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  1. Starting to see improvements

    I am always available to let people know the status of CC. All they need to do is call me or catch me at a track in the area which I am at almost every weekend. I go to S.T.S, I37 and was at Houston. The track was rented for four years with a option for one more. That was almost four years ago. Yes the grass is not mowed but that is their job. Also I keep my horses there so they eat good! Rodney I am sure Ill be racing in Houston so if you want to talk come by. We've always had no problems talking.
  2. CC Speedways plans!

    I do not like to say anything on here because every word I say is dissected to something way out of the truth. Fact is I still own CC and just want everyone to know that the auction was a mistake on my part. There are some great people behind CC and I can say they love the track as much as I do. But when one stands up for the track he or she is fair game for the haters on here. The fact is I have rented part of the parking lot to the company that is building the new bridge for a great amount of money! I will for once since I bought the track turn a profit. They will not touch the track or pits but will make some awesome improvements to the fence , parking lot and electrical plus allot more. I did have plans to have some racing this year but after this last slamming I reconsidered But believe me when I say CC is not dead! I have got to get my other investments back up to where they were before I started spending all my time at the track.I do want to say thank you to the people that tried to stand up for me like Sam, John, Robbin, Miss Yocum, Ivan and alot more that would take up to much typing. And to the haters At least know what you talking about before you open you mouth Come at me like a man not a coward! DAN
  3. Rico Gutierrez

    R.I.P. Rico.
  4. Rest in peace Ed Gatz

    Rest in peace Ed you will be missed. As long as I can remember you were racing or at the track. You will be missed. Services will be Monday at 1 pm at the military cemetery on 37
  5. question on super street.

    We have just had a nasty drizzle all day if it clears up should be able to practice in about a hour after. No problem for racing Sat. we will have it ready!!!
  6. Tires

    Going to order tires for Oct 10th race. Anyone wanting tires must let me know before I order. Call me at 557-0683 latest to order is Monday
  7. Tires

    I am ordering tires in the morning. If you want tires for this weekend get with me or KANDY today to place your order. 557-0683. THANKS and looking forward to racing this weekend!!!
  8. July 11th Race Schedule

    Yes your tickets and pit pass will be good
  9. Reasons

    I want to explain why we are not running! first the track took a beating by running on it with all the rain and started breaking up bad in some spots. With water still coming up thru the cracks repairs are impossible and racing would have made it even worst. The dwarfs called and said they could not make it and we talked to David Mackey and he said he didn't think some of his guys would make it After all the attempts we made to race last week everyone know we want to race but we made a mistake Sat by saying we could race without checking the track first. We caught a lot of blame for calls that was not our call. We are not trying to rip anyone off and will refund your money or you can use it at our next races! Call 361-289-8847 if you want a refund or if you want to talk I will be there every afternoon
  10. Qualifying

    Since it was a rain out and we started time trials early it should be complete retime or the top six can stand on there time or retime and take the best of the two. That is only my thinking and is up to talms! but there were a couple cars on there way but was just going to get here in time to qualify. and it would not be fair to them
  11. Time to wake up!

    We are fighting the grass and mesquitos I know I spelled it wrong but ya,ll know what Im talking about We are planning practice Friday and I hope the weather holds on. Looking forward to a great night of racing. Hope everyone can make it. we are expecting a good car count because everyone NEEDS a night of racing without the weather throwing a wrench in.
  12. Time to wake up!

    Yes there will be practice but with all the rain I am behind on repairs to the track. Just as soon as I can I will post days. Thanks
  13. Schedule

    Sorry everyone but here is what we have so far.Workig on some other dates but not for sure at this time First date is May 30th,July 11, Aug.8th, and october 10th. with talms,super streets, t.p.s., Dwarfs, Bombers. Super street rules will be same as CTS Would love to ad pro mods if there is enugh interest.

    Merry Christmas to everyone from the Monroe family. Hope Santa brings everything you want. Be safe and enjoy Christmas dinner.
  15. To Dan & Kandy Monroe

    Like I told everyone Myself and Kandy would take a vacation and then let everyone know about 2015! We have really enjoyed this time off racing at CTS what a great bunch of people and I have learned a lot from just watching them. Arob thank you I took our talk to heart and listened to your suggestions and hope to hear more. Contrary to rumors I like to hear everyone ideas. We are going to try 6 races in 2015 and ad at least the supers and maybe the pro mods I am at the track almost every day by myself so anyone wanting to talk or suggest something stop by.