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  1. Bowman-Gray comes to STS!

    Yes unfortunately they do was going to watch online since I couldn't make it
  2. September 17 - Saturday

    Here's a post on fb
  3. Per the website 1st-700 2nd-500 3rd-300 4th-200 5th-150 6th and down-100
  4. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Modlites did there feature Saturday however I that's all I prefer to comment on
  5. Update STS

    This was on Facebook
  6. i cant sleep

    Jay this note was posted in the TPS results NOTE: The TPS Feature Race was terminated at lap 19 by CTS due to TPS scanner non-compliance.
  7. thr hobbies (thunder stocks)

    I believe this was the 39 which was the silver 31 and will become the 41 and run dirt at STS
  8. Well then my junk will stay at home
  9. c.c.

    Well I guess it is what is no point in arguing ain't going to change anything
  10. c.c.

    Supers streets were dieing here in cc, I just so happened to buy one wrecked it at CTS spent the remainder of last yr putting it back together. and just to start the season off with a bang lost motor after practice at CTS. Bombers, talms, tps and The Dwarf cars Always had good car counts and the fans were coming I still supported the track as a fan.
  11. c.c.

    Yep some of us bought cars to run at home not just travel to CTS and race Don't get me wrong CTS is a awesome facility but alot of our fans can't travel. And it's not just about talms and tps other classes and fans who supported the track wanted to continue racing.
  12. pray for raymond

    Prayers for a speedy and full recovery
  13. c.c.

    Sure hope that's not true, if so another historical Marker of Corpus Christi will be gone
  14. TALMS Tires

    Wish we could run these in the sss class