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  1. What is front runner story

    Pinche wey!
  2. What is front runner story

    I have a 305 short block If your interested
  3. What is front runner story

    Im Johnny weeney as most know me but I'm just busting yalls balls Sheesh I sure do stir the pot haha
  4. What is front runner story

    Haha after two hours in tech, and several spacers and a crappy excuse your not going to race anymore?
  5. saturday night video

    I would have to agree with old racer but the controversy is no longer there, bc gb hasn't been there and all the drama was around him and his winning ways, personally with out him there it's been lack luster IMO the supers is where all the drama is
  6. my laps?

    A la birdie!
  7. my laps?

    I believe he's even slower then that !
  8. need answer

    But is that ford a 6 cyl? and damn I think the armor all did work that's one fast Honda yeee haawwww!!

    Even Stevie wonder saw that!
  10. CAPTAIN!

    Cc and gb go together like peas and carrots he's the show in the thunders !! We want you at cc!!
  11. vidio

    A cucumber haha classic he is a bad ass always winning. And people hate winners and guys who actually work on there car
  12. vidio

    Absolutley!!couldn't agree more
  13. need answer

    Well i think char pow needs to armor all his dash and seat and that wil knock off 2 tenths....
  14. last night

    They will if you keep winning!!!!!
  15. last night

    The racin was great supers needed the Cody carlucchi battle frontrunners were great and the only debatable thing was gb getting ripped out of a win, since when if ever has there ever been a stop and go at cc speedway? And secondly he was over a half laP ahead of them and pulled back out behind them when the caution came back out he was never a lap down. But O well he's been kickin butt for 15 years and just knows how to set a car up, and people hate winners hes is like a kyle bush of cc but I just hope he decides to keep racing at cc the thunders need he cars. But that's my opinion
  16. Frontrunners at South Texas Speedway

    Yea in with go baby go we need those here at STS I'll put one together if we can get some cars