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  1. TSTRS at HMP August 15th

    NASCARHouston is back Saturday! Come check out the action we are KickinAsphalt in Houston! $1 Beer $1 Hot Dogs and racing action makes for a great Saturday night! Make a weekend and get the $49/night rate at the Holiday Inn/JFK more info at NASCARHouston.com or TexasShortTrackRacingSeries.com.
  2. Thanks Nick! Looking forward to a great race day!
  3. You got it! Thank you for the support, we will get this done!
  4. $1000 to win Trucks and Modifieds, $500 to win Outlaws, and tons of bonus money on the line. Advance tickets RaceDayPrePay.com more info NASCARHouston.com $1 Beer, $1 Hot Dogs, Make it a weekend $49.00/night rooms at the beautiful Holiday Inn JFK.
  5. darn

    All you CC folks do OK through this?
  6. Vettel "surprised" by Ferrari exit decision, no deal offered

    Yesterday's Indy Car race was outstanding watching Felix chase down Pato was really good, great to see Dixon not win one he was stinking up the show lol

    CBS this weekend my man.

    lol thanks Sir! I did blowout 2 at CTS one night, track operator said that was the best money he ever had to spend there.

    HiTech thanks my man, I was a little pissed at the mic but we made it work! Can't wait to get back to TRP!
  10. WOW! WHAT A NIGHT!!!

    Loved going to TRP. this place is flat bad ass!
  11. TSTRS cancels July 4th event

    Crazy times as we haven't seen. I know many think this is all a load of horsecrap and maybe it is but we just need to take care of one another.
  12. TSTRS cancels July 4th event

    COVID-19 playing havoc in the Houston area will cause the cancellation of the event on the 4th. Series does not need to put the competitors, fans, and facility in a position to make the current situation worse at the same time if is very difficult to operate without a crowd. Look for an updated 2020 race schedule from Gina with the latest updates soon.
  13. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    This is from Bob Pockrass of FOX. This is the rope in question in stall 4. This pic from the fall 2019 race.
  14. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    Speaking of schools may be a good time to start teaching these kiddos some American history there not on Twitter. Been a while but sure don't remember covering some of this stuff.