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  1. ! ! ! ! Been hopin' & waitin' for a thread like this to show up ! ! ! ! Been so long since I've been to a race anywhere shoot I can't even remember how long. Hope this all works out. Oh, and by the way, the best racing I ever watched was at Speed-o-rama and Pan Am.

    Hey H-T, got your pm and read those lyrics. Yeah, I got it. Those are some heart felt lyrics. Would love to hear them set to a melody. Now, you've just got to figure out how to do that to a waltz - - - - one two three - - - one two three - - - My old guitar? It pretty much just sits leaned up in the corner right over there gathering dust. Oh, I pick it up every now and then, just not as often as I used to. You still bangin on that strat? Josh still racing anywhere? You Take care my friend.

    Hey, good to hear from you H-T and Nick. Doggone it, we never get to see each other anymore since the Kyle track closed down. I agree, all vets should be honored for their service. Some, like my late father found themselves in situations they had no control over, nor could ever have imagined. Dad found himself in the down in the dirt, literally blood and guts, kill the other guy before he kills you, Combat Infantry in the Okinawa Campaign in 1945. Fortunately he made it back, else I wouldn't be here, but a bunch of the guys he fought with didn't. Having said that, lets turn to a little lighter fare. Not all war stories have to be so grim. If I can get this thing to link properly, another story of a veteran I once heard give his account of his time in the service I think you may find humorous. You can watch and listen to the whole 20 min vid if you want. Its classic stuff by some of the heavy hitters in television comedy back in their day. OR, you can push the slide bar at the bottom of the vid to the 18 minute mark and watch George describe his time in the military. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9lis3lCo9s

  5. national anthem

    Just read where the ratings for Monday Night Football were down 13% from last week. Hummmmm.
  6. national anthem

    It's really quite simple. Don't like what you're seeing? Don't watch it. Don't buy their tickets and don't support their sponsors. Guess what I'm NOT watching tonight. I'm sure there are those who see these individuals as heros. I simply see them as whining millionaires who denigrate the very nation that provides them the means to receive the income they do for doing what they do.
  7. With the end at hand, money will do you absolutely no good whatsoever. You might as well unburden yourself and send it all to me.
  8. danica

    I can almost hear Rod Serling speaking now.............. And anyone on here who has to ask who that is, is just too damn young!
  9. Yeah, Josh, I went to most of those on "Town Lake" as they called it then. You can see some of it on youtube. I couldn't get the link to work on here. It eventually became such a divisive cultural clash in Austin, the races were shut down by vote of the city council.
  10. Been to a few around Austin, S.A., DFW, Houston. Didn't see Oak Hill Downs or Austin Speedway mentioned. Meyer Spdwy. Houston, Pam American (original one), Pikes Peak Hill Climb (as they called it) in Colorado. Also, in Austin once each year in the 60s into the 70's they held the Austin Aqua Festival. As part of that they would set up a street track. The main strait ran on Riverside drive from around S. 1st street down to just past the railroad tressel then do a hair pen back for a couple of blocks, then back behind the old coliseum and Palmer Auditorium parking lot, then back to Riverside. Those were sports car races. It was a pretty big deal they put on each year with lots of cars from all over and lots of classes, as they do in sports cars. You could watch many original Shelby 427 Cobras flying past, as you sat in your lawn chair along Riverside Drive.
  11. This would be hard to manually score!

    OK, they're entering turn three on their pace lap, coming out of four the leaders will get the green. Visualize them heading into ONE!
  12. Lets have some fun

    WHAT ???? Nobody mentioned Circuit of the Americas ???? HA HA HA HA HA !!! Can you believe that guy had the audacity to blame the poor attendance at his F-1 race on the scheduling of the F-1 race in Mexico City right after HIS race last year? If not for him and his poor treatment of Tavo there would be no F-1 race in Mexico City !!!
  13. AND THE WINNERS WERE, AS ALWAYS ............. The ATTORNEYS for the aforementioned litigants.
  14. Distinctive 80's stock car sound?

    Somewhere back in that time, ASA late model racing was a pretty well known touring series, mostly up in the Midwest. I think at one time they ran exclusively V-6's I never could get used to the sound of those buzz bombs, as opposed to the throaty V-8's.
  15. cross your fingers

    Looking forward to seeing your stuff HR00!!