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  1. be truthfull

    I never intentionally wrecked anyone. The majority of my wrecks were just racing incidents. The first year I was definitely on the receiving end. Not so much wrecks but I had one driver who would ram me hard going down the front stretch even though I was not in the racing groove. I never said anything. Takes a lot to get me pissed off. I knew I was a rookie and had a lot to learn. I have had people think I did something to them but never anything intentional. I have made apologies even though I knew there was a chance the guy I was apologizing too was ready and willing and able to knock my block off. One reason I gave it was because I was tired of people complaining about the least little thing and always wanting to fight. Not necessarily with me but just with drivers in general.
  2. Daniel Suarez

    I had three major sponsors for my racing endeavors. Me, myself and I.
  3. Daniel Suarez

    I didn't hear that Suarez had done all that. If it is all true there's no place for him in racing. No way would he have done that to Busch or Harvick. If he did it intentionally he knew he had to do it to someone that was not a front runner. Would have really been interesting if he had done it to Newman. That would have paid Newman back for what he did to Larson at Phoenix a couple of years ago.
  4. Interesting

    I don't think they're playing favorites. Remember years ago when Jeremy Mayfield got caught? He was running pretty darn good at the time and getting exposure. Especially after he said he wanted to rattle Earnhardt's cage just like Earnhardt did to Labonte.
  5. Interesting

    Rules are rules. If NASCAR considers something to be banned it is up to the drivers and crews to determine what is in the items they partake in. It is not up to NASCAR to tell you this contains this and this contains this. How are they to know where it actually came from? In my opinion Curry and Borland did not do anything intentional. They just didn't pay attention to what was in their work out and coffee.
  6. TSTRS - Input needed

    Amen to that.
  7. Austin Wayne Self 15th at Bristol

    It's good to see him racing so well.
  8. I hope you get better quick Nick.
  9. lol - Harvick

    You run your mouth or show your tail like Brad did you get it coming to you sooner or later. Fortunately this one came sooner.
  10. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Why should you have to push the envelope? If everyone just stayed within the rules everyone would be equal. When you're trying to push that envelope you more often than not exceed that envelope. I would rather win by staying within the rules. It gives me more satisfaction to know we were all equal and I was the best that race.
  11. Starting to see improvements

    Not talking about you old chap. Just the state of affairs with Corpus Christi Speedway.
  12. Starting to see improvements

    Brings tears to my eyes.
  13. Nascar @ Kansas

    It was a good entertaining race for sure.
  14. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Wow HiTech, those bands seem to come easy to you.
  15. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Years ago a scorer at Corpus Christi Speedway borrowed our tape recorder. After we got it back I played it and she was rattling off the numbers of the cars as they went across the finish line. Just listening to that I knew they had a hard job to try to keep everyone running in order. Hopefully things are a lot better for the scorers now.