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  1. I think Hailee is the real deal, she is doing this at a nice rate of speed allowing herself time to learn, make mistakes and succeed. Toyota working nicely at her pace as well, interviewed her on RUSS in Feb and it was great conversation. She plans to be one of the best and seems ready to go get it.
  2. Truck Confiscated

    and 22 Xfinity crew chief ejected.
  3. lol - Harvick

    Remember Harvick pushed Kes one other time too lol
  4. HMP Track Announcer, The Man !!!

    Metro thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated was great to be back in the saddle! Was indeed a tad muggy and hot but otherwise all smooth! So much of this is on the fly so I like to improvise lol, great crowd and great racing they place was hoppin like it should be. I like to me a man of the people ain't no way I was going inside!!! Looking forward to Aug 31st hope to get that other 1/4 of the stands full and more in the pits!
  5. William Byron

    Honestly, the Cup series needs a little bit of flair like this. I see the national folks trying to make the Truex/Ky Busch a "rivalry" and it's not esp now that they are on the same team. This is refreshing as a fan, I think Saturday we could be in for a treat. I look forward to seeing it on replay I'll be watching Texas Pavement racing with the Texas Short Track Series at HMP.
  6. Another reason not to live there.
  7. William Byron

    Ideally Bad Brad turns Newman, that would be fun. lol
  8. Do you use VP Fuels? Better read this....

    looks like a lawsuit
  9. RUSS Joe Spillman

    We were all sad to hear that 281 Speedway ended it's season early. Y'all know me.. I reached out to Brother Joe Spillman to see if he would like to talk, to my luck he did. Take a listen to these candid comments about the struggles of a race track operator these days. ** Language Warning**
  10. OK, soap box time again

    The scary thought really is for a race track, especially a seasoned one that may be a little outdated one is they are all one freak accident away from a horrible event. It's like the hit by a foul ball deal very hard to prevent every circumstance.
  11. New TSTRS Forum

    Thanks Nick, c'mon everyone it is the intent to truly make this series what we all want it to be. Let's get back after this and have fun again. Gina has worked very had to get this put together so let's all enjoy the ride! Glad to be back at it!
  12. RUSS from Monday

    Great content from Monday evening, Gina Schild-Knowles with an HMP update and the great stories of Bobby Joe New! #RealRaceTalk give it a listen.
  13. Starting to see improvements

    I sure will come find you CC, wasn't trying to turn this into a shouting match guys. Love the emotion and passion but agree let's keep it civil. An HMP/CC tandem would be pretty damn awesome tho!
  14. This is going to be a great show y'all. If you can't get out there and race come spectate! If your car/truck is close, get it closer and come see us! I'm excited to be back at the track hope many of you are too!
  15. HMP/TSTRS Info

    Yes Nick, be careful she calls early lol