 - Cotton Bowl Speedway - Paige, TX April 15 - Gator Motorplex - Willis, TX May 6 - Battleground Speedway - Highlands, TX May 20 - Abilene Speedway - Abilene, TX June 3 - Battleground Speedway - Highlands, TX July 1 - Cotton Bowl Speedway - Paige, TX July 22 - Battleground Speedway - Highlands, TX August 5 - Gator Motorplex - Willis, TX August 26 - Cotton Bowl Speedway - Paige, TX September 23 - I-37 Speedway - Pleasanton, TX October 21 - Cotton Bowl Speedway - Paige, TX Stay tuned for other series updates coming soon!
  9. Update

    Cocaine is a helluva a drug! Not saying it's not a beauitiful area, but c'Mon man. Ain't nobody wanna pull a race car trailer up and down all those hills.
  10. This Past Weekend

    Thanks Buddy. I can't take all the credit. We've had a lot of help this year from other drivers, car owners, other people spreading the word, raceontexas.com doing promo videos, and my phone rang like crazy after Jeremy Cross did the Dirt Collective promo for us. As far as Corpus, I think we have quite a few that would love to run down there, but drawing car counts like this past weekend would take a pretty hefty purse down there. The tracks we are racing this year are pretty centrally located and allow us to pull from South, Houston area, DFW area, and a few from out west pretty easily. I'd love to make the trip back down there, but I also don't want to bring 6 or 7 cars to a race and not put on a good show.
  11. 2015 Rules Package

  12. Friday Racing

    Foot race is good. Do it every time. And give a 10 dollar trophy to the winner. They used to do a class shorter than the flag, and a class taller than the flag. Is the school bus still out there and capable of making laps? Bring drivers over for autographs at intermission or ???(have to work around race schedule to make sure you leave them time to get ready for feature, maybe have that class run early, and come over after). Get the kids involves and having fun, and they'll be your advertisement. Friday/Saturday has little to do with it. If they want to be there, they will be. Some may miss the first couple of heat races, but they'll still show up. Maybe do a pick 'em card. Pick all the feature winners and turn in at intermission. Get all right and win a hot dog, bag of chips, and soda next time out.
  13. protest (tear down)

    To quote Philip Hoefling, "Y'all just keep tearing us down, and we'll put your name on the car."
  14. Saginaw Question

    I've been told too much will make it run hot. Not sure if truth to that, or not.
  15. 2016 Southern Texas Late Model Series Schedule: HOT = Heart 'O Texas Speedway CBS = Cotton Bowl Speedway March--4th - HOT March--5th - CBS April--30th - CBS June--18th - CBS July--8th - HOT July--9th - CBS Aug--5th - HOT Aug--6th - CBS Sept--3rd - CBS Oct--1st - CBS Oct--22rd - HOT