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  1. HMP Racing with Gulf Coast Racing Series

    I don't know this woman ... have never met her. But I do recognize soul & effort when I see it. Give her your support ... cause she's earned it!
  2. -lol- ... or maybe just stepping up to the pump ... to put his time & skin in the game? Given the struggling health of racing right now, I'm grateful someone has the stones to step forward & help resurrect the US motorsport industry! Mele Kalikimaka y'all...
  3. Track List

    ... and the list keeps getting shorter & shorter. What a shame!
  4. Yes, It was fun to watch two warriors race 110% all season long. 2022 should be more of the same!
  5. Yes, and had Mercedes realized what F1 was going to do ... Lewis would've also come in for new tires when Max did. F1 changed the format "after" Lewis drove past pit road, leaving him exposed on old tires. It's neither teams fault. It was a change in protocol ... at the worst possible time to do it. F1 screwed up and they will learn from it.
  6. Nick, I think they took a page out of Nascar on this one. I used to tell the the hot shoes at the driver's meeting ... "if you decide to check out and stink up the show ... I'll find something on the track and bunch up the field again". I warned them before they did it. Just keep it competitive and entertaining, so I don't have to. That's why I preferred inverted fields. That usually solved the problem. I was the promoter and my job was to keep the fans in the stands satisfied. I did almost whatever it took to keep it entertaining. But that was in the short track racing world, not on the F1 stage. Yes, there were numerous inconsistencies on the part of Max. He was taking too many liberties with his lines. But with 5 laps to go, a red flag re-boot would have been much better ... and F1 probably wouldn't have received near as much criticism? At any rate, I don't think F1 will use that model again. But time will tell. I'm ready for 2020!
  7. Hell ya Rodney, there's always someone yellin' ... no matter what you do! -lol- F1 created lightning in a bottle this season. No way they could let that god sent opportunity flame out with yellow lights flashing. But I think it would have been way more climatic to bring them both in under red flag conditions (get the back markers out of the way, like they did) and then let them fight it out on equal terms ... to the end ... on equal tires. Given the circumstances, that would have been the best scenario available, no matter who won in the end!
  8. It was an exciting F1 season & finale. However, they should have thrown the red flag ... so both cars could be on equal tires for the one lap shootout. F1 is gonna hear about that botched call for a long time! At any rate ... condolences to Lewis ... congrats to Max!
  9. I agree. Unless I missed something in the post ... I didn't read that SAR is closing for good? The current promoter is buying another track. Doesn't necessarily mean SAR is gonna get shuttered...
  10. I know this isn't normally a hotbed for F1 interest ... but y'all might want to watch tomorrows finale? Max the Axe & Lewis Hamilton have each earned 369.5 points. However as of today ... Max leads the championship tie-breaker with 9 wins over Lewis's 8 wins. Q3 is over. Max is on the pole, Lewis is right next to him. The way these two have battled all season, it might just get settled in the first corner! It's the best fight for any motorsport championship I've seen in a dozen+ years. Race launches on ESPN2 @ 6:55a. I respect Lewis, but I'm pulling for Max. Either way ... it's gonna be an elbows up slugfest you won't want to miss.
  11. wish I had this handy tool in my race shop ... back in the day. always had to head down to the local tire shop. i saw this on cl. maybe someone could use it? https://corpuschristi.craigslist.org/wto/d/mathis-full-size-tire-changer-more/7418824977.html
  12. I loved watching "Big" Al manage his Indy 500 races. He always lurked in the shadows of the lead pack ... then hammered-hard when it was time to go! He was always a master of managing his equipment. RIP "Big" Al.
  13. I bet your probably right. Hope the kids have a great time. Go Fast ... Stay Safe!