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  1. K & N East

    I think she has tremendous talent and will prove it more as her career progresses. I also feel this incident was as much the #1's fault as it was hers.
  2. Brings tears to my eyes. What a great place it was.
  3. Mark Martin Pod Cast

    That crazy old man!
  4. I was 100% legal 100% of the time. I didn't win a lot. Never one a feature but did lead 18 laps of a 20 lap feature one night. Just got a little too high in turn 3 and 4 and lost the lead. I did win some heat races. Although not a feature win it still felt good. I have nothing against pushing the envelope as long as that envelope does not exceed the rules.
  5. Don't forget Greenville-Pickens Speedway.
  6. How can anyone feel good about winning a race knowing they have an illegal car? I would have more satisfaction knowing I won the race legally and possibly beating someone that was cheating.
  7. If I wasn't getting too dang old, had more money and the time this would be something I would not mind having at all. I wish you luck in finding someone to help you race. I'm sure there has to be people in your area who would be willing to help with just the cost of a pit pass. Maybe advertise something in your local paper or Craigslist.
  8. Very nice looking car. You don't know anyone that could help you? That's too bad. Shouldn't be difficult to sell in my opinion though. I see these pictures are marked about two years ago. Is the car still in this condition?
  9. Walls never bothered me either. I think I have my name on it all the way around Corpus Christi Speedway.
  10. SAD NEWS

    I always liked Carol. May she rest in peace.
  11. I got you on all this Nick except for the money part. Getting older and need the money for my golden years. That is unless of course I win the lottery.
  12. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    I read a book Darrell Waltrip put out years ago. He talked about a couple of things they did. He said they use to fill the frame rail full of BB's. When he got on the track he would loosen a bolt for his jack pad and let the BB's out. They also took some lead and shaped it and painted it to look like one of those old brick radios. Of course after tech they would replace it. But I still say rules are rules and everyone has to obey. If your transponder is off 1 inch you're in violation. I had my car always in spec. I've had people tell me to do this or that but I never would. Not my style. I'd rather race someone clean and legal and lose then to race someone and win while cheating. To me that would actually take the thrill away for the win.
  13. Harvick Penalty after Texas

    I'm glad they found something and penalized him. If only they would do that to all they find and increase the penalty each time for the same infraction. It does hurt but he is still 4th in points. He's also going to a track he runs very well at. As lone as he doesn't get into any trouble he should be ok to race for a championship in Miami.
  14. Nascar Martinsville

    I for one have no issues with how Logano raced Truex. Would have been better though if it had been Kyle Busch.