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  1. IN CAR With Pure Stock #3 Feature 8-12-2017

    Awe come on that guys foot may have slipped off gas pedal! Why in the world would he give brake check.
  2. Racing Saturday July 22

    Dont worry your not gonna win,Pesek is!
  3. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    Im thinking about going
  4. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    Good to see car count rising .Its been said many times good consistent tech builds a race track and keeps racing competative.Cars are making long haul to track to race because of this..
  5. Pure Stock Rules Clarification / Updates

    Post says front and rear suspensions stock to model and make no alterations.This is what should have stop all argument in past.I read it as then you should not change spring perch if you did you altered simple should have never been question in first place.
  6. Black flag ...opinion only

    Thats been asked for long time, even at other tracks.
  7. Great Job Track Prep Crew !

    Any results
  8. Pure Stock Feature. 5/6/17

    Waer wore them out.
  9. Spring question

    its ok run any or modified it takes goood tech person to catch it everyone should be find it...
  10. Spring question

    Oh no that means most cars dont comply with rules...
  11. Spring question

    What exactly is the advantage? more to chose from in spring rates in the single pigtail than double, stock mounts are for double .so you will have to change spring perch to use single Which has to remain stock!!! Bingo!!!!
  12. Spring question

    Most definitely Shannon.
  13. $1000 to win Pure Stocks.

    Too bad you cant race
  14. Curious

    Slow as that car is they should let you go any where. Why wouldnt you be able to race ?
  15. Tech

    good tech helps in many ways also makes ones who have illegal parts correct problem before being able to race again...way to go i-37
  16. It will be eventually..sm002 your faster than factory stocks already.
  17. If shadyoaks can find anyone to open track for season who would join in on racing SOS for 2017 season.. 1.)What would racers want to see happen at SOS? 2.)What classes ? Give your thoughts and ideals!
  18. Just Curious

    Yes I did benefit from the last couple of yellows, you and I running door to door without touching (it can be done) was a blast, fun track to race better not do that at another track yi=ou will get all beat up if you know what i mean
  19. no provisions factorystock racing shocks aluminum bodies etc. let us know so if we have to change motors we have time..
  20. Any word

    we need place for memorial next year so we dont miss another year
  21. what is rules for purestock? running normal rules or open
  22. Any word

    if anyone has money to invest a person has shown interest in running track.
  23. Race 8-27-16

    looks like some good racing