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  1. Arnold Oil Night at the Races

    Good to see Jon back on LSSZ. Good coverage.
  2. Victoria Advocate has done a very nice article. Hope this helps clear up all the rumors. Happy racing to you all.
  3. USMTS Poster

    raceceivers are required
  4. Wednesday there will be an open practice from 6-9PM. As we head into the USMTS race weekend we look forward to having drivers get on the track. The track is in good shape and ready for a good weekend of racing. Racing this week will be Modifieds and Ltd. Mods on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Pure Stocks will be added for Friday and Saturday. Start time will be 7:30 PM Thursday,Friday and 6:30 PM Saturday. This will be the last racing event for SOS and the Stacy family. The Stacy family looks forward to seeing you all and closing the with an event that will be a great end to a great track!
  5. Practice

    Sorry folks but the rains hit and we did not expect it to be as heavy as it is. Track very wet and slick. Open practice Wed 2-15. 6pm-9pm
  6. Just confirmed that pure stock rules for TRP, STS i37 and SOS will all be accepted. Looks like they are all pretty much the same. Gonna be a great event. Load up and let's go racing!
  7. Let me double check with USMTS. I kinda think they will honor rules TRP and STS have put out for this year as well as SOS 2016 rules. I will get clarification tomorrow
  8. Needed, tires

    Thanks. Today has been good. Want to thank Ralph Postell for volunteering to do mechanic work for us. He got the old truck running and a pump. Also, Tom Burns for getting walkin cooler working. And now Cooter helping us with tires. The racing family is soooo good. We appreciate all the help.
  9. We are in need of two tires for the spritzer truck. Take offs will work since they will just be used on the track. Size: LT235/85R16 7.50/16.
  10. USMTS Poster

    $20 is practice. Each night has pit pass listed but if I remember correctly it is $35, $35, $40
  11. USMTS Poster

    You are all correct. Pit pass is what you pay to race.
  12. Banquet

    Today is banquet day. Hope you plan to come. Lots of good food and laughter just waiting for you. Social hour starts at 6PM. See you there.
  13. Don't forget the banquet is this Saturday. Come on out for a fun evening. Hope to see you all there. If you did not RSVP come anyway. There will be plenty of food and drinks.
  14. USMTS Races

    USMTS to provide us that information. They did say they will pay pure stock $400 to win on Friday and $500 on Saturday. We are waiting on final details and will post as soon as we get them.
  15. We have been notified that USMTS will run Modifieds and Limited Mods on Thursday, Mods, Ltd Mods and Pure Stocks on Friday and Mods, Ltd Mods and Pure Stocks on Saturday. They are also looking to add a fourth class for Saturday but as of yesterday had not made a decision.