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  1. heads

    Contact Jerry Miller @ 210-849-4144
  2. TIDA Racing

    Post them here please..... Thanks
  3. Forged Eagle SBC Short Block

    Hi Tech I believe your right. I remember hearing that. I just can't prove that cause I didn't get any paper work on the motor with the car. There's no doubt it was done right.
  4. Forged Eagle SBC Short Block

    I'd have to look up the original owner of the car and get that info from him. I bought the car race ready. The car was a San Antonio Speedway Late Model converted over to I37.
  5. I have added a few pictures with more info on the Crankshaft. I have a disassembled Short Block, 010 4 Bolt main, studded with Steel Billet main caps. Eagle 4340 3.50 Stroke Steel Crank with nice machine work. The Crank has a fresh polish and is 10/10 on rods and mains. Eagle 4340 6.2 H-Beam Rods with LW Forged Probe 2 valve relief pistons. The Crank has a Sunnen stamp on it, the balance work looks great. This was a complete running motor from a car I bought to resell, it just needs to go to the machine shop to be cleaned/prepped for assembly. $1200.00 Call or text George Reyes at 210-863-9845. Thanks
  6. This is Great News, Thank You Sponsors!
  7. Building my shop

    You did a amazing job, Looks Great!!
  8. Details for Spring Kick Off Race at I-37, 3/3/18

    I agree, 66 and 93 purestocks were just as impressive as Cody. I bet all 3 were really close.
  9. 2018 Season

    Thank You Radical. He's 16 years old, it was something he's been wanting to do since the track opened back up. It's his first car.
  10. 2018 Season

    I37 Sport Compact driven by Ryan Frautschi.
  11. construction activity at the track

    It looks like the property is being used for a staging area, but the work doesn't appear to be related to the track itself. Possibly power lines, or something like that. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong though. Lol.
  12. 3-25-17 pure stock

    That's a good video. That gives everyone that's never raced a good view of what it's like on the track. Thanks for posting.
  13. I-37 Speedway Grand Opening updates 3-25-17

    Thanks for all the updates Rebel, I'm sure it's quite a chore but really nice to be able to follow up on.