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  1. Revved Up 8/20- Chris Davidson

    Full replay available. Great candid thoughts from Chris Davidson longtime Texas racer who competes across the country. NASCAR and Indy Car recaps from the weekend and short track race talk. https://soundcloud.com/rodney-rodriguez-18/revved-up-sports-show-820
  2. T-STARS 2019 Race Dates at Houston Motorsports Park

    great schedule really excited to see dates. Hopefully everyone jumps aboard and comes to race and support the track/series in the grandstands.
  3. Revved Up-HMP Announcement

    Don't know yet Amy Hogan will tell us this evening.
  4. Revved Up-HMP Announcement

    Texas race fans, drivers, car owners all of you! PROGRAMMING ALERT Monday 6:30pm tune in on FB Live or rpmtadiotx.com as the 2019 Houston Motorsports Park race dates (all 10) will be revealed live on the program! SHARE SHARE SHARE! Monday on RUSS is great! Super neat to know your race dates way in advance, remember still one race left in 2018. Don't speculate participate! https://www.facebook.com/RevvedUpSportsShow/?ref=bookmarks
  5. Not only did we have Neil Upchurch on but Aaron Hogan joined us minutes after the breaking news regarding 2019 at HMP.
  6. Dillon Coyne(Boerne) went home with the feature win in the scheduled 20-lap DCRST event, but no bounty. Billy Groff led lap 1 but gave up the spot to Colby Ubanovsky on lap 2 while Coyne and Ty Paxson were on the move forward. Paxson would exit on lap 3 negating anyone's chance at the bounty money. Coyne took over the top spot on lap 6 with Dylan Budnik getting second from Ubanovsky. The final half saw several cautions forcing officials to shorten the race on time. On the green, white, checker restart Coyne got a good jump on the field and went on to win in his Coyne Trucks Inc., Matrix Concepts, Fuel Clothing, ZX10 powered, 87 Arizona Chassis. “New front tires,” said Coyne. “Those old tires were stamped 2004. I got them out of an attic. You put new tires on it and goes where you point it. It's pretty nice. I know Dylan, he, Ty and the Spreens are all from Boerne, and he's a bottom feeder. If I stay on the tires he's not going outside. The grip was on the tires anyway.” “I didn't know he(Ty Paxson) pulled off. I was wondering where he was. The first caution I saw him mid-pack. I knew he'd be there eventually. At the second caution I didn't see him back there. I had $100 bounty on him starting tonight. I was thinking I was going to get that, but he pulled off.” “This was a little bit more like a demolition derby than a race though.”
  7. great event coming up, super excited to be filling in on the mic for this. hope to see lots of you, come get the love you all deserve!
  8. HMP Super Stock

    Good car someone needs to scoop that up.
  9. HMP

    Congratulations to "The Closer" Jerry Young on the feature race win! Dwain Groff and Gary Buchanan on heat race wins as well. Nice car count!
  10. Freddy Fryar Interview Replay

    One of the coolest things we have gotten to do, great interview reflecting on the the racing career and history of Freddy Fryar. Many to Gina Schild-Knowles, Texas Tom Taylor, Jim Pallas and many others that helped with this amazing project.
  11. Revved Up Sports Show Replay

    Replay avail from Thursday night. John Heil of BMF Shocks and Chassis. Lots of HMP and San Antonio talk.
  12. Mary Ann was on the radio show last night, got some rain but have been working the track and pumping the pits should be good to go as no rain expected through Monday. All is a GO for Saturday.
  13. Freddy Fryar to join RUSS!

    Texas Racing friends, this will be a special treat!
  14. Freddy Fryar to join RUSS!

    The One and ONLY Beaumont Flyer Freddy Fryar to join the radio show! This will be a can't miss program!