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  1. big h

    i remember at big h they ran a class call texas supersprinters i recall dubby vinison racing in it and denny burton does any one have any photos and names of other drivers who ran in this class
  2. 1996 dakota

    My brother has a 96 Dakota with a 2.5.Runs fine some time's. Then it doesn't want to start. Took one of the spark plug wires off and not getting any fire. Wait awhile and it starts right up. Any answers. Try putting gas in the throttle body no help. Seams like has a short some where. Change the relays around no luck. Hope someone maybe able to tell me what to look for. Thanks for any help.
  3. 1996 dakota

    Thank you Sr will try this.
  4. I have been apart of this group for about three years. My Question is I have tried to post Photos from here take are way over fourty years old. To F/B page Meyer speedway and others only to have them removed. Just sharing the good old days with others.
  5. I have been a member of this forum for about three or more years. Love seeing and sharing photos and the memories at Meyers. Just wanted to share the photo on a forum on F/B.
  6. tony barcelona

    has any one heard how tonys doing now i met tony at meyers working for cronin he was one of the best at meyers
  7. I have been a member of this group for two years or more. I loved the old forum , wear to could post comments about racing in and around Houston. Not like the old days wear you could see old photos . Wish it could go back to what it was.
  8. they maybe two but there more
  9. tws

    does someone have any photos of the first texas race of champions race at texas world speedway
  10. transmisson filter

    i just purchased a f-150 what is the pros and cons about replaceing the filter and what fluid it takes to fill it i heard the new fluid will wash the tarnish off the internal parts
  11. transmisson filter

    thanks for the quotes the truck has 56thous miles on it it shifts fine i was just wondering changing the filter would a to the life of it
  12. HB Bailey Getty Photos

    i know thers some good photos of hb on this forum i think in teaxs racing history mabe about tws iam sure nick holt can help you gettys can keep theirs as far has i see good luck
  13. merry christmas

    i would like to wish every one on this forum a merry christmas and a happy new year
  14. merry christmas

    i guess no one on this forum is in the christmas mood
  15. 93 ranger

    i have a 93 ranger with a 2.3 std shift the truck when driving wont idle down between shifts i can stop and it will idle down i clean the throttle body but with no luck a man said the tps might be bad before i go replaceing parts i though someone might know
  16. 93 ranger

    thanks again for the help
  17. 93 ranger

    thanks for the help today i clean the check valve and throttle body and sprayed the throttle cable and linkage with wd40 seems to running fine thanks agian to the people on this forum for your help
  18. Where is everyone?

    responding to nightmoves quote on 9/27 no photos no one tallking about texas racing history some must have some old photos from meyers b h or some story from the houston area thats not on this forum nick what do you think
  19. Endeavour over Ellington

    th endeavour was out at ellington field for the public to view i heard they was a charge to get in didnt we all ready pay to have it made i still cant under stand why houston did not get one
  20. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    at work we have a 90 chevy 1 ton with a 7.4 it keeps on blowing the ecm fuse i replaced the fuse and it will run for 30 mins or longer i trie to start it the next day and the battery is dead i know their must be a short some place or the ecm box might be bad does anyone have any ideal where to look
  21. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    i want to thank fsae racer and kiss racing with their help on my problem the truck is running fine after i changed the ignition module and battery thats what i like being a part of this forum members helping others thanks again guys
  22. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    hey k racing i did load test the battery this afternoon a it read weak iam going to replace it in the moring thanks for the reply
  23. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    i check the fuse panel wedesday today i did change the ignition module and set a ran for 30 mins if i get some time iam going to look for maybe a short tomarrow thanks for the tips k racing
  24. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    thanks kiss racing i will test the battery i work maintenance in a machine shop the men keep breaking things and i havent got to look at the truck and iam going to replace the ignition module i have a spare one
  25. 1990 chevy 3/4 ton

    thanks fsaeracer i will look into the ignition module if it was going out would it run the battery down