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  1. FORD vs. FurrrrRoy?

    Going to see it Saturday I'm told lol

    That's right! Colt thanks for coming down always a joy to watch you race!

    Not slow at all Brian, those are two different classes of cars. Thank you guys love those cars!

    Well hell we got a season in with momentum towards 2020! Talk about Life Support Gina Schild Knowles must be a Paramedic because her passion and work have taken us off life support as Texas asphalt racing people, THANK YOU GINA!! Big love to the teams that have made their way to the track this season. Car count trending upwards the racing has been great I have always said I'd rather watch 10-12 cars/trucks in a great race than 20 strung out, we will get there. So awesome to see guys like Joe Aramendia, Kenny Hurley, Paul Reyes etc begin to make their way back I know it's tough to know if this will all work out and not cheap to get these pieces put back together so seems folks are believing in this regime. The reason for this post was actually to give huge props to the Super Stocks! Trace this back there have been many posts about the status of this class and I ran my big mouth here last week for cars to come and they did! We started 12 damn cars that's some progress! Even better I asked for some Pro Stocks and they came! BTW those stock cars look bad ass out there. Getting there y'all, we've done it before and we will do it even better this time. Look forward to a great 2020 of Kickin' Asphalt with TSTRS & HMP!
  5. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    That's a great way to look at it, have see poll after poll of "who's coming to race at _________" with 20-25 yes and about 6 show up. Gotta take the initiative and make the track need you.
  6. TSTRS - Car Count as of 10/19/19

    C'mon y'all long road back let's see double digits in each at the finale!
  7. Please Bring Back The Street Stocks

    I know the Super Stocks are hardly Street Stocks but I know there are plenty of them out there, let's get them to HMP November 9. If you have one of those Pro Stocks laying around take it to the track and run with these guys. Seeing those on the track could spark that interest we want, never know who may be sitting in those stands.
  8. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    Yep, a whole bunch get those dirt cars out there too. Post season fun.
  9. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    I challenge them all to show up, who knows maybe some would see that and want to sponsor the class, stranger things have happened. We went from 1 (Thanks Mickey) to 25 in one race at CTS. I can be done.
  10. HMP Point Standings after OctoberFAST

    One race event left TECHNET Speedfest 2019 on November 9th. Gates open at 5pm racing at 5:30pm make your way out to HMP for some great action. Car counts are building and there are more that are planning to race with us. We offer a clean, crisp and competitive show with plenty of giveaways and fun for the family. Make it a weekend Houston, TX offers plenty to do do before and after the racing program and not to mention HMP is one of the finest facilities in the US. Thanks to all the teams and fans that are supporting the Texas Short Track Racing Series you are all very much appreciated! Would love to see thousands of you out there!
  11. Greg Davidson Wins again at HMP

    Yep, that never hurts ..
  12. Greg Davidson Wins again at HMP

    Good show Saturday night! Momentum continues to build and hoping Nov 9 will be a huge springboard for 2020. Thanks to all the teams and fans that made it to the track, impressive especially with a certain baseball team in a World Series clinching scenario, an airshow, monster jam and lord knows everything else in Houston!
  13. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    Let's blow it up with #HoustonKicksAsphalt
  14. HMP-TSTRS Social Media Exposure

    I've been using #TSTRS #HMPOval #HMPracing