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  1. Prayers for Tom Taylor who lost his son

    Thinking about you Tom. If I can help you in anyway,let me know. I lost my son at 43. 210-262-4298, parrot4racing@att.net.
  2. 4 Reasons for Nascar's Big Skid

    Racing on short tracks such as Lucas Oil Raceway for Xfinity,NCWTS much more enjoyable. I hate 1-1/2 mile tracks.
  3. Alright TPS, if TPS is survive let's all show up. To all other asphalt racers you need to support Raymond. The survival of Texas asphalt racing is at state. Timmy and have been making new friends at the drag strips but we miss our circle track friends!!
  4. Rico Gutierrez

    RIP Rico
  5. Fillip Mystery car

    Looks like it started as a 429.

    We send our love to the Sherland and McIntyre family. Bill,Cookie and Timmy
  7. TMS tickets

    Talk about a traffic nightmare on race weekend! I will never attend a race there now for sure!
  8. tex race

    I agree 100%. What percentage of seats were empty? Would be very curious.
  9. CTS Pics 7-18-15

    Cannot view on iPad or iPhone! I do not have a computer. Computers make my high blood pressure sky rocket!
  10. speed 51.com

    I have paid for 51TV for thur thru sun. I realize we cannot control the weather. I wonder if anyone else is disappointed with the lack of info during the track drying process on 51Tv? Am I being unresonable as a paying customer to be reminded that I am important to ones business?
  11. Speed51 concentrated on TV production. Stated there would be limited coverage other than TV . Trying to encourage people to purchase PPV. Tiffany great work! I had trouble with iPhone wifi connect for current LSSZ. After watching 51tv I was able to go back to LSSZ to see Tiffany's great coverage.
  12. Showed Bubba tenth on 51TV during second red flag
  13. Marcia on pit road following spin
  14. Thanks Tiffany, lost speed51 until 21 lost right rear. I am watching speed51 TV on iPad and LSSZ ON iPhone