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  1. TSTRS - Letter from Gina - 2020 Class Schedule

    Very excited about 2020. In that market with not another anywhere in this big ass state than TMS the sanction can be a game changer, I hate to say but especially with the exposure the sport is getting after Daytona. My program director at The Horn in Austin is hardly a race specialist and after what has been produced in 2 weeks it has become a major radio talking point in Austin of all places and they want to expand coverage. Here's the bottom line. This place needs to be packed every race. This stock car class is really up to us, if the track has to go get someone to produce a purse the buyer of the purse will expect some return which is cars on the track. I have advised Gina (being bit in the past) to not jump at doing something because people say the will show up, gotta have some skin in the game. Talk with her figure the path and go from there, this class to get off the ground is going to need some dirt crossover imo if there are less than 8-10 that could be ready real quick. Remember like many tracks in Texas when the race week starts Gina is in the red because rent is due whether we race or not that week. In this day must all become promoters of sorts its so important as we tell people that we race to stress where we race how great the place is at times even if you don't think so! Ill be very upfront I'm not the biggest fan of long intermission, downtime, breaks etc but when done correctly it has to be done now yet still keep the show tight, enjoyable and entertaining. We truly have 3.5-4 hours to do this y'all otherwise people stay home and watch Netflix the next race. Matter of fact, I would love to be done at 9pm ever race but that's not the best for our program. Most importantly stay positive. Even on shitty nights I jump on here and the FB and find some positives, eventually people agree! About all I have for now great work Gina and thank you all for buying in that's the most important step to get where we want to be.
  2. JJ in Austin

    They said he was rubbing elbows with some Mexican dude called Rodriguez, what the hell does that mean!!?? Lol
  3. Rule changes 2020 season

    Hey y'all spoke to Gina this morning. No rule changes have been made and none are expected. There will be no plans to add a class at this point what we do need is to grow what we have. (or MY opinion only phase out what is not producing). Feeling very good with the Eco as an entry level but really looking to get that Super Stock class thriving. We talk about cars coming out of the weeds but new ones are allowed as well. Upcoming media day is getting great response so hopefully we get some eyeballs on what is going on. I can tell you one thing Gina is pounding the pavement on is get more money running through the series, more specific end of season/point fund. Last year didn't allow much time for that as this regime assumed control mid season. She will update but just wanted to pass that on, let's give her a pat on the back if we get a chance. See you all soon!
  4. Danica's replacement? Your thoughts.....

    Just wait now 10 get in the playoffs, I think there are only 16 FT teams lol
  5. Tavo gets the last laugh (again)

    was talking to a dude there a few years back he asked about racing in Austin, I told him we had a bad ass track right down the road some years back and told him the name, he said in his foreign accent "what is a speed-o-rama" LOL!!!
  6. STS doing really good things congratulations on a great schedule!
  7. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    Indeed y'all love seeing this thread lets all support a track, any track and keep getting this all better for everyone! Takes an Army, damn proud to be part of one with all of you!
  8. Lawrence on RUSS

    Had the pleasure of talking racing with the man himself! Scroll up around 25 mins in.
  9. SA Raceway - Oval Asphalt?

    That being said they seem to be totally focused (and have been) on making their drag racing program as good as can be. All of that is in place and honestly why add an element when you are working to re-build another. Good luck to Mady she will do well making SAR thrive at this point for paved oval racing let's throw the eggs in the TSTRS/HMP basket.
  10. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

  11. Good news! Possible buyer for Texana

    what classes? whats the purse? wheres the schedule? Just being an ass, glad to hear this news for sure!
  12. Announcers for upcoming 2020 Season - Press Release

    These guys are going to kill it at CBS! Watch this place next season big things gonna happen!
  13. Rule changes 2020 season

    All rules are being reviewed to see how they may be improved if needed. I would not expect wholesale changes with car counts beginning trend up. If you have a rule question or idea or even a possible change that could be considered e mail Gina at gina@tstrseries.com and she will work with tech officials on that process.
  14. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Path she is taking is great, more ARCA and some IMSA in 2020 then a years in Trucks and Xfinity befire even considering CUP. Saw this year could be 2025 before she attempted the premier series. Helps she will still be in ger early 20's then and oh by the way the TV contracts are up in. Girl has talent.
  15. Revved Up 12/16

    Thanks TT appreciate it man! Lookin forward to great 2020!