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  1. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    That was the first one great memory! He dominated that day and made the event, hell he made every one of those events.
  2. Mark Chrudimsky photo

    Don and Mark.. this was the first race I ever called ironically.
  3. 2021 TSTRS Schedule

    Here are the 2021 race dates. Rules are at NASCARHouston.com no changes if you were legal in 2020 you are legal in 2021. More information to come with race events outside of Texas. HMP is closed in June, the entire facility so that is why June is open. We are working on a Summer Series at Mobile as that track is currently closed and will be working hand in hand with 5 Flags, Montogomery, Modifieds of Mayhem, and Southern Super Series. NASCAR has approached us looking for teams to showcase their teams and race cars/trucks at NASCAR weekends at COTA/TMS to promote local racing, say what you want they seem to get it now. Thanks once again to Advance Auto Parts for their continued support of the Texas Short Track Racing Series. NASCAR sanctioned divisions Trucks, Modifieds, Outlaws, Super Stocks along with the Eco Stocks. Additional divisions TBD.
  4. HMP Rules 2021 season

    Dropping 2021 TSTRS race dates 6pm cst Monday y'all. If not a facebooker check in at revvedupsportsshow.tv and revvedupsportsshow.com.
  5. 2021 season schedule

    One pc to go. Coming soon, really soon!
  6. Texas stock car racing icon Neil Upchurch has passed on

    God Bless this man who meant so much to all of us. So many stories of how Neil helped Texas Racing. He will be missed. I will miss those very well written and structured emails from him just to check in on me and the pulse of racing around here.
  7. Seasons Greetings

    Uncle Bob snuck in at the last TSTRS race in Houston. Think we need to convince him to come back more often!
  8. RPM Speedway- Kevin Rogers

    RPM has made huge strides in the North Texas area, an area full of tracks. Give a listen as Kevin jumped on RUSS to break it down. This energy and ideas are infectious.
  9. CC Speedway sold! t's fate is unknown at this point

    HMP is going to be good for a bit. The drag racing facility continues to thrive and that keeps the old roundy round an option for us. Those dates are getting tough to schedule though as that strip is doing well. 8 race dates for 2021 coming soon.
  10. Neil Upchurch Interview 6pm Weds

    Had the privilege of probably the last in-depth racing conversation with Neil Upchurch a couple of years ago. And we playing the audio of that at 6 PM along with some added bonuses if you want to check it out on YouTube live or Facebook live. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAJ_r4QFQSZK2DDXLFJuCw
  11. CC Speedway sold! t's fate is unknown at this point

    Talked with him a year ago, not something on his radar Terry has lots of irons in the fire on the business side not sure a race track fits in the portfolio.
  12. CC Speedway sold! t's fate is unknown at this point

    Agree with Nick, this is the track I would love to see open. Would be the most competitive and produce the best racing. Nick when Red McCombs calls and gets this done call me I'd love to be on your team.
  13. Revved Up Live shows and Replays

    Hey y'all hope you are holiday ready, have spoken to many that asked about watching RUSS but do not FB. Yiu can catch everything on You Tube. All the weekly shows and here I even do add some bonus content. Check it out and play along. Show questions or ideas RevvedUp SportsShow@gmail.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAJ_r4QFQSZK2DDXLFJuCw?view_as=subscriber
  14. CC Speedway sold! t's fate is unknown at this point

    Had heard this myself, don't want to type the rest of what I heard.
  15. Five Flags

    Great weekend at Pensacola USA some Texas finishes: Trucks: 48 Jake Wright 4th 82 Anthony Monroe 9th Outlaws: 96 John Heil 4th 17 Robert Barker 12th 69 Mike Pollaro 19th Modifieds: 99 Casey Smith 2nd 72 Johnny Walker 6th Snowflake: 14D Chris Davidson 8th 53R Ryan Luza 17th Snowball Derby: 2 Kayden Honeycutt 5th 14D Chris Davidson 32nd A weekend with a bit of everything. Biggest short track show in the land did not disappoint once again. Little break and time for the World Series at New Smyrna.