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  1. Gear

    Running this coming weekend with the Southern Texas Late Model Series. This is new for me, any of you old late model drivers have a gear selection for this track ?

    Or maybe Thursday morning, I'm watching the radar and it dosen't look good.
  3. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Ok Ken, just want to be sure. Rules for Limited Late Model on web site have not changed from 2015, so there are no changes for this class in 2016 . Correct ? Thank you.
  4. Shady Oaks Pure Stock lift Rule change***

    I didn't take a swing at anyone. If your going to run a track, and post things on social media and if a racer has a problem with something posted by the track ( example -oleblue 2nd post ) . The response should NOT be,( it is what it is) or lets just say toughsh#t it's my track my rules! Once again, wish SOS the best, but if I followed the rules and the rules were changed I would be upset too, if I had spent time an money and got that response from the track. Remember it works both ways, Racer's need a track to race and tracks need racer's to put on a show. So the track can make MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't blame me for what came out of your mouth. I just think you used the wrong words. I will let this be, good luck.
  5. Shady Oaks Pure Stock lift Rule change***

    This is why tracks go under ! Remarks like this. Not racing at Shady Oaks, but wish them the best of luck. Would be a good idea to THINK before typing.
  6. Awe, come on Kelly. You got the big bucks. Lol. Going to run a full schedule with the limited late models for one more year, but plan to hit a few races at cotton bowl next year with new car.
  7. Sounds good to me. Kelly, you can buy all my d21 when I go race out of state. Problem solved ! Lol
  8. I was under the same impression. I would like to run at the other Nesmith tracks with the D21, ( two set of tires ) . Just curious of the reasoning for this change.
  9. LLM race in December

    Guess I will put the car back together. The 15 and 42 will be there, and I have heard rumors that the 33 car of Walt Clark will be there with surprise driver.
  10. Prayers

    Prayers sent to the Stastney family, may Gods hand touch your heart with the passing of Paul. RIP
  11. LLMS wanting to stay at STS

    Meeting is fine for me. Really wanted to race this weekend but to much stuff to fix in a short time. Just for the record I was going to make the points races at STS this year but blowing a motor and lots of work wasn't in my favor this year.
  12. Limited Late Models Sat Night

    I"m all in for a meeting, drivers and car owners ONLY. I think we need a plan of discussion before we present it to any tracks. And with all due respect, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But if you are not a driver or car owner in the class and don't have anything positive to say, Please keep it to yourself . I rarely see any of are drivers on here (texasspeedzone) bashing other classes.
  13. limited late model

    Rain out dates are : Aug. 1st Aug. 8th Oct. 17th Per Shady Oaks race schedule.
  14. How's the track?

    The post that you all are looking at was from April 9th