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  1. lol - Harvick

    You run your mouth or show your tail like Brad did you get it coming to you sooner or later. Fortunately this one came sooner.
  2. Well they finally did....not since 1960

    Why should you have to push the envelope? If everyone just stayed within the rules everyone would be equal. When you're trying to push that envelope you more often than not exceed that envelope. I would rather win by staying within the rules. It gives me more satisfaction to know we were all equal and I was the best that race.
  3. Starting to see improvements

    Not talking about you old chap. Just the state of affairs with Corpus Christi Speedway.
  4. Starting to see improvements

    Brings tears to my eyes.
  5. Nascar @ Kansas

    It was a good entertaining race for sure.
  6. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Wow HiTech, those bands seem to come easy to you.
  7. Thank You South Texas Speedway

    Years ago a scorer at Corpus Christi Speedway borrowed our tape recorder. After we got it back I played it and she was rattling off the numbers of the cars as they went across the finish line. Just listening to that I knew they had a hard job to try to keep everyone running in order. Hopefully things are a lot better for the scorers now.
  8. Ask Jeremy Mayfield. Just allergy medicine? In all honesty I hope it works out for Austin. Whenever I watch a truck race I'm always looking to see how he's running. What I did see from him this year he had been running good.
  9. Mike Harmon Crash 2002

    Do you remember when Michael Waltrip wrecked in the same spot? Tore his car in half as well.
  10. You're right Mike. I used to get asked about the racetrack all the time. When we have a new employee check in one of the first things I ask him is if he likes racing. If he says yes then I tell him about the track. Most of our employees come from out of state so they don't know much about the area.
  11. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    I like the way you think Nick.
  12. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    I had season tickets for the first 10 years at Texas Motor Speedway. The reason I stopped going was the prices for the hotel rooms and the food at the track. Sure I was willing to pay the high prices for a while just for the thrill of going to see a live NASCAR race. To take time off from work, spend over a thousand dollars for a weekend of racing gets to be too much for this old timer. I tried camping there one year. It rained a lot that time. When I went to take a shower the water was backed up to our knees and the line was long. If I was a multimillionaire like Nick I could afford a motor home and take my shower, eat and sleep there. But until I hit the lottery it's most likely not going to happen.
  13. Asphalt Super Stock

    If you ever decide to will it to somebody I'll be that guy. Anyhow, I wish you luck. Still don't understand why it's not sold.
  14. Bristol Spring Race Attendance 4-7-2019

    The racing at Bristol is not the same anymore. Since they reconfigured the track there's no more action. Just follow the leader for 500 laps. Sure, some can run the high line and some prefer to run the bottom. Still no action.
  15. Asphalt Super Stock

    I'm still having a hard time understanding why this car hasn't been sold yet. First class looking car. If I was back in the game and needed a car this would be the one I would buy. It's also too bad you cannot find a crew to keep you racing. Good luck!