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  1. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    I agree 100%. I feel a driver should miss no more than 2 races to remain in the hunt.
  2. Dibenendetto at Talladega

    If Hamlin was "forced" below the line he can keep his position. If you try to pass a car below the line you have to give the spot back. If you force a car below the line you will be penalized. This was the first time I can recall NASCAR enforcing that one.

    Haven't they already ran races on dirt there? I know maybe not Cup cars but I'm sure other type racing. They have to know all the good and bad about putting dirt down. Sounds like they feel it's worth it.
  4. HiTech knows everybody from wayyyyyy back. Seems he would be the most likely to be the one to remember this person or car.
  5. darn

    All went well here. Just lost of bunch of leaves off the tree. Nothing else except for losing power for about 15 1/2 hours. I was watching television about 8:00 Saturday night thinking we came through it ok when bam!! No power. It got hot quick in this house. I was able to open a window on the back door and a window in a spare bedroom on the other side of the house and got a nice breeze coming through. It got so cool I had to go under the covers. It's got me thinking pretty seriously about getting a standby generator. I have a small portable but nothing big enough to keep us cool.
  6. darn

    I agree. Alan is the best there is. I appreciate the way he explains the weather so us laymen can understand what is happening. Charlie St. John was one of the best as well.

    Only mean WOW due to how much you have.
  8. 2020 racecars

    Great looking car!!!! I hope it runs as good if not better than it looks.
  9. not racing related

    I work as the Chief Quality Control Inspector for Lockheed Martin. We have the contract for the U.S. Customs & Border Protection.
  10. not racing related

    That's where I have worked for the last 45 + years HiTech.
  11. not racing related

    Hell yeah!!! I have worked in aviation for over 45 years now. I'll never get tired of watching airplanes fly.
  12. Plan to fix NASCAR once and for all....

    If they are short on fuel they will still block because there's always the chance of a caution. Come in under caution and everyone will be packed up again.
  13. I saw an article where it's said NASCAR is considering a street race and or stadium race. Soldier Field was mentioned. What's your thoughts on that? Me? I don't like it.