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  1. Robert Barker Interview RUSS

    Rob Barker has been doing this the right way for a long time. From beginnings at SAS and through the years he just keeps winning. Take a listen as he walks us through it all.
  2. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    Chase Briscoe to the 14, hell he may win the Daytona 500.
  3. BOOBS ROCK 2020 Race Winners

    Great Season Finale presented by Advance Auto Parts: Eco Stocks: 4 Doug Gibson *Class Champion 76 Will Planter NASKART: 46 Mike Steinman Lone Star Legacy: Allan Sampson (40 lap feature) NASCAR Texas Trucks Twin 25 I: 38 Grant Thompson NASCAR Pro Modifieds Twin 25 I: 72 Johnny Walker NASCAR Outlaws: 196 John Heil *Class Champion 17 Robert Barker Super Stocks: 8 Brandon Gaither * Class Champion 89 Brandon Moeller NASCAR Texas Trucks Twin 25 II: 48 Jake Wright (Class Champion) NASCAR Pro Modifieds Twin 25 II: 99 Casey Smith (Class Champion)
  4. We will be adding an outlet for folks to cast a vote. That will be part of what the panel will review when working to decide. Full disclosure with Chris David and I's many relationships and partnerships with promoters and track operators neither of us will be on this panel we only work as conduits to relay and promote the award and operators.
  5. Robin McCall Dallenbach Interview

    Many remember Robin McCall tearing up the tracks here in Texas and beyond, had the opportunity to catch up with her Monday!
  6. Robin McCall on Revved Up Monday

    Yes, one of the best we ever saw on track. Robin hits the RUSS hotline at 7pm show kicks off at 6:30pm. Check in at RevvedUpSportsShow.com or on Facebook at Revved Up Sports Show this will be so cool!
  7. NASCAR race at Cota

    Confirmed, triple header with Trucks, Xfinity and Cup. Event to be a SMI event looks like they found a way to get along. Dare to say they are saving the facility.
  8. HMP results

    He is indeed going to talk to him at 7p this eve and then Brad Dixon to preview the Lone Star 600. May have a special call in at 6:40p that dirt fans will love too! www.revvedupsportsshow.com
  9. HMP results

    Race Winners from Saturday night: Eco Stocks: 76 Will Planter Lone Star Legacy: 01 Allen Sampson Super Stocks: 8 Brandon Gaither Outlaws: 196 John Heil ($3,000 to win) Texas Trucks: 96 Matt Merrell ($2,000 to win) Pro Modifieds: 148 Max Calles ($7,000 to win) Great energetic crowd on hand and the was racing was fantastic! One last shot at 2020 to catch us Saturday October 17th will be the season finale stay tuned for details.
  10. NASCAR race at Cota

    this was mentioned by one of these guys mentioned on the tweet on my show a couple of weeks ago, that's when I started to think, Hmm .. could happen?
  11. Greg Davidson

    Greg is tough son of a gun. Let's all push good thoughts to him! Thanks!
  12. TSTRS/HMP Sept 26

    for sure! Gets tough sometimes when the races roll back to back quickly, we can try to pump up the PA volume as well Labor Day we had a brand new audio system up there so there were some tweaks needed.
  13. Shady oaks speedway

    go there they will talk to you.
  14. Labor Day Classic TSTRS/HMP

    Friday weather was rough here in Houston but Saturday looked good during the day, until race time! We did start on time and as the Eco Stocks raced the drizzle started and the 14 car field slipped and slid to the finish! Will Planter Brian O'Neal Brent Devoti Tobey Taylor Joshua Self Drizzle quit we raced on Lone Star Legacy: Ej Fitzgerald Ethan Barker Drew Simental Jaida Simental Brad Harden TSTRS Super Stocks: Brandon Gaither Corey Winne Gary Jones John Winne Travis Luzader TSTRS NASCAR OUTLAWS: Robert Barker Greg Davidson Chris Schild Mike Pollaro Deed Dupont As the Outlaws raced it got really grey.. rain came and washed out what would have been a great Pro Modified 40 lap race. We are back next week for the Inaugural Texas Challenge $10,000 to win Truck race along with enhanced purses for the Mods and Outlaws come see us. Here is some video footage from YouTube and HoustonMotosSports.TV which will stream to SpeedSportTV.com and Nascar Track Pass on NBC Sports in future events. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emVLvYBJaks&t=4603s