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  1. Super street stock

    Need to move this car..make an offer no trades race ready.
  2. Super street stock

    8500 can't go no lower have that much invested in the motor alone
  3. Super street stock

    9k need gone no trades
  4. Super street stock

    HMP is a month away good fast car fresh motor ready to race
  5. Super street stock

    TTT 9500 race ready
  6. Super street stock

    Thanks this was the first car I bought put a lot if time, money and effort in it, Hate to sell it but I have to.
  7. Race ready Camaro super street stock with 2005 ford torus Five star body with new Ace automotive 355 motor, 410 rear gear, 8.5 10 bolt rear end with drum brakes. 1.50 trans 41 shocks, shocks are relocated lefthander tubular upper control arms 10° screw in ball joints. Stock front and rear clip with full stock front firewall. Hard wired transponder. Ultra shield full containment seat. will sell anyway from roller to race ready.10k race ready..updated roller no motor 4k roller no motor, transmission, lead, shocks or seat 1500
  8. Bowman-Gray comes to STS!

    Yes unfortunately they do was going to watch online since I couldn't make it
  9. September 17 - Saturday

    Here's a post on fb
  10. Per the website 1st-700 2nd-500 3rd-300 4th-200 5th-150 6th and down-100
  11. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Modlites did there feature Saturday however I that's all I prefer to comment on
  12. Update STS

    This was on Facebook