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  1. When I raced I wasn't in it for the points championship. At that time I was traveling a lot and there was no way I could run for points. I never had the money or time it took to be that competitive. Sure it was nice to win a heat race once in a while. I raced because I love the sport and always have. I tried to be as respectful to all the other racers on the track the best I could. If I saw the leaders were coming up on me I would signal for them which side to go around me. Usually it was to the right. But for some reason it always seemed that people had to go to the inside of me going into the turns. My left side was beat to crap. Sure I could have been on top but we were always told low is slow. Some individuals would just slammed the hell out of me just for their own kicks I guess. I always let it go. I'd rather take the hits than to confront. Just go about my business. This is one reason I decided I had had enough and quit racing. I cannot stand racers who have hot heads, disrespect other drivers and all they want to do is fight either on the track or the pits. It took the fun out of it for me. I had "Playin' It Straight" across the back of my car. That's how I wanted to race, straight and clean and wanted other racers to do the same.
  2. I was not there for the race. But I enjoy good CLEAN hard racing. This gives me more pleasure to watch than someone thinking 8 wheels turns better than 4. Congratulations on the win!!!
  3. SAS site of Electrathon Competition

    Nick, once I win the lottery. Winning the lottery will be the easy, convincing the wife will be the hard part.
  4. Old Pics From TWS?

    It seems to me I may have seen this. I was there the same weekend they had the Winston West & ARCA together in a race??? Darrel Waltrip had won that one. In another race I recall a white car going down the front and I believe just before the turn someone blew a tire. I was amazed how much damage it did.
  5. Old Pics From TWS?

    On the #59, did you blow a tire that weekend and it took out the side?
  6. E mod

    Very philosophical.
  7. Excellent safety advice. I hope everyone pays attention this.
  8. I can agree with that. Stewart and Harvick for sure.
  9. 2018 Season

    Nice looking ride. Best of luck to you this season.
  10. Nascar buys ARCA

    So much for the ARCA series. I hope they get the proper burial they deserve being NASCAR has taken over.
  11. 2018 Season

    I wish him and you lots of luck this season.
  12. 2018 Season

    That's a good paint color for that car. Looks great!
  13. Danica's replacement? Your thoughts.....

    I would have to Decker as well. Great job she did at Daytona.