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  1. Time for an update. Yesterday (Thursday) The weather allowed me to go out and hook the battery charger up. This is the kind of charger you would find in an auto repair shop about forty years ago, it's stout. After about five minutes I put the key in the ignition and the engine fired right away without any spray. I did this a couple of times and it was the same result. Then I unhooked the charger and tried to start it, the starter would spin but the engine would not even try to fire even with the spray. So it looks like battery time(My son had to replace his battery in August, His wife a new battery about a month ago, my wifes car 2 weekends ago) so it's my turn now. Before I finished my work I noticed the belt tensioner was at odd angle, the bolt that holds it in place had snapped off. I spent most of today removing the support bracket and then drilling and easy outing the rest of the broken fastener, it had seized in the tensioner arm. In 25 years of owning this truck I have replaced several batteries but It was always obvious that the battery was going dead. This problem started in July, it was an odd problem but I didn't think much of it until we weren't able to solve it. I hope I've learned my lesson, I should have come here first. Thanks for taking time to help, all suggestions will be noted and added to my Haynes manual. I won't be able to get the new battery until sometime next week, after I install it I will report back. Thanks; Byron Oh I did spray around the intake and connections, everything seams OK.
  2. OK I need to get back on this, I was going to use the truck this past weekend, gassed it up Thursday, parked it, loaded it up and it would not start. It would fire with the spray but would not catch. If the rain lets up in the morning I will hook up the battery charger and then try to start it, If it starts with or without the spray I will do the spray technique and see what happens. I am my wife's driver and It's difficult to just concentrate on the truck, she has another doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon. I am also going to contact a friend of my sons who works near me, he is a fleet truck mechanic and has helped me before, I can't pin down a day which I can ask him to stop by after work right now. Thanks for the advice , eager to let ya'll know what the problem is and the solution. Byron.
  3. Thanks Nathan, my diagnostic buddy mentioned a leaking vacuum line could be the problem but we weren't able to test any of them. I will get on this this week and report the outcome. Thanks; Byron
  4. I'm having trouble with my 1994 Ford F 350, 351 EFI gas engine, 2 fuel tanks. The engine will not start on it's own, I have to spray engine starting fluid in the air intake hose to start it. After it starts it will run fine, if I shut it off I have to go through the same procedure to restart it. We have run fuel pressure checks on both in tank fuel pumps, the rear pump was OK the front side tank pump showed low pressure. There has not been a check engine light coming on but we did a trouble code check anyway, no codes showed up. We just replaced the side tank pump but it has not cleared the problem. We have tried starting the engine using suggestions from the Haynes manual but nothing has worked. We also ran a test on the pressure regulator and it passed. The problem is the same no matter which tank we use when trying to start it. My brother thinks crud from the gas is clogging the injectors because it sits so long without being used. When I turn the key on the sound the engine makes is like an engine that is not trying to fire, it just spins until I release the key. I have swapped the fuse for the pump system but that did not work either. My friend who has the diagnostic tools lives in Tomball and I live in Channelview, he's been down here twice to help me, he's not a professional mechanic but he is pretty good at finding a solution. This has all of us stumped. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks; Byron PS, I am retired and the truck doesn't get used much anymore, but I do still need it.
  5. The woodall collection

    Your off to an excellent start Nathan, I will be checking in often. Seeing that pipe railing at Austin gives me the creeps. Thanks; Byron
  6. The Hood Collection

    I keep checking in to Lone Star Speed Zone looking for good news. I just found some. Thanks for your effort, I will wait patiently. Thanks, Byron.
  7. Arena Park Raceway and Its Memorabilia

    Great series of pictures, thanks for posting. I remember several of these cars and drivers coming to Meyer speedway in Houston and also to Jackson International in Mississippi. Wolfman, Sweat, Zahn, Lovell, Bolton, Davidson and Nelson. Sleepy even won a feature at Meyer against some stiff competition, Hite cars, big blocks and big wings. By the way the photo of Wolfman's car being refueled is at Meyer Speedway in Houston. Thanks: Byron
  8. Picture update

    It's about time I add to this topic, thanks for posting the photos txtom they are incredible. This is the first time I have ever seen pictures of the ARCA stockcars from their annual visits to Texas. From 1965 to 1968 we went to all of the ARCA races at Meyer Speedway. My favorite class has always been the super modifieds, I remember several of the cars pictured from the Liberty 300's and special super events at Meyer. The T bucket body cars where some of my favorites and the overall variety of builders/racers ideas made this class what it was to me, the ultimate in racing. I won't leave out the stockers, there are a couple of cars in there that also ran Meyer Speedway. I know this is a time consuming effort but it is much appreciated by those of us who lived this era. There was so much racing around Houston that we never ventured out to San Antonio or Austin. So whether you do this by years or classes I will look forward to more. Thanks; Byron
  9. Well I can help you a little bit,so here goes. First from the book The History of America's Speedways Past and Present it lists Storey-Wood Park Speedway as being an old horse track on Jackson Road, 1/2 mile dirt oval (1937) (4/06/47-1948). Now from the book Texas Legacy, Tales from the Golden Days of Midget Auto Racing in Texas by Philip LeVrier, 1987. There is a copy of a Reserved section ticket stating, FIRST ANNUAL LABOR DAY NATIONAL 500-Lap Midget Auto Classic, 250 mile race for General Wainwright Trophy. It is dated 1947, the total cost of the ticket was $3.50 and it lists the track on Vance Jackson Road. There is a copy of a newspaper article beside the ticket headlined, 33 Drivers Go To Post in Midget Race. The article starts off, The nation's longest midget auto race got under way at 10a.m. Monday with 33 drivers facing the 250 mile grind. Some other interesting notes: Bob Carroll started on the pole along side Norman Haltkamp both from California. The pace car was driven by Cannonball Baker, the winner is expected to cross the finish line between 3 and 4 P.M. To the winner will go the $2000 first prize, the new Nash pace car, numerous lap prizes, and the Wainwright trophy. Each of the 33 starting cars are guaranteed a portion of the $10,000 prize money. The article lists all the starters and where they are from. 5 from Calif.,1 from Indiana, 1 from New York City,4 from Oklahoma and the rest from Texas. Some well known names from the era are: Sam Hanks, Jud Larson, Buzz Barton and Jimmie Reese(sig). The article shows Doc Cossey from Houston as the defending champion. Now the Americas Speedway book shows the track operating in 1937, 1947 & 1948, the ticket is for the 1947 race and I assume the article is about the 1947 race. So did Doc Cossey win in 1937? Are the years of operation listed incorrect? It's been awhile since I've read the Legacy book and I can't pinpoint any other info for you right now. An interesting note if you didn't catch it, is the newspaper printed the story after the race started in the morning well before the it was finished, so it must have been a midday paper. Thanks: Byron
  10. Houston area road racing

