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  1. RIP Jason Marshall #42

    not the news you expect to hear ever. Such a good dude he will be missed. Thoughts and prayers for the family.
  2. What if stock cars were stock cars?

    I'll help you too Nick.
  3. The A-Line DCRST Dwarf Car Race Series announced the 2018 race campaign Saturday. Four tracks will be on the schedule for 2018 including the traditional "Final 4" where the 2 lowest point races are dropped and points reset before the final 4 race events. "We are very excited and thankful that all 4 tracks were able to schedule as to where each track is represented in those final 4 race events" noted DCRST manager Jerry Young. Full series information may be found ALINEDCRST.com. To download the schedule, click here >>> 2018 DCRST Schedule.pdf
  4. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    Yes sir Champ.. it is the original extreme sport in my opinion, heading to Houston tomorrow. Motocross indoor or outdoor is just flat bad ass! Single groove tracks all up to the competitors, many on here will talk about running 2 wide at Austin. Kyle often called single groove but it wasn't it had 3 grooves many chose to just use one. Not here to debate honestly say after December in Pensacola I feel like I ran across that old high school sweetheart that got away.. lol even if we have to have a long distance relationship it will be fun.
  5. Drag Racing and Dirt Tracks better than Asphalt?

    Just the changing times, when my dad started racing in the 80's we could get to SA at 5, practice, race be done by 10 key that was 3-4 divisions; got to the point here specifically at CTS where we wanted to give everyone a place to race. Totally agree those weekends were way too long and hell on the body and a business if you happen to operate one that requires weekends as busy days. Austin was the same back in the day just as SA.. goes without saying many times we stayed there way too late but wasn't because of the race program. No secret here I'm pavement all the way nothing compares for me, those that like dirt and drag racing that's great as long as we are passionate about any of them that's the key. Honestly motocross #2 on my list having grown up through that like I did with asphalt racing. Costs have hurt us tremendously around here so to somehow get that in line is they key this happened for years and we let it get us to this point. Do have a few trips lined up to head East and watch them get after it just as well trips planned here to dirt tracks to do a little racing as well.
  6. Ray Doyon on RUSS

    Roy Doyon joined the Revved Up Sports Show Weds night for great insight into the 2017 and 2018 seasons at I-37
  7. A Look Back: 1982

    Love those.. 1982 I was a young buck that never missed a race at Austin Speed-O-Rama and was luck enough to get to make the occasional trip to HWY 16 Raceway. Pretty awesome asphalt late models back then too and very stock looking street and thunder stocks. Thanks Richard damn glad those memories live!

    Go to the 18 minute mark into the show and 2018 dates are released. Appreciate all the listens and folks trusting us with racing news. Looking forward to a huge 2018 on the show and network.
  9. Merry Christmas to our Lone Star Speedzone family

    Hope Christmas was blessed to all! Have a safe and Happy New Year!
  10. Revved Up Sports Show Monday 12/18

    Another super duper show set for 6:30pm Monday. 6:45pm we will have Ray Doyon from I-37 Speedway as a guest to review the 2017 season and 2018 plans. This track rolling right along so there will be good information to be shared. Racing news and more hit the website and click LISTEN LIVE or follow on Facebook live by searching Revved Up Sports Show & your comments more than welcome.
  11. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    indeed, he was the first closely followed by the Palestine flash Pinky Pinkston if I remember correctly. Seems like after that is was a who's who of took that scary ride. I'm getting older by the day and my memory is fading so if I can wrong hopefully someone will set me straight!
  12. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    Slick Yoemans I believe was the first to leave the yard.
  13. MAN racing will take of Cotton bowl

    Go to the 16:35 mark of the show
  14. Revved Up Sports Show 6:30pm tonight

    Rpmradiotx.com or FB live Revved Up Sports Show
  15. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    I remember that 01 car he raced there when my dad did.