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  1. COTA

    I sure hope a few of y’all don’t hit NASCAR and COTA too bad in the wallet and they survive without y’all’s support.
  2. Diesel Shop in Austin Area

    If the warranty doesnt cover it you may try Hamilton Diesel in Liberty Hill or Malone Diesel in Dripping Springs. Know a few people who have used them and were happy with the work and price.
  3. Swine Flu Outbreak

    First death in U.S. is a kid here in Texas according to yahoo
  4. Rules

    I thought Jack said he would allow the chevy engine at the rules meeting but I might have misunderstood?
  5. Rules

    weren't they going to let GM cars run a chevy engine?
  6. Are you allowed a fuel cell bigger than 12 gal. or did I miss that???