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  1. $100,000 bounty

    Tonight will be fun if not rain, if so Thursday at noon.
  2. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    CBS too especially since they gave everyone 22 hours notice. STS had a great night too on Saturday.
  3. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Hell of a Sat/Sun for Tindall and Faulkner winning Texana and CBS!
  4. CBS 5/23

    Went out to lend a hand Saturday night at Cotton Bowl, hell of a great show! These folks jumped many hurdles to get this race in dealing directly with the Governor's office to ensure they could. For those that don't know this track sits in 2 counties so rather than what if'ng they went to the source. Well done y'all track was in immaculate shape!
  5. Under the lights

    Better order more my man we may be awhile on this one.
  6. Under the lights

    All the Dale Sr lovers want Kyle suspended today lol
  7. 1979

    NASCAR did a hell of a job with all the stuff in place.
  8. TSTRS May 16th Practice Canceled

    Mother Nature is not going to cooperate this weekend. Will see y'all May 23rd.
  9. 2020 TSTRS Re-Vised Racing Schedule

    I agree it leaves a nice buffer zone for things to play out through May then in June. She done good!
  10. Revved Up Thursday May 7th

    Tune in 6:30p Thursday! Steve Whiteaker will join to talk 2020 at 6:45 then at 7:25 we will talk to Tryton Temple. Audio/video RevvedUpSportsShow.com and FB and YouTube Live.
  11. COTA Food Drive Event

    Received this from my media contact at COTA. Neat opportunity, and even better opportunity to do something great. WHAT: On Sunday, May 10, join Circuit of the Americas (COTA) collect donations for Central Texas Food Bank and allow guests a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to take a drive on the world-famous 3.4 mile track. This will be a parade of unity, hope and fun for the Central Texas community! Join friends and neighbors safely from inside your vehicle as you ascend the iconic “Turn 1” hill, weave through the challenging “esses” at Turn 3 and 4, and cruise down the same back stretch as the greatest Formula 1 have done. Donations are recommended, but not required to participate.Germania Insurance will match up to $10,000 of donations and COTA and Austin Bold FC will match Germania’s donation to $10,000. To donate, visit the link here. Please keep in mind that $1.00 can produce up to four meals! If you choose to donate cash or non-perishable items, “touchless” locations will be available for self drop-off in the COTA garages.WHEN: Sunday, May 10 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.WHERE: Circuit of The Americas 9201 Circuit of The Americas Blvd Austin, TX 78617WEBSITE: For more information and to download videos and photos, visit www.thecircuit.com. For an experience as unique as Austin and a rush you’ll never forget, visit Circuit of The Americas, where exhilaration happens.
  12. OK! Who is going?

    whoever does just do what they say. Imagine Johnny Law will pop in to make sure rules are being followed.
  13. Freddy Fryar passed away this morning, 4/29/2020, at 84

    Sad Day for so many of us. Freddy meant so much to many of us old timers. Had to do a tribute to him Weds evening. LIsten to him in the 2018 interview he did on RUSS, so many great including most of these on the thread. There will always only be one Freddy Fryar. RIP Sir thank you for the memories.