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  1. novas

    I asked that question, and you can run the Nova chassis next season in the Factory Stock class.
  2. TIDA Racing

    Post them here please..... Thanks
  3. This is Great News, Thank You Sponsors!
  4. Building my shop

    You did a amazing job, Looks Great!!
  5. Details for Spring Kick Off Race at I-37, 3/3/18

    I agree, 66 and 93 purestocks were just as impressive as Cody. I bet all 3 were really close.
  6. 2018 Season

    Thank You Radical. He's 16 years old, it was something he's been wanting to do since the track opened back up. It's his first car.
  7. 2018 Season

    I37 Sport Compact driven by Ryan Frautschi.
  8. construction activity at the track

    It looks like the property is being used for a staging area, but the work doesn't appear to be related to the track itself. Possibly power lines, or something like that. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong though. Lol.
  9. 3-25-17 pure stock

    That's a good video. That gives everyone that's never raced a good view of what it's like on the track. Thanks for posting.
  10. I-37 Speedway Grand Opening updates 3-25-17

    Thanks for all the updates Rebel, I'm sure it's quite a chore but really nice to be able to follow up on.
  11. Any Word?

    The track still has a for sale sign up, looks to Mabe be posted by a relestate agent.. I have been thru there several times this week working in Corpus. It would be nice if it was under contract though to be bought for race use.
  12. Loss of Terry Bernsen

    This is very sad news, Terry helped many drivers through out the years, and I was proud to have him as a sponser. Rest in Peace Terry, you'll surely be missed!
  13. Relax guys, it was probaly thrown in a fist fight or something! Lmao just kidding
  14. What was the best race you ever saw?

    I agree with that, that was very impressive. The thing about that race is Steve arrived late to the track and the car was literally unloaded and went strait on the track. The crew had no time what so ever to adjust anything. That was Steve's night for sure...