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  1. It is with a heavy heart this afternoon as I'm writing this, but our good friend and crew chief Tommy "Cat Daddy" Owen passed away yesterday evening. Please pray for his family and friends during this tough time.
  2. Four conflicting dates with CTS??
  3. Raymond Delahoussaye Sr.

    Had the pleasure of meeting Raymond Sr a few times in Houston. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Raymond. From everyone at Aramendia Motorsports.
  4. May 10th Schedule and Race Info

    Is the track still available for rental on Friday's?
  5. HMP Race Videos 10-26-13

    Thanks for all the videos this year Chris!
  6. MyLaps Website Update

    I can see my lap times, but it's a big pain to go and search in the right places instead of having them pop up as soon as I log in....I agree with Chase, and 50Truck! On edit: the emailed link was sent to my spam folder so check there before being extremely frustrated that you didn't get the link.
  7. MyLaps Website Update

    Anyone try this new website out? I'm not having much luck with it right now, I have to go search for my results and it's a big pain in the ***. Maybe because the tracks haven't updated their accounts, or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Header says Official Results.... Clearly the 79 won both races. Not trying to speak on behalf of HMP or anything, just saying.
  9. Last night at HMP

    Any videos of Saturday night?
  10. Loss of Donny Horelka

    Thoughts and prayers with the Horelka family.
  11. Got this from the speed51.com live update site. George Hagy 4th fast after the first practice today. Practice Times presented by Racecar Engineering Pro Late Model - Session 1 1 1 Cody Coughlin 18.370 2 11 Brad May 18.451 3 41 Brandon Johnson 18.475 4 47 George Hagy 18.578 5 129 Spencer Davis 18.602 6 99 Zach Germain 18.628 7 44 Wayne Smith 18.643 8 75 Nathan Russell 18.667 9 36 Alex Labbe 18.852 10 37 Larry Gelinas 18.903 11 57 Michael Lira 18.908 12 38 Steve Laking 18.960 13 45 Joseph Mucciacciaro 18.980 14 54 Denver Foran 18.986 15 14 Cory Deuser 19.019 16 21 Larry Blount 19.045 17 94 Donnie Varcoe 19.064 18 9 Kurt Jett 19.175 19 9 Danny Church, Jr. 19.239 20 14 Jaxson Jacobs 19.280 21 11 David Weaver 19.346 22 7 Drew Heissenbuttel 19.405 23 35 Noel Dowler, Jr. 19.771 24 8 Marc Jacobs 19.930
  12. Thanks! No mods/late models were out?
  13. Anybody do any testing this past weekend?
  14. State and National titles are decided by a racers best 16 (I think) races. For a racer that is only racing at CTS, it will probably be useless to run under the NASCAR banner - except maybe points fund money? For a racer that plans to run both tracks and make a title run at HMP, CTS will do nothing but help. If you have a few bad races at HMP and a few good races at CTS, the bad races are replaced with the better ones from CTS. Now, depending on car count, your worst race at HMP could still be better than your best at CTS... we will wait and see I guess.