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  1. Revved Up Radio Show Monday 11/20

    Hello all, Monday's show would be a good one to listen to beginning at 6:30pm. At 7PM I have Tim Bryant from 5 Flags lined up to talk Snowball, then a I have a guest that will be calling in that I know many Texas race fans will enjoy listening to. It's a double Monday pleasure. Listen it will be worth it I promise. Hit the website and click "LISTEN LIVE" on top or on FB like Revved Up Sports Show and RPM RadioTX (it's free) and look for the live video and audio. Bobby likes the camera, I hate it.. regardless however you listen or watch it will be worth your time! Chime in rpmradiotx@gmail.com or play along on the FB live feeds.
  2. THR cancelled

    That one there a TSRS race at San Antonio,
  3. Bayley Currey

    Tune in 6:45 rpmradiotx.com we will have Bayley on Live Monday. Click listen live. also on FB live search Revved Up Sports Show.
  4. Looks like no plans yet. http://www.jayski.com/news/campingworld/2018/story/_/page/2018-nascar-camping-world-truck-team-chart
  5. Bayley Currey interview

    Texas' own Bayley Currey will be racing in the Camping World NASCAR Truck Series at Martinsville Speedway on October 28th. We had him live on RUSS Tuesday night, scroll to about 15:20 and hear his comments.
  6. (Corpus Christi) Boerne driver Dillon Coyne picked up a big win Saturday night at South Texas Speedway in race 2 of β€œThe Final 4” for the A-Line DCRST Dwarf Car Series. Coyne made a strong early move to get to the front of the field and leave CC in a great points position with Gary Buchanan absent and James Fitzgerald having issues relegating his finish. The battle was behind the leader as Dylan Budnik, Chris Silvas Jr, Ty Paxson and Tyler Folkerts rounded out the top 5. Jerry Book and Paxson collected heat race wins. The prior week Buchanan was the winner of a non points race at Houston Motorsports Park winning over Drew Simental and Butch Havelka. This was the series only pavement race in the 2017 season. Next up it's back to the coast October 14th for the 3rd leg of β€œThe Final 4”
  7. How was the HMP show last night (9/23)?

    Thanks Metro I appreciate that very much. The show did move at a nice pace, the team did a great job with a bunch of obstacles in the way. Hats off and hopefully these shows will continue.
  8. This time Texas World Speedway may be done for good

    I keep coming back to those top pictures and even in there those TWS turns and back straightaway still look fast!
  9. This time Texas World Speedway may be done for good

    looks like the old days of TROC.. packed infield.
  10. The Showdown at Cotton Bowl has been cancelled

    That's for sure, keep quiet about it on FB and just wait for details. Hoping for the best for you all.
  11. What the early over/under....

    most tracks will be over or under water indeed.
  12. Forum software update info

    Thanks for your work on LSSZ all these years Nick, hell I remember when we could only come here before FB was around lol. This forum truly a backbone to the Texas racing community and the modifications are most appreciated!
  13. Got to call the last race there gonna be good if weather holds up.
  14. Forum software update info

    Looks nice and revised, no complaints here.
  15. HMP super stocks and factory stocks

    Here we go everyone just go straight to the dude running the show: Attention Factory Stock Racers! Speed Fest's purse is $1000.00 to win if 24 or more Factory Stocks show up to race on Sept. 23rd. Contact Raymond Delahoussaye @ 713-545-2070 if you have any other questions.