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  1. hoosiers or american racers

    thanks guys
  2. answers to questions

    im speechless
  3. answers to questions

    for those about to rock we salute you.
  4. answers to questions

    1 keg wont get it if craiger's there.
  5. answers to questions

    is that you hutch ?
  6. and knew how to prep the track
  7. 105 is not what it used to be.
  8. answers to questions

    I think we all could use a fishing trip del. Times are tuff.
  9. wantiing info

  10. Wayne returns to the web

    randy waller???? well he says he will not allow any type of street muffler. why not just have a sound level rule and if we are to loud...we dont race...
  11. Face Lift

    home depot rental department.. 35.50 a day. when i get in a bind thats were i go.
  12. Gear selection

    depends on whos got the measuring stick i guess