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  1. I have been fortunate enough to have been going to Shady Oaks Speedway for over 25 years. I have raced there and sat in the stands , and I have always considered it my home track. I have had some great times meeting new people, winning a few races and have seen some of my worst lows after wrecking a car or two. I just have to say that this past week was an awesome event with the USMTS show in town. The drivers were awesome and accessible, and for the most part took the time to talk to the fans when they weren't busy working on their cars. The pits were an awesome site to see with all the big rigs nestled amongst the oak trees, fans and drivers mingling about, it made me feel great about a place I dearly love. I am amazed but not surprised that the Stacey's were able to pull this together on such short notice, and now as a fan I feel lucky to have have been able to sit in the stand and watch all of the action. Congrats #TEAMSHADYOAKS. Y'all done good.
  2. Man o man this should be awesome. Can't wait to see some cars on the track.
  3. USMTS?

    This would be an awesome show at SOS.. Lets give them a shout out and make this happen.
  4. Needed tech man

  5. I would like to take the time to thank all of the fans that have supported the STLMS over the last couple of years. I have made many friends and will cherish that for the rest of my life. With that being said, I am saddened to say I am stepping away from the sport completely. I will be returning the drivers' entry fees and sponsors' money that have been applied to this year's points fund. There will be no out standing debts other than the debt of gratitude I owe all that has helped this series. Kody Hardage will take over the reins to the series for the remainder of the year and will be having a meeting with the drivers at Shady Oaks Speedway this Saturday to discuss the direction he will lead the series. Please give him all of your support as he will need it to grow the series into what it deserves to be. Good luck Kody I will always be a phone call away. Thanks again for all the support that I have had .
  6. We will be rolling into TRP Saturday for some live action racing. We will be joined by the South Texas Street Stock Shootout. Come on out and enjoy a great night of racing.
  7. What a great night of racing at Shady Oaks Speedway. STLMS and ASCS sprint cars at the track on the same night had the fans in the stands. Lol. Well the sprint cars had the fans in the stands and we got to tag onto their coat tales. It was great to be able to show case our series with the sprints. The racing action was intense and the track was groomed to perfection. Showtime Shane Hoefling was able to hold off GW Hessong ,Kevin Migura for the win in the heat. The feature saw GW take the early lead with Kevin Migura in hot pursuit . Showtime was hanging on to a ill handling car after I made a horrible move in the pits and really messed up the balance of the car. Migura would retire early with a broken rearend and Showtime slipped in the middle of 3and4 allowing Vince Kacir ,driving his dad's car, to move past and take over second place. Points leader Kody Hardage also retired early due to a broken right front strut rod and shock. Mr.Smooth GW Hessong went on to win for the second time this season. Great job guys and see y'all at the track next time.
  8. What a great night of racing. A stroll through the pits was all that was needed to get everyone excited. Sprint cars everywhere along with late models,limited mods and street stocks,man that was cool. We are still struggling with car count in the late model class but we have been having some great action with the cars we have had. Congrats to all the winners and to the Stacey family for putting on a great show at a wonderful facility. Truly a great place to race and bring your family.
  9. STLMS will be racing Saturday night along with the ASCS sprint cars, limited modifieds, and street stocks. We are looking forward to a great night of high speed action. I would also like to remind all classes of drivers that the sprint cars will be parking towards the front of the pits,so lets extend a gracious welcome to our visitors and try to work out a spot for everyone. If you have long or tall trailers ask at the registration window about where you can park, but please remember that we are trying to work this out together. Thanks MitchyBobby.
  10. TRP race report

