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  1. Looking for lead

    Yes from around 40 pounds up too around 100 pounds
  2. Looking for lead

    2.00 a pound BRYAN TX
  3. Looking for lead

    How much lead are you needing I think I have about 400 pounds .
  4. Still looking for a 125 cc SHIFTER KART complete and running. Thanks
  5. Is this kart still up for sale ?
  6. 4-22-2017 sport mod feature Qw1k in car

    Great job on the win
  7. Race Today

    Looks like they had some rain this morning
  8. pure stock rules

    When the green flag drops the bullshit stops
  9. pure stock rules

    Was wondering if we could change some rules in the limited mod class so I can run my mod with the limiteds . Sounds like pures and street stocks are exactly the same just a little different with the new rule change. Combine them call them STREET PURE STOCKS.
  10. Running order

    Was wondering if the running order will ever change pure, street, lim mods, mods. ?????
  11. Some results

    Only 2 showed did not run
  12. Some results

    Dusty smooth dry SLICK
  13. Some results

    Pure stock R4j Danny Bennett 04 Steven Osborne 73 John Matula Street stock 52 A.J dancer 25 Jerry Whatley A11N Mark Salango Limited mod 9b Brandon Blaylock QW1K Mike Wagner 10D Don Painter Hope that's right