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  1. Daniel Suarez

    Menards and their vendors staying looks like a seamless change. Sounds like Menard is a big supporter of Matt that sure helps. Hope Matt gets the Woods win #100 at Daytona.
  2. Just another reason I love this sport! Thanks Mike!
  3. RUSS Monday August 26

    Hi LSSZ have a great Revved Up Sports Show lined up for Monday. Tommy Grimes joins the show for some #RealRaceTalk. Lots of years of awesome racing and this dude is still winning! Audio: https://revvedupsportsshow.com FB Live: https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow
  4. TSTRS - Sponsor Package

    Thanks Nick, anyone that steps up to help a track operate deserves a whole lotta love!
  5. TSTRS - Input needed

    Well y'all not speaking for TSTRS or Gina but it was an idea. If no real option Lord knows there is no reason to add classes.. or drama.
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    Great conversation! Will say not in a spot to build a new class in my opinion thats why she asked about a cross over. I'd love an asphalt street stock class that's the biggest hole in puzzle in my opinion but when we have had 0 paved tracks that explains that. You wanna be a late model racer run the class closest to that and be done with it have always been irritated with the teams that wanna spend late model $ in the stock class because they can't afford late models. Totally agree, need fewer classes and they will rotate so teams need to be prepared to have some nights off and not be so pissed they don't show up on the nights that division is racing. I feel confident saying if you are in a low count division you may be in trouble, talk to your fellow racers and their asses out there.

    Find that interview he did on our show, GREAT DETAILS! lol
  8. TSTRS - Input needed

    Amen that's a killer.
  9. TSTRS - Input needed

    Love the factory stock idea, fans need a class that looks stock appearing and these solve it.
  10. Austin Racing History

    I remember for a time Mr Coffee announced there, he'd say go sponsor a driver you can by him a tar (tire). So many memories I remember when Speed O Rama would team with the AquaFest and these guys ran The River City Road Races in Austin on Saturdays on the back end of a Speed O Rama Race. I grew up there my week revolved around being there on Friday nights. Good Times indeed!
  11. RODNEY, MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS bpar201@yahoo.com.  THANKS.  Budman. 

  12. Austin Racing History

    No prob my friend.
  13. Austin Racing History

    That is good stuff right there!
  14. Austin Racing History

    Think this may be first of a series, on the radio show Saturday we took an FM Coffee article and talked history.. Next Up San Antonio.
  15. Important message from Mary Ann

    From earlier this week