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  1. I'm a retired race track promoter, living in Port A. I've been asked by Del Mar College (in Corpus Christi) to help them create a new EV (electric vehicle) classroom curriculum. We're looking for a 30' or 32" enclosed race car trailer in great condition we can use to promote the school and transport our classroom cars. A unit with built-in overhead storage bins would be ideal. If anyone knows of a unit that might become available after your race season ends ... please let me know.
  2. We have lost the absolute best

    Apparently Bill Weber got in some hot water the night before the 2009 Loudon race. He was in a hotel lobby, screaming at the hotel staff about his room. I guess it got real ugly, because he was immediately fired by ESPN. Last I heard, he's now a magician in Florida. He said magic was always his passion. He must be good ... cause he sure made his ESPN career disappear quickly!!! ... and yes ... bad Karma can be a real bitch in your backside!
  3. Motorsport lost a rock star w/ a pen. RIP Robin Miller. Your contributions were invaluable. https://www.autoweek.com/racing/indycar/a37397524/robin-miller-rock-star-racing-writer/
  4. Finally, we get some positive news about short track racing. When many are closing, Lonestar Speedway is introducing a new chapter for Texas motorsport. Congrats Kevin, best of luck with your new venture! PortA.Today
  5. I get your drift. I always prefered selling race fans one beer at a time. That way, if they mumble & stumble up to the beer booth ... they walk away unhappy & empty handed. They hated us, but the rest of our fans loved us. Gotta control the madness for the majority...
  6. Danged, I missed that event this year! They put on a great show and the icy cold beer is flowing in plentiful quantities. Always a great time & good vibes. Thanks for the coverage Jay...
  7. I'm watching the NASCAR races today from Watkins Glen with some friends. We have a question. Does anyone know what NBC pays Jr. to announce these TV races? We're guessing it's a lot! Beach Bum @ PortA.Today
  8. The SRX Race

  9. https://apple.news/A8nDSM3BDTXu760wcGAmpTg
  10. time

    I concur. The annual Snowball Derby is almost always the best asphalt Super Late Model show of the season! I've seen three so far ... and they all produced first-rate entertainment!
  11. time

    "**** Your Feelings" ... "No More Bullshit" ... "Make The Liberals Cry Again"... This was the collective intellect y'all tossed in our faces for four frigin' years! How about you tRUMP republicans cry us Biden democrats a frigin' RIVER! Take a seat and try to take notes. It's our turn to dig us out of this GD nightmare... (Sorry Nick, Nuff is Enuff.)
  12. time

    I'm pleased for everyone in America today. It doesn't matter who you voted for now, we are all Americans. Let's unite once again and focus only on the future. Our kids (and their kids) are depending on all of us!
  13. time

    No, we're the lucky one's on the other side!