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  1. not racing related

    I work as the Chief Quality Control Inspector for Lockheed Martin. We have the contract for the U.S. Customs & Border Protection.
  2. not racing related

    That's where I have worked for the last 45 + years HiTech.
  3. not racing related

    Hell yeah!!! I have worked in aviation for over 45 years now. I'll never get tired of watching airplanes fly.
  4. Plan to fix NASCAR once and for all....

    If they are short on fuel they will still block because there's always the chance of a caution. Come in under caution and everyone will be packed up again.
  5. I saw an article where it's said NASCAR is considering a street race and or stadium race. Soldier Field was mentioned. What's your thoughts on that? Me? I don't like it.
  6. Plan to fix NASCAR once and for all....

    I know you said punks like Logano. I do remember someone by the name of Earnhardt who use to do the same thing many years ago. They all will block.
  7. Limited Mod For Sale

    That sounds great to me.
  8. Central Texas Speedway serving a purpose!

    That's awesome!!
  9. South West Tour Truck/A.R.T.S.

    Good clean looking truck. Someone needs to snatch this pretty quick.
  10. Emerson SportMod

    Sounds like a good deal for somebody. Season is coming quickly.
  11. Raymond DelaHoussaye Drivers

    Some very impressive names on that list.
  12. Someone told me that there was talk on the NASCAR radio of going to only one nut per wheel like the INDY cars.
  13. Ford and Hailie Deegan

    Yep, that be her.
  14. Nascar Championship

    Yeah, I don't understand any of that. Very interesting!!!! Some kind of team orders or just a mistake by two teams under pressure?
  15. Nascar Championship

    Pretty good odds but they're not going to finish ahead of the Ford.