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  1. Aaron Hudgeons Memorial Race

    Thanks for all the updates!
  2. Pure stock pay out

    Ray I have tried twice on FB to find this out but looks like my posts were deleted automatically Can we please see the pure stock payout for tonight. Over 30 pure showed up..great turn out! I tried to ask at pay window but was told they had no idea as they were still working on it but I know they paid 4th place Thanks
  3. Is there a registration form online we can print out before we head that way? Thanks
  4. Sorry joseph did not make it. On call and had patients to see
  5. The TRP Interactive Fan Experience

    Put pure stock 01 Joseph Snow down on the list for a feature driver for the night. Thanks
  6. Poll on racers

    01 pure stock
  7. Thank you Shady Oaks

    It was a great night! See yall next season and hopefully someone can keep his car body parts on lol crazy man of mine
  8. Halloween Havoc Oct. 22nd

    Pure stocks 99 and 01 will be there along with Sport mod 99 Posted on several FB sites in hopes to try to get more of a crowd :-) See ya Saturday
  9. 9-24-16 Race

    See you in october Rosemary!
  10. Live Updates 7-30-16

    Twarner...what is a sponsor? We sure do not know what one is Lol If my husband didnt love racing so much he could retire but he loves it, keeps him busy which keeps him alive so he works to race. It a quality of life deal for him. I would prefer if he did not race.
  11. Live Updates 7-30-16

    LOL see you at next race Cooter
  12. Live Updates 7-30-16

    Cooter the heat and humidity is a killer for sure this year! I do not know how yall can sit in staging with your race gear all on and not pass out. Snowcones sound like a good idea! I have been shopping for a bike :-) See ya there! BTW cute outfits you had on a river
  13. Live Updates 7-30-16

    Twarner neither 01 or 99 hauled butt after pure stock short race. They may of loaded up cars but we all were there til all races were finished as we were in stands watching races. Huge words were said around our pits after sport mod heat race if that is what you are talking about but not directed at 99 pure stock or 01. A young man came down into our area where many of us pit together and was voicing his anger and being disrespectful to even bystanders who were just there to watch race. I myself missed pure stock words in several places near our pits. I was not there the very second our car got to our pit but i heard a driver came down to our pit area voicing his opinion. I wish racing could get back to the fun it use to be. I wish all involved either racing or spectating remember that there are many sides to what happened during each insident...each angle you see totally different. None of the drivers are out there to hurt ppl nor purposely total cars. In this day and age a majority of us cannot afford it. Btw we are looking for rims and tires since last 2 races ours have been cut down. Or a sponsor would be real nice