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  1. Results from 5-25-20 Texana?

    Texana Raceway Feature Results from myracepass; Emods: Thomas Rye, Cameron Starry, Jaycee Fitch IMCA Modifieds: Dillion Tindall, Jared Maupin, Ryan Slott Street Stocks: Bart Wilcox, Jarrett Barber, Wade Jones USRA Factory Stocks: Dalton Faulkner, Collin Hodges, Cody Leonard USRA Limited Mods: Broc Bowen, Johnny Torres, Jared Maupin
  2. I recently discovered a few tricks that are being used to cheat in the sport mod class that may help the tech guys in the future; 1) The use of 113 oxygenated fuel. 2) 16 volt batteries. 3) Taking 60 lbs of welding wire and wrapping the inside of the left real wheel to hide un-sprung weight. The cars that I have seen using these tricks have won heat or feature races this year.
  3. Results

    Can watch it all, on Race on Texas!!
  4. ok what happened the 29th

    18 started the feature.
  5. What's the payout going to be for the race this weekend?

    speednet.com does not reflect the changes yet

    And Lawrence wasn't even racing and got 16th place!
  8. Friday Racing

    Reconsider the IMCA track venture, it appears only local drivers are coming and having to use those rules. Pass out free arm bands at the Goliad high school or other schools and get the young crowd interested
  9. Please explain/clarify these rules

    Not sure why you want to invert for the sport mods??? Last year the fans watched 90K win twice, and the 89, 56, 63 and 87 win once. A different winner is not exciting each week? The only other thing a fan could want is wrecks!
  10. Please explain/clarify these rules

    That's what the heat races are for, all cars have a fair shot to start up front and show what they can do. Your performance EARNS you a position in the feature. In this sport you should t need a handicap to win. If inverts are needed than 3 rows should be the limit. Anything greater will result in tore up cars as proved in the past.
  11. Need your Help

    And he won more than $325 that night!!!!
  12. Please explain/clarify these rules

    So we don't get a full purse, use 2-3 tires per night and now you want to invert the field up to 5 rows. This hobby is already expensive enough an your making it hard to participate.
  13. What is the official answer from the track for payouts?