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  1. Good Luck

    Thank you!
  2. Thank you Jimmy Dearing for the clarification. Sorry for opening up this can of worms. I am relatively new to this deal and didn't realize that the other Nesmith Tracks in Texas were running the D-55 only. Not that it matters but I agree with this decision made by the track and officials. It will be better for everyone involved in my opinion.
  3. Makes sense to me Kelly, I just wanted clarification. If we are all on D-55 I am fine with that. I actually like it because as you stated I won't have to buy 2 different sets of tires to run STLMS and Nesmith. We are planning on running both series in 2016.
  4. Thank you SM44. Now I know who is posting the rules.
  5. Xmod 97 do you work at the track or are you an official that makes this call? I don't know who you are is why I am asking. Not trying to question your authority. Just want to know who is stating this. I was under the impression based on Nesmith Weekly Rules that Hoosier D21 & D55 stamped "Crate Racin' USA" and shoulder plated were allowed. The D21 must punch 46 or harder when cold and the D55 must punch 60 or harder when cold. If only D55 are allowed I am fine with that but if both are allowed I would like to know that as well.
  6. 2015 STLMS Schedule

    Kwik50 I think Kody has them posted on the series website: southerntexaslatemodelseries.com I don't think he has updated the website with the last race results but 7/11/15 results are up.
  7. Cotton bowl

    The 104 will be there.
  8. 2015 Marketing Packages Available

    I have a few of these marketing proposals that I had made into a spiral binder. If anyone knows any companies that are interested I can meet with them or send a copy of the marketing book. If you want to pick some up to distribute let me know. I am located in San Antonio. I am just trying to help Kody and the series by obtaining more marketing partners for 2015.
  9. Update

    Drew, I am looking, if I find some Ill let you know. When will we know if its a go with 100% certainty?
  10. Proposed Purse / 2015 Changes

    Looks like its going to be a great season for Late Models in South Texas! Come on Drew get your car together and join us!
  11. Billy Bob's Tire and Repair is excited to be part of this great series. We look forward to supporting the series and drivers. We will continue to help the series grow the best we can.
  12. 2015 STLMS Schedule

    Its looking good, we will be there!
  13. Texana Raceway Open for 2015

    Thank you wrightracing!
  14. Texana Raceway Open for 2015

    Does anyone know the email address to the track? I've been trying to get ahold of someone and no one answers phone. The website says to email them but I don't see an email address on the site.
  15. practice fees

    Can any class practice?