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  1. looking for a race ready gokart

    That I do not know, it’s listed on FB south Texas race cars and parts group
  2. looking for a race ready gokart

    Greg Carlucci Jr has one for sale elsewhere race ready
  3. Camaro Roller ...1500

    Am I the only one that can’t see the additional pics?
  4. Istock to street stock

    Thank you all for your input
  5. Mt. Dew Night at the Races

    Great report! Wasn’t able to make it this week, but your report made me feel like I was there! Lol! Thanks again
  6. Istock to street stock

    So suspension wise would probably be ok, just need to read the fine print on engine rules. By that same token I’m assuming (I know, I know) that a factory and a pure are similar as well?
  7. Istock to street stock

    Curious if one bought an IMCA Istock, how far out from the street stock rules would it be? Never messed with either. Steve
  8. Sport Compacts

    That's a good way to get someone seriously hurt, or worse......
  9. Weather

    Start time moved to 830
  10. Thank you to all involved, It was a great night of racing. Hi Tech, no skeeters where we were in the stands I think the breeze had alot to do with it. As soon as the LLM's went 4 wide I think we all knew that wasn't going to work, but the splash landing was spectacular! lol
  11. MUST READ! Drivers and Crew

    talking about safety, I see many drivers not wearing gloves. In the case of a flash fire or worse, your hands are the number one thing you need to get yourself out, undoing belts, window net etc .All things made much more difficult if not impossible if your hands are burning. It is my belief fire proof gloves should be mandatory.
  12. Start time?

  13. Start time?

    What time are the races starting tonight?
  14. WOW ! What a night!

    Pure stock carnage
  15. Pure stock cost

    Could have just bought mine for cheap and I have all receipt for car!!! And setup sheets..lol wish you luck in build. Is it still for sale?