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  1. RUSS Show 5-21-2019 Stormin' Steve Sims

    Thanks y'all it was a good one I thought! Here's Stormin's interview
  2. Mark Chrudimsky on RUSS

    The Wildman is one of a kind! Second Generation shoe that watched his dad Don dominate for years then started winning as well, all the while becoming one of the most popular drivers ever! Give a listen to some great comments!
  3. Not the best day for our Texas NASCAR Truck teams

    But the winning truck is owned by Al Niece who has a large construction equip company based right here in TX. Smaller team that made a huge step.
  4. Greg Davidson Interview RUSS

    If you are a Texas race fan take the time to listen to Greg from Monday evening. One of the best to wheel a LM around here Greg has had some setbacks but made a comeback beyond belief! Enjoy this it's a classic!
  5. Dega Baby

    That is 100% correct if you call them they work on that very easily, great point TT.
  6. Looking for a helmet

    Will this work? Slightly used but broken in nicely.
  7. Vintage 1990 Longhorn Speedway Racing Program

    Have some of those I remember buying, who'd a thought they'd be "vintage" time flies doesn't it?
  8. Dega Baby

    Darrell Waltrip really did agreat job making the color analyst job insightful and entertaining he has done a great job but change probably a good thing for DW and FOX. Mike Joy still solid, Ken Squier someone I listened to very closely and tried to pattern some from. Bestwick needs to be calling races, too damn good to not be. Yes on Jaime Little, my absolute favorite for many years, spoke with her briefly at TMS this year I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing... so talented, informed and yes gorgeous!
  9. RUSS Brad Bush

    Thanks KIng appreciate it my man!
  10. RUSS Brad Bush

    Monday evening Brad Bush joined the show. While young in years Brad has been in key positions in track mgmt and worked on both sides of the fence. Great conversation!
  11. Richmond

    But it did outdraw the rest by several. 1) Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (Fox): 2.8 million viewers 2) NHRA (Fox): 902K 3) Xfinity Series (FS1): 543K 4) NTT IndyCar Series (NBCSN): 442K 5) Monster Energy Supercross (NBCSN): 295K 6) Formula 1 (ESPN2): 260K [down from 290K YOY]
  12. Don’t beat the place up for saving us money calling the program early. It would seem to be a wet Saturday and honestly after this week may be a good thing to not have to present a race program this week. Think of the opposite get there and then it’s called we would be pissed then too. Having been on both sides it takes an army of folks to get these shows in. Wanna help, contact these folks. At the same time having a team in place to operate the race weekend that has been in the grind helps too. We all must remember this is now entertainment not just a race day fans and teams are high maintenance. Neil Upchurch for years caught shit for being a hard ass but every driver I have talked with says he and his team saved racing in the 90s. Don’t know what happened last race but damn looking at FB if I were a customer I’d laugh at the posts. Good luck to all hope this all shakes out how it should.
  13. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Nick you said it, it's that cycle of the top tier class falling off every 5-7 years we used to deal with. I will say most tracks I've been to in recent memory lots of fancy haulers, that's short tracks paved and dirt.
  14. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Had heard the hotel issue as well, that's flat bad business.