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  1. 2018 South Texas Shootout

    It would be nice to see the street stocks but they don’t show up it’s the same 2 all season who show dedication and they are doing a kick ass job with the late models
  2. Results from South Texas Speedway, June 9

    It was 3 cars this past weekend using up every ones stuff when clearly they have fast cars and can pass clean with a little patience. Hopefully the track will nip it in the butt.
  3. Most definitely stock rods and pistons lol
  4. Purestock rules

    10/4 thanks
  5. Purestock rules

    When will y’all be posting purestock rules?
  6. The Chase Heats Up

    Man inverts suck for people who get caught up in wrecks not of there doing,Especially racing around back marker cars.I’d like to see the track hold individuals responsible for wreckless and ignorant driving especially when it totals an individuals car senselessly comIng out turn 4
  7. MUST READ! Drivers and Crew

    I agree with dp you can't hardly see. And we have been fortunate to not tear up a bunch of cars. This week compared to 3 weeks ago.
  8. Sport Compacts

    I'm curious which sport compact guys are complaining about gb winning ? He's barley winning these races and the competition is good.
  9. HMP race for street stocks

    Arob doesn't say much positive but that was well said
  10. April 15th

    Get on it Arob
  11. drivers meeting.

    Fellas it's says February 4th that's done passed......
  12. Rules

    Well with i37 opening up and most of the llm from that neck of the wood the class might not survive and maybe they will give y'all a shot provided the minis show up
  13. parts and rules

    What style I have one or two text 3617420240
  14. 2017

    The problem with the sc class is not everyone shows up people have the cars but would rather sit in the stands and behind a screen complaining about the class being dropped. The track should give them a chance they deserve it, the carcount was up and seemed to be improving. I say give them a few nights and if they don't show drop em.
  15. CC Speedways plans!

    Lonestar needs a like button !!
  16. C.C.Speedway clean up?

    Very true marine, however most of the sa asphalt guys don't come south. So it would be the same old same old in reguards to car counts
  17. South Texas Shootout Update 12-1-16

    Wel it's. Simple he probably assumes that locals will only run that night because most people won't trip down twice...... I'm sure he will let y'all run and won't turn you away if you come he will gladly take your 20$
  18. Pure stock rules 2017?

    Sts needs to worry about its local cars... not all the fellers who come in to the big races and not support the track all year as many of us local racers do.
  19. Update STS

    I'm slightly confused.... What classes are running Saturday night ?
  20. South Texas 200 Enduro

    Have a practice night
  21. Looking for ride for the Enduro 200

    Marin, your really putting together a convincing case. Get with DealBilly and I'm sure he can cut you a deal to run one of his many rides. All of which are quality rides his name on here is 2damnslow

    ^^^^^ that almost looks like josh Mccain hahah
  23. For Compacts only

    Bj ask him for a picture
  24. e-mod toppless

    Looks like a bomb went off in that thing and popped the top off
  25. lemonaid is made from lemons

    Well said! I'm hoping to have labamba out there the 21st!!!