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  1. Later start times for August 26th!

    Perfect, I know several drivers who were blinded coming out of turn two because of the sun, this should help...
  2. Lock and Load em for Aug 26th

    Also adding $50 to 4th and $50 to 5th place in the dwarf/modlite class
  3. racing

    I've seen a bunch of great driving at Texana this season, every track has a few that pull bone head moves from time to time... including I-37
  4. Let's race

    I love dirt track racing, and it is a shame that some racers are the most ungrateful people in the world... Everything that could be done was done. I thank the Stacies and SOS crew for the work they put in trying to get this race in and the season they had...
  5. Dwarf/Modlite Rules exceptions

    Well, there you have it, a dwarf with a good set up and a stock engine took second Saturday night... Great night of racing all together, and it was good to see some extra cars make the show...
  6. Dwarf/Modlite Rules exceptions

    We tried the built motor program last year and got 9 or 10 nights out of an engine, needless to say, we won't be doing that anymore. As far as the two cars being worlds apart, that is not the case, with a 60 pound weight break and running spring bars a classic set up the same as a modlite would be just as fast. One thing the modlites done was allowed a bigger person to drive safely and comfortably over the smaller inside of the classic... However, there are some newer classics out now with much more interior space...
  7. Purse money

    I need these people to contact me so I can get their money to them Mickey Helms Barry Breaux Stormie Scott Eric Thorne Jason Fitch Bo Beckner Wesley Maurer Matt Hodges I can be reached at 979-482-6121
  8. We would like to thank the spectators and race teams that supported Texana Raceway Park, but at this time, it is in our best interest to close the doors. We wish the best of luck to everyone on their racing endeavors.
  9. Results?

    Thanks Top, for those that are interested, I post them on our FB page and our website, usually the Sunday following a race.
  10. Go carts

    I put this out there before season started and asked the cart owners what rules they ran by, I never received anything. I guess we are going to see who shows up and discuss it with them and go from there... Feel free to call me at 979-482-6121
  11. Go carts

    Tractor is out of the shop and we started on go-cart track today... We will start running go-carts July 18....
  12. Races this weekend (June 20)

    Well, it's not official yet, but I can tell you this... this morning everything out to highway 111 was under water, could not even get to the track... I am going there today after work, but I don't see the water going down fast enough for us to get the facility ready to race Saturday...
  13. Results

    texanaracewaypark.org is the website Texana Raceway Park is our facebook page
  14. Results

    Thanks Top Shelf, points are also updated on the website
  15. Friday night July 10, is practice night for the Hudgeons Memorial race, we will have Hot Stock Trucks and Modlites racing this night. When the modlite feature race is over, we will run time trial laps with the sport mods that are there for practice night, order will be determined by a draw. We will pay prize money for the 3 cars that turn the fastest lap. 1. $250 2. $150 3. $100