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  1. Snowball Derby entry list & Updates

    Check this out...

    Everyone should start out with the same left side % and same total weight and after 2 races, if they need to make any adjustment do it at that time... 100 lbs is alot of extra weight.
  3. Fiesta's Fast Blast

    Gotta love you Nick
  4. Fiesta's Fast Blast

    Nick i was not taking a shot at John or knocking any tracks and where do you get .....................................(Edit)
  5. Fiesta's Fast Blast

    HMP is greatly concerned that allowing the manual transmission will prove to be a performance advantage in the long run and doesn’t feel it is right to tell all of our current NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck racers (who ALL have automatics) in the middle of a season that we are changing the rules so go spend a bunch of money and change their transmission or be prepared to possibly run middle to back of the pack. We believe, it is only a matter of time before someone with a manual wins a truck race at another track and as someone already stated, the message will then be get a manual if you want to win John Have you allow a truck to come and run to see if there is a difference??? The cost of changing over in the long run will save us more money in repairs, we carried a spare with us all time because you never know when it was going to break. we sold one of our transmission to one of your Houston driver because his transmission broke on him.... Yes it will be very soon someone will win with a manual transmission, but it will not be there first win in a truck.....
  6. Fiesta's Fast Blast

    And now let's stir the pot..... all in fun....
  7. Fiesta's Fast Blast

    We have raced and won at Houston and held the track record for 1 1/2 years and we now have a 3 speed transmission in our truck and have not see any difference on the track. Due to work schedule we have only raced 1 time this year and did not see any advantage. This Beau Bukowski #1 Dad. Yes John we would like to come back and run at Houston to see if there is a difference?? But what we were told this would not happen......
  8. Truck Series---looking for a 3rd teammate

    Both truck are gone.......
  9. Car counts for the 2012 October fast

    #1 Beau Bukowski - Truck
  10. Congrats!

    Thanks...We still have a lot of work to do.
  11. 7.3 Diesel

    Cleaned Throttle sensor with Contact cleaner Replaced Cam Sensor truck running great thanks everone for the help..
  12. 7.3 Diesel

    No codes Changed fuel filter twice Full of oil just changed 2000 mile ago It has a program in it but cant remove it due to someone stole my programer when they stole my truck - recovered my truck in January Program Two Safe Mode Going to replace cam shaft sensor one more time just bought one from the Ford parts. Will check Throttle switch next. Thanks...
  13. 7.3 Diesel

    7.3 2001 diesel - idle fine but when driving it starts missing and trys to cut off, i have change cam sensor and check all valve cover wiring for injectors. any help?? Thanks..
  14. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Double 0 Beau
  15. thanks oobeau

    Double00 Beau & Double 00 Dad E xcellent job. good strong motor.....