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    The service was very nicely done. God Bless her family and friends.

    She was always kind to me and worked hard at the track. Fond memories of her and Don both. Good people
  3. Local Karting community

    would love to return this piece to its rightful owner.
  4. Local Karting community

    Will. I think Burris racing is who made the starter.
  5. Local Karting community

    A couple days ago, my bosses aunt found what she thought was some kind of tool in her yard or driveway. She brought it to him thinking he would know what to do with it. Turns out it is a go kart starter. I am figuring it was probably stolen since people dont just leave that kind of stuff in someones yard or driveway. She lives in the calallen area. Looking to put out word for a missing or stolen starter hoping to find its owner. Message me for more info. Really looking for the true owner, not just someone wanting something for free. It had Burris racing on it, that is how we figured out what it was as neither of us knew what the hell it was at first.
  6. Picture of Terry Labonte (actually is Bobby)

    Rodney, the top five in this race was Sam Ard, Butch Lindley, Tommy Houston, Tommy Ellis, and Jack Ingram. Talk about heavy hitters. Thanks Tom, I sure thought it was Terry but thanks for the correction.
  7. Ran across this recently at another forum. I know I have seen it before but was wondering if anyone knows the details, like where and when it was taken
  8. well

    yellow car was all over the place.
  9. 98 ACR Neon at Texas Mile

    Did yours have 400 horsepower?
  10. Texas Mile (New Thread)

    cool deal for you sis Will, wish you had been there to check out Mackys Neon.
  11. Texas Mile (New Thread)

    The little Neon ended up at 169mph, not bad for an inexpensive car when compared to others in that speed range.
  12. Texas Mile (New Thread)

    Heard there was a bad accident involving a bike, folks that saw it said it was pretty bad and the person had to be halo flighted out of there. Hope they are ok.
  13. Texas Mile (New Thread)

    163.5 mph by my boss in his 98 Neon. Only staying in high octane mode for part of the run for some reason. If he can get it to stay in that mode for the full run, 170 is possible.
  14. Texas Mile (New Thread)

    Is Davidson going to be there with his late model?