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  1. New Schedule

    I can't wait !!
  2. Any Results?

    Great night of Racin, maybe we can get some Apollo guys out there to clear the track more efficiently.
  3. stolen stuff

    Damn id hate to think a racer would steal from a racer it's highly unlikely in my opinion especially belts and a seat
  4. questionable calls

    I was waiting for the racing gospel from wannabe. And secondly i know that isn't gb because gb can't spell, haha but he's right car count is down, but it will rise in time I hope. I'll be back out there soon again as soon as hillbilly builds me another car hahah. How about that black and orange paint job in the men's bathroom !?
  5. questionable calls

    It's tough to say, not sure if the 9 pure broke off 2 and was then spun by the 8 or if the 8 tried to hulk him for the lead but either way no reason to send him or that 15d off, also sure glad to see a different winner in the limiteds
  6. Sport Compacts

  7. congrats

    No joke y'all have all year to race it out and settle it on the track. And I agree with perry we need some racin wisdom from wanabee
  8. no bombers ?

    And everyone loves weenie!!!!!! And Kenny is a sportsman !!!!!
  9. Sport Compacts, Front Runners, Thunders, Mini Stock

    I agree with 2damn slow and johnblow but I'm excited to be aprt of the show if I could only get my peeon running right
  10. Sport Compacts, Front Runners, Thunders, Mini Stock

    Sweet I might even put a bumper on and paint my car for this one lol- weeny
  11. well

    Looked to me like a racing deal chief
  12. Practice

    Sounds like a Gary Allen song lmao
  13. thanks

    Yea it was a blast the turd drove well and that track is slick as heck I can't wait to do it again and maybe not roll over !! Thanks gb for everything it's awesom to get to have u as a friend after watching u all these years of watching u. I also owe owe bob foster a big thanks for helping me get down there this track is fun and next year ill def being my pure out there - Johnny weeny
  14. Race Schedule

    The best part is knowing humper and the crapr are still on your bumper and there stock but it's fun anyone can win providing they work on there cars and I know gb and char pow and they are workin - weeny
  15. Rained Out Saturday, July 14th

    Hell yea it' was a blast and damn Gb I was hopin u would have took ur car out there haha
  16. wrong drivers name on the pure stock 111

    Hell yea I did too it was fun racin y'all it was my first time on dirt and I'll definitely be back- Johnny weeney
  17. Change in Thunders

    What a shame me and Charlie were lookin forward to running up there,
  18. The List

    Haha ^^^^
  19. speedfest

    It was a fiasco
  20. Fire Breathing Dragon

    Hey matt grab me a beer!
  21. Fire Breathing Dragon

  22. Fire Breathing Dragon

    Freakin kaminski!!!!
  23. congradulations

    I will agree brother!!!
  24. Come join us July 16th

    I finished third after being turned head on in to the wall yeee haaaawwwww Go Baby Go !!!!!
  25. midseason champs

    Hey how were the races tonight ? How did you do?