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  1. Thanks for the article stirred up a lot of memories.
  2. I grew up going to twin cities between Midland and Odessa.. that's where my love for oval track racing began.. my favorite thing there was the spectator races ( this was in the 90s ) my father was a drag racer and I recall his friends with drag cars going out and doing the spectator races. It was hilarious and extremely entertaining to see drag cars with a big slick on the right front and some camber changes.. I loved watching them hit the nitrous down the straights but have no clue what to do with the turn. I remember there was a guy ( I think his name was eddie) he had a 67 to 72 Chevy C10 that kind of looked like a lowrider.. had a Buick or olds 455 in it. He won the spectator races a lot .. truck was purple or dark blue..said slow poke on the tailgate. My dad worked for a guy named Marshall Stroop. He owned Bevmar Transmissions in Midland. The last time I went to Twin cities there was maybe only 15 cars total that showed up this was around 1995 to 1998 not positive.. I was still a kid. Anyway Marshall was a big guy.. capable of enforcing his will.. I believe drivers were boycotting the track and Marshall started a stand off with the owner to get the spectators there money back. I believe it closed after that because we never went back. I will never forget this place.
  3. Black flag ...opinion only

    Some cars do need to be put in check.
  4. June 15 thru 17 Countdown

    As is the Chili! No canned stuff here.
  5. PureStock results (5/6) and YTD

    12th in points should be 97 Daniel Youngblood
  6. Pure stock cost

    ---^^^^^^ This is the absolute truth.
  7. TRP is "GREAT" Again!

    Also the track surface was great.. much much smoother and had a lot of bite. Wanted to apologize again to the black and pink # 6 hope your car is ok. We had a good tight battle going and I had a brake failure which took both of us out on the last lap.. that was not my intent.
  8. Racecievers

  9. Pics of 2017 Rides!

    Looks good cooter, are we allowed spoilers again?
  10. The front runners will be the front runners either way. I say match so every one can race either with out crying and complaining over silly stuff and lets go racing. #97 Daniel Youngblood
  11. Pics of 2017 Rides!

    Work in progress will be pure stock #97 black with gold numbers.
  12. pure stock.

    Are the pure stock rules going to be the same as what is currently posted on the s.o.s. page? Am building my car now and wondering if thats what we are going on.
  13. The TRP Interactive Fan Experience

    This all sounds really good. Are pure stocks in general going to be allowed to be two seaters still?
  14. 2017 racing

    yup. IN 2009 it was pure stock. Winter of 09 i built a new car to run pure then they changed the whole class over to street stock because every one wanted to do this and that. Then it was 10 inch tires and bigger cams and different heads and blah blah blah.. the class went from 20 cars weekly to what? 6? Street and pure seem to be doing well the way they are.