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  1. Exciting project.

    …………. and I was probably there.
  2. memorial day

    Thanks again guys for posting. I want to back track to my previous posting. When I asked my dad about firing the BAR in combat I was just a kid, probably 10 or 12 years old. I've always remembered his response. Only later when I was an adult did I come to understand what he was REALLY telling me. That being …. "You don't EVER want to know what it's like to fire one of those things at another human being."
  3. memorial day

    HI HT. Thanks for posting. The one vet I honor most, of course is my dad, who served with the Army 7th Infantry Division during the Okinawa campaign in WWII. He would never talk much about his combat experiences. I think he witnessed too many horrible things in battle to even want to recall them. I would just pick up little bits and pieces of his time there, over our many years together.. One of the things he told me is kind of interesting. At some point, he was told to turn in his M-1. He was told "you're a pretty big guy, we're going to issue you a BAR. I once asked him about shooting that thing in combat. He paused a few seconds, then told me " Naw, I mostly just scared 'um with it." Here's a fun video. Take a look and turn up your sound REAL LOUD !
  4. Central Texas - Early 50s

    Here is a pic of Jud three years later -----> 1958
  5. The Hood Collection

    Wasn't the photographer at Pan Am and Speed-o-rama named Hood? What an incredible collection that must be. Where is it now? Probably deteriorating in boxes in some obscure warehouse somewhere in S.A. What a tragedy. Items in that collection shot over the many years could mean so much to so many people on here or some other on-line site. What a shame. Does anyone on here know in who's possession the collection now rests?
  6. Central Texas - Early 50s

    I can't tell for sure from the pic, but that may be Don Fowler standing by the #12 car in the pic above. There was a track named Austin Speedway located northeast of the intersection of Ben White Blvd (then Allred Lane) and South Lamar in Austin. I think it only operated a couple of years in the late '50s. Also, don't forget about Oak Hill Downs, a 1/4 mile dirt oval, that operated where else? ……….. Oak Hill just southwest of Austin in the 1950's. I'm going to post a clipping below from the Austin paper in 1955. The clipping indicates they were racing midgets. That is not accurate. They were all racing stock cars that night. The clipping repeatedly mentions Roy King of New Jersey. That driver was actually Jud Larson driving under that assumed name. He was racing OUTLAW that night, because he was signed on as a driver in AAA, which prohibited their drivers from participating in non-sanctioned events. The most interesting part of this for me personally is that Jud had stopped by our house earlier that evening, before towing out to the track. My dad reset the ignition timing for him on the #44 '38 Chevy, owned by Tubby Stewart that Jud drove that night. Oakhillclip5501.0001 [640x480].bmp
  7. I remember Allan Dillard well. He was a regular on Friday nights at Austin Speed-o-rama in the early '60's, in the Hobby Stock class. Later, he moved up to the super-modified class, driving the car #41. The most unusual thing about that car was it was a direct drive setup. It had no transmission and no fly-wheel. He had little use for brakes. When he'd lift off the gas, the car would practically stop on its on. It was great fun to watch him out there! if I'm not mistaken, I seem to remember the car having an Edsel engine in it.
  8. Marion Update?

    Thanks JH. Good to hear from you. 'priciate it.
  9. Marion Update?

    Any updated info on what's happening in Marion? Any progress? or lack thereof?
  10. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    Earlier in this thread I mentioned I followed the Texas Fab 5 (Foyt, Larson, Rutherford, McElreath and Ruby) through their racing careers when I was much younger. Then, this evening, I happened to come across the little gem of a race. Turns out all five of them were in it. Take a look.
  11. Dega Baby

    Is the CATCH FENCING high enough and strong enough? Sure hope so.
  12. Dega Baby

    Is THAT a sport ?!?!
  13. Dega Baby

    WHAT !?! ……… and miss Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan as co-commentators for the figure skating ?????
  14. well

    For what it's worth, H/T it happened to me back in '84. Someone stole my '78 out of a parking garage in downtown Austin. Some months later I got a call the truck had been found. Turns out it was totaled in a wreck somewhere in south Texas. The driver was killed in that crash. I told the police it doesn't matter now. I turned the title over to the insurance company when they paid the settlement on the theft. Anyway, been there, done that. Ya have my sympathy. Those deals make for monumental headaches when they happen.
  15. Dega Baby

    I just took a look at the TV schedule for the weekend. There is also some excellent figure skating on Sunday afternoon. Wouldn't want to miss THAT !