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  1. REPLAY Clint Bowyer RUSS exclusive

    NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer took time for a RUSS interview, easy to see why the driver of the Stewart-Hass #14 Ford Mustang is a favorite, regular racer like most folks on this site. #RealRaceTalk
  2. We spoke to Towel City today regarding tires for HMP. Cost for tires will be $65.00/each, with shipping costs that could run the price up to $85.00/ea. The greater tire count the less shipping charges. The order will be place on Feb 4th so that they arrive the week before the season opener at HMP. Please advise the number of tires needed, you can pay for them once they arrive. Will monitor LSSZ, FB pages for accurate counts.
  3. 2019 looks exciting for South Texas race fans!!!

    That be pretty damn cool!
  4. REPLAY John Kelly- RUSS

  5. 2019 looks exciting for South Texas race fans!!!

    Don't forget there is pavement racing 2 months away. Show up, participate and spectate! TSTARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park: March 2 March 23 April 13 May 4 June 8 July 6 Aug 10 Aug 31 Sept 28 Oct 19 Nov 9
  6. 2019 DCRST Race Schedule *Subject to change as needed* 3/2/19 Houston Motorsports Park 3/15/19 Heart O Texas Speedway 3/23/19 Houston Motorsports Park 4/6/19 South Texas Speedway 4/20/19 Cotton Bowl Speedway- Inaugural “North/South Dwarf Car Shootout” 4/27/19 South Texas Speedway 5/4/19 I 37 Speedway 5/17/19 Heart O Texas Speedway 6/8/19 Houston Motorsports Park 6/15/19 South Texas Speedway 6/21/19 Heart O Texas Speedway 7/13/19 South Texas Speedway 7/19/19 Heart O Texas Speedway 7/27/19 South Texas Speedway 8/10/19 Houston Motorsports Park 8/24/19 South Texas Speedway 9/14/19 Cotton Bowl Speedway 9/21/19 I 37 Speedway 9/28/19 Houston Motorsports Park 11/9/19 Houston Motorsports Park
  7. This looks like it will be a great series! Good luck guys gonna be fun!

    Carol worked very hard to keep racing alive at CC Speedway she will be missed. Rest in Peace Ms. Yocum.
  9. Thanks Nick, I could not be full-time with lots of media and work obligations as much as I wish I could, looking to turn some laps in 2019 as well if possible. To be done correctly it does take dedication and time as you said that person is the voice and sometimes the face of the track. Big shoes to fill of Uncle Bob there at HMP.
  10. Great story about CBS Mary Ann Naumann

    I told her I was 21 I guess she didn't believe me LOL
  11. Goes without saying one of the most passionate and influential people in Texas short track racing is and has been Mary Ann Naumann, and one hell of a competitor in her racing days. A UT grad student contacted me and asked to help with this piece needless to say it was a pleasure. http://reportingtexas.com/with-stock-car-racing-on-the-decline-in-texas-one-woman-seeks-to-save-a-dying-track/?fbclid=IwAR1jh8m96QGzIGyQxxD-tw7s0Op6LI9oMf1-mFRMGCP4cUSdLsQfeaHZxpo
  12. Some new plans emerge for a San Antonio area paved oval

    Nothing funny there, all great points. Used to tell CTS drivers we were in the entertainment business.
  13. Some new plans emerge for a San Antonio area paved oval

    you got that right! Safer Barriers!
  14. Here's hoping for a great 2019 for Texas racing

    I'm with Nick, would love to help. Have some ideas and plans as well.
  15. Some new plans emerge for a San Antonio area paved oval

    Saw on FB page big announcements to come on New Years at Noon may be the magic time.