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  1. CC Speedway

    From what i had heard, the car and driver get in for free. Does this still apply?

    Texas Storm Chasers just posted this picture of the Austin skyline on their facebook.
  3. Somethin got messed up in the superstock points Deb, i think i understand it. Just lettin ya know
  4. CC Racers

    Is that little red bug who i think it is?...i can't quite make out the number well dont see a pic ...but only one person with a little red car .... miss old sexy grandpa ....... the cars looked good back then cuz drivers then had respect for one another .. For some reason when i quoted the post it wouldn't bring the pictures with it. I didn't think there was another lil red bug...Just made me stop and smile when i saw those pictures. I didn't get to see him race the bug but a few times and i was so young i hardly remember. The only time i really remember seeing him race is when he ran Tom Harwell's legacy at SAS. I have seen videos though and he was quite a driver. I wonder where that ole bug is...
  5. CC Racers

    Is that little red bug who i think it is?...i can't quite make out the number
  6. Announcer makes it to the big time

    Congratulations Milton! I'll be listening for ya!
  7. lol i can understand that. It killed me not being able to be there, i was glued to your live updates though! Thanks for doing that! a lot of us really appreciated it, you didn't do to bad for not knowing the software to well
  8. Debbie, that sure is a good looking super stock Casey has there
  9. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Termite!
  10. Congrats Levi Krauss

    Thanks everyone, had a lot of fun with both races. BJ: well we just might have to give you a shot huh?
  11. This Is Pretty Wild

    you can't fix stupid
  12. I guess Firebirds can fly

    looks like something from a movie the way the car turns in mid air
  13. Thunderhill Photos

    yeah...my laser vision wasn't working that day...i don't know what was wrong with it. lol told you you can't get a candid shot of me Tory! nice try though
  14. Dillon Spreen update #2

    Get 'em Dillon, good job!