    First of all thanks for the race report, one of the highlights of the day was getting to see the Cobra race in person. I will try to learn how to post pictures on here in the next few weeks. Also there was supposed to be a Formula Ford race at Meyer Speedway using a portion of the figure eight track off of the backstretch to make a dogleg through the infield. This would have been in the late sixties or early seventies. I'm not sure if it was ever run, I know I was not there to see it if it was. Thanks; Byron
  11. Houston area road racing

    Hello OldGalveston, and other readers. In regard to the SCCA road race at the Astrodome,it was run on October 10 and 11 of 1964. It was the first race I can remember attending between going to Playland Park a few times as a family outing and regularly attending races at Meyer Speedway in 1965 and other area tracks from then on. The race was actually run on the street, Fannin was the front straightaway south bound, the north bound lanes were the pit area and Knight road was the backstraight heading north and connected by Greenbriar on the north end and the unfinished 610 loop on the south end. My program list's it as the 1st annual race, the spectator area was the parking lot of the Astrodome complex with only a chain link fence and some hay bales to protect us, no stands of any type that I remember. You just drove in, parked and walked to the fence. There used to be a weekly column in the Houston Chronicle, I believe it was called Sports Car Corner and would always list coming sports car related events no matter how minor. There is a Houston Chronicle archive if you can figure out how to use it , I haven't tried to get into it yet. Thanks; Byron P.S. The program I saved from this event is one of my prized possesions and I didn't think I would ever get to share the information from it.
  12. screen names

    My full name is Byron Gumienny, motorsports fan since the mid 1960's.
  13. A few old photos.

    Time to play catch up and even more great photos. You mentioned Dean Ongman, I only remember him at Meyer Speedway in his figure 8 car. It was a red or orange 1948 Ford coupe, a real beauty. When it was decided to put in a figure 8 track through the infield at Meyer they would talk about it during intermission and Dean would drive around the oval to give the fans some idea of what was to come. The #10 six cylinder mod is that Wayne Bittick. The red #13 mod Paul Schiflett. I remember Victor Early's car at Meyer just that way at least once. The #66 beside Armond Holley is Ralph Parkinson, Wayne Niedeken in the 99, Walter Ballard in the 5 car. I also know who is in the 300 car, it could be Moody and Clary or any other quarter mile dirt track around southeast Texas, The Baytown Bull of the Woods. Go ahead matthewsracing this one is all yours and thanks for joining in. The #312 Ford I'm not sure but one possibility would be Charles Mungle, he raced around Beaumont and Louisiana before Moody and Clary opened. His cars were allways red in the early days but when I first saw him he was numbered 24. The red Falcon bodied car looks like a car driven by Mike Cronin at Meyer in 1969? thanks Byron
  14. A few old photos.

    More great photos and I'm not the least bit bored. I wish the black #2 coupe would have stayed at Meyer, thats where we spent most of our saturdays at the races. It certainly was a nice looking modified, in it's dirt supermodified confirguration not so much. However that is pretty much how most of the Meyer cars that ran in the July 4 Liberty Bell 300 looked. Remove the coupe bodies, cover the gas tank and engine and sides to put the car number on and you had an instant supermodified. The number 30 coupe in the next picture sure has the look of a Meyer modified. The number 3 Buick powered super I do remember from the 1966 Liberty Bell 300 at Meyer, at this race Leroy Farmer was listed as the driver. The car was unique, the frame rails are outside the body, the front of the body is cut off and the roll cage mounted outside of the body, at the rear, a one of a kind. I'm sure that the 2 car is the same car as the 3. I do remember seeing at least one race at Moody & Clary with a couple of skinny cars in the field. The number 62 spun out backwards looks to have a six cylinder engine with three 2 barrels. Thanks very much and looking forward to more. Byron
  15. A few old photos.

    Corcoran, thanks for the new info and pic. More at your convenience, I promise you I will not be bored. Now I will test you, one Friday afternoon I saw two cars heading north on I 45 (we lived a block off the freeway just inside the loop 610, Houston) both were steel bodied early 30's coupes, both the same shade of yellow or very close. I don't remember the numbers but I do remember that one car had what looked like a motorcycle windshield in front of the steering wheel. Any pics or do you remember any thing like that. I know from the pictures I've seen on here that there were a lot of different cars running during your times. thanks much; Byron