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  1. TRP is "GREAT" Again!

    Thanks for the apology little buddy it happens nobody got hurt other than feelings see you in 2 weeks!
  2. I think they are doing an awesome job!! I would also like to make a suggestion first insult on social media lose points for the night and suspension from next race next time ban from track for a year don't let them kill the track I've seen it happen good luck I will see you there! !
  3. Video

    Come on Cooper load them up
  4. Get Ready for 2017 - Texana Raceway Park re-opening

    Awesome job Mr Blankinship the Truck class got its start their at Texana is there anyway you could consider letting them run once a month. We are in the purestock class so it doesn't matter to me but at least consider it or maybe help them convert to street stock I know how it feels when they drop your class it happened to us in gokarts
  5. If the track makes a come back I'm asking everybody involved if they do open and even at any track for that matter. If you have a problem please keep keep them to yourself or discuss the problem with your buddies over a cold beverage. PPlease don't blast them on social media it hurts the place you are talking about to the point that people quit coming. It will drive any place to closing then after that happens all you hear about is that was a nice place! Don't be a hammer head and drive the few dirt tracks that are left to extinction! Nick if it is inappropriate please delete it's just sad to see this happen
  6. 2017 racing

    If it does make a come back which I hope it does factory stock rules!!
  7. 7-30-16 race day

    I would gladly trade places with you Cooter I'm at De tar. Getting a stint!
  8. Pure stock drivers meeting?

    I'm all for going imca all the way just pic a class that doesn't slow the pures down that's what people are used to watching I say start now and everybody be in compliance by next year And by the way I sure miss dirt track racing.
  9. I.M.C.A. point system

    How about you give it a chance to work you can't have imca sanction without using their points system give it a shot you might like it see you guys in may
  10. Friday Night Race

    Well unfortunately we will miss some races this season Big Dog (Nathan) has a baseball tournament this weekend we wish all the racers good luck!!! And somebody please post what's happening cause we will be missing all the action!! Again good luck everyone when he doesn't have baseball we will be there!!
  11. friday night racing

    With Nathan being his senior year it's gonna be hard but will make what we can school is more important.
  12. Fees for USMTS

    If it says be imca legal then do what it takes to get there don't worry about everybody else then when you grab the win you ain't ggot no worries just saying not starting nothing and believe me you got a dam good chance at winning!!!
  13. kart rules

    Kart rules 2026 season RWYB Run what ya brung!!
  14. 2016 Rules

    My 602 is on the way I hope Nathan can handle all that power we ordered the 400 he it doesn't say which one in the rules so we are playing in the Grey area!!
  15. curiosty

    It's killing me who was the first one there! We had plans on racing this event bit my family comes first. One of my most important crew members is turning 5 with a big party at a corn field Maze in Moulton TX but we will be there Sat.