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  1. Nascar Phoenix

    Yeah, just having a little fun on here, Tim. No harm intended.
  2. Nascar Phoenix

    So what did you think was going to happen? His Sponsor for the race says it ALL !
  3. Daytona 00

    This guy tries to explain it all, but its pretty technical stuff. At the end of the day though, it looks to me like its putting more control in the hands of NASCAR and less control in the hands of the drivers. I come away with the impression there is going to be much more pack racing, even at the 1 1/2 mile ovals. If that turns out to be the case, I for one, will be totally done with N-car. But hey, I was pretty much done with it anyway. Have a look and see what you get out of this. Click -------> HERE (The Link has been repaired.)
  4. Daytona 00

    O.K., I'm feeling kind of ignorant on this. Somebody fill me in on this. If you want to slow down the cars, why build 750-850 hp motors, then throttle them back to 500hp with intake obstructions. Why not just mandate lower compression/displacement motors?
  5. I've got a DVD of some of that at play land, I think it was. I got it years ago. I seem to remember there was a white car #21 (32 ford coupe) driven by some kid named Foyt.
  6. Daytona 00

    I stretched out on the couch to watch it about 50 miles into it on Sunday. I lasted another 50 before eyelids gave out and shut. Woke up thinking I would get to see the last 100 miles. Then all the wreckin started. Told myself again for the 1000th time how ridiculous restrictor plate/pack racing is. Got up and left in my pickup for the mile and half round trip to our mail box to pick Saturday's mail I'd forgot to get Saturday, thinking hopefully the damned thing would be over by the time I got back. It wasn't. It was still race a lap and crash, red or yellow, then race another lap and crash. Then red or yellow. Finally just turned the damned thing off.
  7. K & N East

    Actually, Danica finished 6th in her only Nascar Pro Series East race at Laudon N.H.

    Yep H/T. You know me …….. There is always more to the story. My sister got the autograph back in the mid 50's when she was a teenager. I was just a little kid back then.. You see, Jud's older brother and family were our next door neighbors. Jud would frequently stop by there to visit. He liked to laugh, kid and tease us kids. We thought he was really funny. I remember him pretty much as he was described in the Robin Miller piece above as having one of those larger than life, John Wayne type personalities.

    I know, I know some of you that get on here are not familiar with Jud Larson or maybe you've never even heard of him. Here's a little background on him. Take a look. Click -------> HERE AND Click -------> HERE
  10. A couple of years ago I was visiting at my sister's home. We were sitting around talking in her den. Somehow the subject of my interest in auto racing came up. Suddenly he stood up and said "OH, I've got something I've been meaning to give you for years. She left the room, then came back in and handed me a little slip of paper. Imagine my surprise when I took it and looked down at it. She had had this autograph for over 55 years.
  11. lol ….. I'm doing OK H/T. Just wish there was a track somewhere around here. How about yourself? Those pics are from 2009. They were shot by Dan - - - rest his soul - - - . He was directing the shots that day. That was about the time he got that fancy new NIKON digital camera. No tellin' how many pics he took that day. He later e-mailed me a few, as shown above. You need to be nice to me on here H/T. Remember who yanked you out of the path of that kid in that dwarf car that came screaming through the pits at THR, then crashed through his pit after he passed us? Must'a had a stuck throttle, I guess. Never seen that in the pits before. You take care now and remember to look both ways before you go crossin' any streets, ya hear?
  12. WHAT ???? ME H/T ??? Now why in the world would I want to crop a purdy girl out of one of my pics ???
  13. Gunnar and Ed. Those two outlaws had a HEATER going up in that trailer!
  14. Here's Brooke, Tavo and that same old man.
  15. Yes indeed it WAS a March race and yeah, it was C O L D that day and night. In the first part of the interview you will see midgets in the background. That was one of those races Tavo was putting on at the time, with the USAC National Midget Series and the NASCAR West Series along with TSRS. I've even got a couple of pics from that race. Here's Kendall and some old man.