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  1. Purse May 19th and 20th

    purse will be displayed Friday may 5th one show
  2. let's reopen this track

    It's hard to believe that someone doesn't have 25 acres that we could build a track on
  3. Status of I-37

    seem like they could of made atleast $80000 on lease alone by now $40000 a year that is bound to pay some taxes and save on upkeep
  4. Update

    traveling to race is fun when you want to but not when you have too!
  5. First Time

    Could of moved tires in-oh wait I moved one!
  6. For the record

    if nothing else maybe this will increase the price value of mikes car! I never like to see racers leave racing-no matter what the reason is. its such an awesome outlet
  7. Update

    Electrician has delivered a budget to John. Now it's time for John to hopefully be able to afford this project. should know soon
  8. rematch

    I'm bringing hired legs for me!
  9. Update

    That will be great.
  10. Cooks meeting is too early! Lol
  11. im super excited to have premier racing coming to south texas I wish it was three separate nights ofracing though for lim mods
  12. Each night should be separate show jmo
  13. Media Outlets

    Idk maybe if it's like a dollar off of family of 3 or more