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  1. HEB Manufacturing Night

    That's a good number
  2. Texana's Back To School Blowout

    Way to go Owen on keeping this going all over texas
  3. E-Mods changes

    I keep hearing there putting roofs back on , there going to G-60 tires and other changes if so were do we find this info. It would be helpful to know if there is changes before I finish the car
  4. Chance Brownlee Memorial Race 6-18-16

    Thanks for the updates John
  5. E-Mod Tires

    I agree didn't know it changed they will be limited mods before long
  6. E-Mod Tires

    is this official ? how about it Waterboy
  7. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Just don't flip the car because your arms and hands will go outside the halo seen it happen and a buddy of mine is missing fingers from the top of pipe smashing his hand on the ground, why do you think sprint cars drivers wear arm restraints All I can say if you don't like the rule run with the limited mods it pays more anyways all you need is tires and a spoiler or park the car and will all go fishing
  8. Prayers

    RIP Paul you will be missed by your friends & racing family & prayers to the Stasney family John & the Sullivan racing team
  9. 2016 Info

    To finish first / first you have to finish
  10. We are racing May 9th.

    John AKRA means All Karts Run Alcohol
  11. How's the track?

    Amen to that BobbyJack
  12. Pit Parking

    is there a map showing what is reserved parking so when people show up there not in some ones spot because last year was a mess
  13. STS Battles

    Any word on practice for the 21st

    Bobby don't feel bad I am the same way
  15. South Texas Shootout December 4th 5th and 6th

    Is the drivers meeting this weekend ? and is it for all classes ? first I have herd of drivers meeting maybe put in the topic heading