    It was a great race between those two racers. Glad I was a part of those two cars.GW helped with the setup on the #9 car and I loaned him a motor while we are getting his motor fixed. Showtime Shane Hoefling was at the shop helping to prepare both cars, along with John Bonnaeux, Ashley Hoefling, Cody Jaeger and his dad Harvey. It was a group effort to get two cars to the track but we some how made it happen.GW was sick as a dog Saturday ,but he still managed to get out there and put on one hell of a show with Shane. I know a lot of people are sitting on the sidelines for one reason or another but these two drivers showed that you can make it happen with grit and determination. They worked on their stuff even after working long days and working through being sick. This is what makes this fun for me, nothing but sheer effort and determination and a few parts overnighted. Once again I was so glad to be a part of this and to see such a great race between two fierce competitors and friends. Thanks Ken for the effort in prepairing the track and having a place for us to play and not giving up on our series. This weekend is why I will continue to support this series and the all of the drivers that help in bringing this series to the tracks each week. Keep up the effort guys and get yalls stuff ready, and let me know if Ican help in any way. Thanks MitchyBobby
  11. So far we are still going. But six cars is not helping. I worked every night for two weeks straight to get two cars ready , but it still disappointing when cars are sitting in the garage. I know of another that's going to be brought of retirement in the next couple of weeks. So all we can do is keep trying.
  12. If you were not at the races to watch the STLMS cars you missed one hell of a show. The track did what it usually does this time of year and went dry in the feature. This aloud for some great side by side racing and the drivers did not disappoint. The heat race was extremly fast, and the horsepower was being put to the ground. With rubber on the track I knew we were in for an exciting feature and once again we were not disappointed. G W Hessong started on pole with Showtime Shane Hoefling on the outside. Kody Special K Hardage was second row inside with J-rod Stepanski starting outside. They were followed up by Randy the Floorman Kacir and B-man Brian Machicek. All I can say is I was a nervous wreck. Showtime was driving the MitchBobby #9 car and GW was driving his car with a loaner motor from MitchyBobby racing. I just could not believe the close racing. GW is always smooth and precise in the drivers seat while Showtime was the wild man of Borneo driving that thing on the outside. They had to swap the lead at least 15 times in the twenty lapper. I couldn't count them all because I had my eyes closed part of the time due to my nerves. The rest of the guys were driving there hearts out and fighting for position on every lap. With a caution out for a spin everyone was able to regroup and catch there breath. I have never seen two competitors race each other that hard at TRP and one of them not end up in the wall. Showtime squeaked out the win by a half a car length. Track promoter Ken Busterbaulm turned to me and said that was the most exciting race he has ever seen at TRP. Maybe next time I will keep my eyes open so I can see it for myself. Our next race is at Shady Oaks Speedway on May 24 with the ASCS sprint cars so make sure you make plans for coming on out. I know I kind of ran on about the two guys up front , but I was so focused on these two cars that I didn't get to see much of the other guys. I apologize for that and will try better to do a full field recap next race.
  13. Due to the low car count and the low # of cars finishing races we are cancelling the race on Friday May 23rd. We will be running Saturday May 24th at Shady Oaks Speedway. I hope this will allow more of the local racers to show up and not over extend ourselves. Thanks MitchyBobby.
  14. I was excited to have a car back at the track even though I wasn't driving. My good friend THE MEYERSVILLE MAD MAN SHOWTIME SHANE HOEFLING was driving the red beast. I thought he did a really great job until he had a flat left rear on the white flag lap from a little incidental contact on the track. I look forward to many more races with Showtime driving. Once again the track was fast and the facilities were immaculate. It is such a pleasure to come to a facility that beams with pride when you drive in the gate. All of the staff were professional and courteous , and very helpful. Great job Stacey's ,all track owners should take a look at y'all's facilities and learn a thing or two. No better place to be on a Saturday night. I would also like to thank Harvey and Cody Jaeger for helping to put the hot rod together. GW Hessong is always willing to help and came to my aid whenever I asked. My old friend Todd Lee came by to help Saturday and help out with a last minute transmission change and paid our way into the pits and car registration. Thanks bud I owe you again. Shane and Ashley Hoefling were at the shop working along with John Bonneau. I can't forget my good friend Cooter the driver of the 48c pure stock for helping with anything that is needed. Thanks guys y'all made this fun. Until next time keep up the good work.
  15. Points fund and car count.

    That kinda says it all right there.