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  1. RUSS Monday Double Header

    #RealRaceTalk does it twice Monday. 3PM CST Matinee EXCLUSIVE interview with Mario Andretti as Indy Car heads to Central Texas at COTA 6:30pm CST San Antonio short track ace Brandon Bendele joins the regular show as HMP race week kicks off. Listen audio only https://revvedupsportsshow.com FaceBook Live with audio https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow
  2. Old SAS Video

    I'm thinking that was 1984 from some of those cars as I go way back in the memories.
  3. Time to get excited S. Texas race fans!!!

    Weekend preview from the main man!
  4. Proud of this guy! Raced with Marc for some years and he was always a fierce competitor and good guy. Bayley proves good roots make a great person, much deserved always knew this young guy had what it took to get to the top level.
  5. Nascar Vegas

    lol had a guy message me 20 laps in Sunday saying "looks the same to me" Can't please em all I reckon.
  6. RUSS HMP kick off

  7. K & N East

    Yep and held on when they tried to bump and run her.
  8. RUSS HMP kick off

    Yes Sir! Monday Night.
  9. RUSS HMP kick off

    RUSS will start the pavement season off right! Greg Davidson joins the show 6:45PM CST for #RealRaceTalk Audio only: https://revvedupsportsshow.com FB LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow
  10. Bobby Allison Interview- RUSS

    We had the chance to talk to the Leader of The Alabama Gang Monday night, interview at the beginning. Sit back and enjoy his memories and opinions.
  11. RUSS Fantasy League

    Join our NASCAR Fantasy Live League: Revved Up Pit Bosses. Prizes pending!!! https://fantasygames.nascar.com/live/og/league/revved-up-pit-bosses
  12. K & N East

    Super talented young lady on a mission, runs every surface there is. I talked with her a couple of weeks ago give a listen.
  13. DCRST tech day in Corpus Feb 23, 2019. Texas Overhead Door9414 LeopardCC 784101-4 PM
  14. Y'all we talking about this on RUSS 6:30pm CST Thursday evening, Charles Raymond Evans has a new track and race series' he joins in at 7:15P Would love everyone's input! https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow www.revvedupsportsshow.com