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  1. James also finished all 20 laps on the lead lap running just ahead of the last lap pass for the lead.
  2. First races you attended?

    I was a newborn in Valdosta GA, I think it was dirt. Nick I can't believe you were 12 three years before I was born
  3. Thoughts and prayers needed

    Tom Your family will be in our prayers, Rick
  4. Late Models awhile back

    The body on the 7 car at this time is the one it had when we bought it from Leroy Farmer with a new paint job. Some where I have better pics. The next year we put a new home-made body which was a little more radical. The car later became a "super stock/late model" run by Shawn Grimlin after re-installing a factory floorpan.
  5. Lucky Dog Rule

    Lucky Dog rule would have had no effect last week since the race went green start to finish. I think a lucky dog rule would have helped when there were a lot more cars on the track, when the leaders caught the back of the pack quickly. Altough the two wide starts would have fixed that problem. The problem last week was, the race went green all the way, and thats not a bad problem,unless your trying to make-up laps like Heath was.
  6. cotton bowl speedway

    Stopped by today and there are a lot of workers. Looking good.
  7. Good MOJO

    Happy B-Day to you too
  8. Happy Birthday

    Happy b-day
  9. spotters for super stocks

    I don't think spotters are the answer. I have seen and heard spotters trying to drive the car for their driver. The last thing a driver needs is someone telling them they are the best thing since sliced bread and should go go go to prove it.I think spotters need to be level headed and looking out for trouble, not trying to live out their fantacies of being a race car driver.lol
  10. Congrats to Mike and Buddy been close several times this year.
  11. Papa We do have some flames but their not on the car right now, it's just the chrome wheels, we are saving the flames for that extra burst later in the season. BTW its good to see you posting I was wondering where you were, I haven't seen you post for a while. was starting to worry.
  12. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Robert
  13. Prayers needed for The Duck

    Stopped by to see "The Duck" today. Had a few visitors this morning and looking for a few more tonight. He said they are talking about releasing him Thursday and then on to rehab.
  14. Birthday Wishes

    I still say it beats the alternative