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  1. Congrats sir. And yes ... continued appreciation to Nick for providing us with this long-standing format!
  2. 10/4. It might fit our hauling needs? Tx!
  3. Any guess on the unloaded weight of your trailer? Tx!
  4. Good luck to everyone racing tonight @ HMP. Have Fun - Go Fast - Stay Safe!
  5. For Sale: 2020 Xtreme Fat Sand Power Bike Was purchased new in February 2020 Was just updated on July 28, 2020 including an upgraded 1000w high-performance rear hub motor and new KS260 rear mono shock. Service work was completed by Mike Barnes Performance of Corpus Christi. · 6061 all-aluminum frame and front mag wheel · 48v battery · Hydraulic front disk brake · Thumb Throttle · Top speed: 35+ MPH $2850.00 firm. Cash only, in person! Will NOT respond to scam offers!!! (361) 428.0010
  6. 2020 season bump starts right now (7p) on NBCsports. Time to go drag some kneezzz....
  7. IndyCar @ starts in 15 minutes on NBCsports Tonight they compete @ Iowa. I agree arob, I understand your attention span with NASCAR ovals. These days I'm only good for the first 10 laps & last 10 laps. However I watch every lap of the tin tops ... when they go road racing. That show holds my interest flag to flag!
  8. Yes, another great show from IndyCar, with some fresh faces up front. If I were to buy stock in IndyCar or NASCAR ... I'd buy IndyCar right now. Hard to bet against them with Rodger in control. NASCAR is making news for noose reasons? IndyCar is making news for racing reasons!
  9. -LOL- U R correct Reb. IndyCar (with Rodger in control) is on the right path. So far in '20, they're outpacing both F1 & NASCAR for raw racing entertainment. The last thing Mr. Penske needs right now ... is another Panica infused Prima Donna style Promotion soiling his show!
  10. Yes, sometimes losing a top-tire ride makes a racer reflect on reality? We will see... The F1 season fires up in a few minutes. Let's hope the boys put on a great show! UPDATE: apparently, he hasn't learned a damned thing. 1st race ... another unforced error! Maybe he can get an IndyCar ride next season?
  11. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nascar/2020/07/03/jimmie-johnson-tests-positive-coronavirus-miss-brickyard-400/5373941002/
  12. The problem is Seb made too many mental errors last season. He tossed away leads and opportunities to lead. Ferrari demands perfection from their stable of drivers. He'll find another ride if he wants to.
  13. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    Great news y'all. It was not an intentional act directed towards Bubba Wallace. It was a rope left in stall #4 from last season. No way anyone could have know who's race car would be parked there this season. But it was amazing to see the overwhelming support shown by NASCAR staff and racers during Monday's show. NASCAR got a ton of attention and that attention is ending in a positive fashion for all involved in racing. Let's keep that heap good mojo rolling strong! Best of luck @ your next race...
  14. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at NASCAR events

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bubba-wallace-nascar-driver-noose-garage-stall/ Anyone who thinks the confederate flag does not represent a history of racist behavior ... has their heads positioned firmly up inside their posterior!
  15. I am! How about U'all? https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2020/03/26/indianapolis-motor-speedway-nascar-indycar-july-4-doubleheader/