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  1. SOLD thanks LSS

    see y'all it works! Congratulations!
  2. There really is an assumption about "racing at HMP" Back in the day yes it was an effort for the "HMP" brand to build a great show which they did. 10 years later when you say racing at HMP it is but it is GCRS shouldering every detail. 4 dates in 2022 may not be ideal but here are the dynamics of why. This is why I say don't say "this week the races at HMP" promote this week "this week GCRS is at HMP".
  3. Gulf Coast Racing Series 2022

    Most of the time Sir, I did have to miss one last year. United Airlines and Mobile Regional Airport know me well.
  4. Gulf Coast Racing Series 2022

    Man that's a great point would love to see more dates but that ol drag strip does really well and has a full schedule with Baytown about to fade into the dust.
  5. Revved Up Monday Jan 17

    #RealRaceTalk is back Monday 6:30pm CST. Chili Bowl discussion. man this race has grown! Is it still fun? YOU tell us. Gina Schild-Knowles joins with GCRS updates and happenings, don't miss this. pretty important for Texas blacktop racing. Northern legend and champion Ben Rowe checks in after yet another banner season. All of that and more check-in at RevvedUpSportsShow.com by clicking the LIVESTREAM banner at the top of the homepage or at the RUSS FB page also at RevvedUpSportsShow.tv and RevvedUpRadio.com.
  6. Logan Bearden to run the SRL All Star Showdown @ Irwindale

    Yessir just glad to see our guys doing great things! So many ladies and dudes doing great things from Texas, Gracie Trotter gonna make some noise this season!
  7. Emod - SOLD!

    y'all refresh my brain what is an E Mod? I get confused.
  8. Logan Bearden to run the SRL All Star Showdown @ Irwindale

    Logan also just got approved to run superspeedways as of Friday from Daytona. Kid is super smooth and fast, knows how to take care of the stuff comes from a great family.
  9. Don't care to make a huge post but I have my 4 purple car (old 27 Butch car) and the old 31 pro chassis car sitting. I'm not going to race them would love to make a deal on them. The purple one is a Bad MoFo message me for pricing.
  10. Sorry we were down for a few hours today, 1/10/2022

    The best part was that people were concerned that we were still in business, that's a good thing appreciate everyone that continues to help make this such a great place to have great conversation about our passion.
  11. Texana Raceway Park 2022 Schedule

    TRP has quickly become a hotbed for dirt track racing in Texas and looking at the new schedule that trend will continue. Great promoter and owner with one goal in mind, making this a destination race track. Future continues to shine.
  12. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Friends and Family let's all keep living this racing dream. No matter your role you are so damn important in this sport! Cheers!